Monday, 2021-09-20

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crohmannHey there. Is anybody knowledable with RADOSGW multistite sync and kind would look into a problem with me? I setup sync just fine, but only metadata is synced. There is no data synced, even though sync status reports all data being in sync. Stragely no "bucket.instance" metadata (radosgw-admin metadata list bucket.instance) is created on the second site. Does anybody have any idea what to look for?12:58
cz3crohmann: that sounds like something that you will want to ask in ceph-related channel14:18
cz3crohmann: there are hardly any openstack answers in here, let alone unrelated ones ;)14:18
cz3I mean, radosgw is a component of Ceph, it just happens to speak OpenStack-compatible protocol (Swift)14:20
crohmannarg cz3 -- yeah, I was just in the wrong channel :-)14:23
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