Monday, 2021-09-27

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marlincIs it possible to force Neutron agents to go active, I have a Neutron router agents that goes into backup even though the other agent is down (I have even disabled the agent via the CLI)11:21
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Al_Hi there, got a question on OVN in OpenStack Victoria -- getting somewhat inconsistent nwk traffic when trying to reach "the outer world" from within instances.15:56
Al_packets egress from the OpenStack machine, arrive at target and get answered. However, these answers somehow disappear within the openstack box, I cannot see them anywhere and so can't the instance as well.15:57
Al_Any hints would be appreciated.15:58
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-opendevstatus- NOTICE: Gerrit and Zuul services are being restarted briefly for configuration and code updates but should return to service momentarily20:09

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