Monday, 2021-10-11

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scenefeederanyone online?08:51
scenefeederneed help for compute node instance creation08:51
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mboundhi! I have a question about Heat, is there a way, from a heat template, to modify properties of a pre-existing resource? 15:20
dx99hi all19:12
dx99Over the next two days, we're going to try and install an OpenStack demo 19:15
dx99I'm planning to use
dx99how would I go from that to an Horizon instance ? 19:15
dx99in order to pilot the multinode cluster?19:16
dx99I see many guides such as
dx99but I'm not sure about where to put them19:18
dx99 / how to use them once the multinode cluster is ready19:18
mbound@dx99 when you set up devstack on the main controller node, after the script finishes, you should get an output in the shell which gives you all the relevant urls + credentials, including how to log into Horizon dashboard19:47
dx99mbound: so on the multi-node install horizon will be automatically installed?21:30
mbound@dx99 as far as I know in all installs, regardless of multinode or single node.  AFAIK multinode just adds compute nodes, the base is pretty much the same21:35
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