Thursday, 2021-10-28

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tty0i'm trying to enable neutron with DNS integration as documented here:
tty0any hint why the dns assignment is host-172-99-0-171.openstacklocal instead of my-port as i specify in --dns-name? 10:59
tty0here should i start looking after misconfiguration and such? 11:00
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bacarrdyHello everyone, have a quick question. I have installed 2x haproxy with keepalived and configured VIP. Then installed keystone and configured OS_AUTH_URL=VIP. With keystone everything fine i can access it every request, but then i installed glance and keystone_auth_token also configure with VIP www_authenticate_uri=VIP and auth_url=VIP. All endpoints also configured with VIP. So now the problem is that when i requesting something fr13:14
bacarrdyom glance then i randomly getting: HttpException: 401: Client Error ... Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser does not understand how to supply the credentials required13:14
bacarrdyrandomly means ~2-5 times answer that i dont have token and 1 time it returns success answer. I have 3 controllers and all them are configure in  haproxy.13:15
bacarrdyeach controller runs glance13:17
fricklerbacarrdy: how did you deploy your controllers, manually or using some deployment tool? you need to make to to use the same fernet keys for keystone on all 3 of them.
bacarrdymanually, dont want to use any tools13:21
bacarrdyflicker: Helped, Now i know that need to rotate them. Will create an script for that. Thank you very much, Saved a lot of time in debugging.13:35
stHi there folks! Are heat templates idempotent? For example, say a resource created by a heat stack has been destroyed, can the heat stack be run again to reach the original state? I'm happy to read over any documentation on this matter.15:54
stAnd I'm happy to go wherever I need to go to ask questions like this. :)15:55
fungist: there's a #heat irc channel which seems to get used for such discussions occasionally, or you can post to the mailing list and put [heat] at the beginning of your subject line (note that if you don't subscribe to that ml before sending, your message will be held in moderation until someone has a chance to make sure it's not spam and approve it)17:36
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-opendevstatus- NOTICE: filled its disk around 17:25 UTC. We have corrected this issue around 18:25 UTC and jobs that failed due to this mirror can be rechecked.18:43
prometheanfireis there no way to target a specific host when migrating an instance cold, --host seems to also make it a live migration...21:09
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kplantlooks like it was added in q22:31

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