Wednesday, 2021-11-17

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grami[m]Hi all, I've got a strange one and don't know where to look. I'll set the scene. I have two networks one DHCP and one non-dhcp let's call them mgt and internet. When deploying on a ubuntu cloud image. Only mgt network gets created in netplan, if I manually run the network convert script it outputs two networks. Now if I do the same but on CentOS 7 it creates both networks first time. Is this cloud-init on ubuntu or is this something in10:00
grami[m]metadata that's just not right?10:00
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LarsErikPNot sure who to blame/ask here but.. Anyone had challenges with interface deattach/attach and ubuntu images?12:28
LarsErikPThe issue is: cloud-init will automatically generate a netplan config with "match: <mac-address>". So, when you de-attach and attach an interface on an instance, the new interface will never been brought up because it gets a new mac-address12:29
LarsErikPI don't understand how this was meant to work...12:29
LarsErikPAnd I'm not really sure who to blame :P12:29
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