Friday, 2021-12-03

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ws2k3is it possible to Rename a SWIFT bucket? or is it called a container? sorry im a openstack n00b mostly familiar with S3 protocol/usage22:38
timburke_ws2k3, no; the only way to do a container rename is to create the new container, issue a bunch of COPY requests to copy data from the old container to the new one, and delete all the data in the old container23:02
timburke_the object path (including account and container names) is used to decide placement, so there isn't a simple way to do a rename23:03
ws2k3timburke_: thanks! thats helps! is it possible to have another user which also has access to the container but with a prefix? so its locked in a "subdirectory" if i can use that word? also. is it called a bucket or a container?23:12
timburke_swift calls them containers, but if you call it a bucket (as s3 would), people will generally understand you :-)23:14
timburke_we don't currently have prefix-based ACLs like that, though i've been thinking it's something we could really use23:14

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