Monday, 2021-12-06

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hgyHello, could I ask a question12:50
hgyI subscribed on
hgyBut I didn't get virify email12:51
hgyDo there need other opetations?12:52
fricklerhgy: hello again ;) your mail-provider may be blocking our mails, if you let me know your address via private msg, I can check the mail logs13:07
hgyfrickler´╝Ü of course, thank you very much13:08
hgyfrickler: And I sent email to, but I couldn't find my email in
hgyfrickler: It's such a luck thing that I meet you13:12
rbairI'm looking to use a json parameter to build a variable number of subnets in a heat template. Is there a way to get the size of a json/dict? I'm imagining something like { get_param: [myJsonObj, length]  }17:01
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