Thursday, 2021-12-23

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Luca_Hi, trying to populate keystone DB, have this issue but following the instructions did not help20:28
Luca_I can connect to my DB fine 20:28
Luca_ERROR keystone oslo_db.exception.DBConnectionError: (pymysql.err.OperationalError) (2003, "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'controller' ([Errno 111] Connection refused)")20:29
Luca_mysql+pymysql://keystone:password@ tried all IPs and localhost and making a record in hosts file all same \20:30
Luca_Finally it populated 20:30
Luca_Ignore all above20:31
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gueswhatGuys? Do I need three network interfaces to have neutron external interface for public IPs, than internal interface for openstack management and then another internal interface for instances?  I am running single node openstack in proxmox, neutron external is bridged with pfsense( where i am running vpn ), its "wan", then i have "lan" , i can acces openstack internal address on that lan, but i dont know how to set network to access also instances 22:28
gueswhatcreated in openstack on "lan"22:28

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