Monday, 2021-12-27

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ygk_12345can anyone ping me the right link to the rally installation bash script please ?14:50
ygk_12345the existing link is throwing 404 error14:50
fricklerygk_12345: that script has been deprecated and removed a long time ago, simple use "pip install". see also and the associated patch15:03
fricklerAndreyKurilin[m]: ^^ it seems that the docs weren't actually updated from your patch, but I'm not sure also where they should be now, rtd or docs.o.o? maybe remove one and try to keep the other up to date?15:07
AndreyKurilin[m]Hi folks! Yes, we do not publish docs at docs.o.o at the moment, but should be up to date15:10
ygk_12345AndreyKurilin[m]: the readthedocs site mentiones invalid link15:50
AndreyKurilin[m] please refer to this page for installation details15:52
fricklerAndreyKurilin[m]: ah, I was looking at earlier, which still mentions the install script16:52
fricklerAndreyKurilin[m]: also, should we remove the outdated docs from the openstack site, then?16:54
gueswhatcan anyone help? cluster ( instances ) created by magnum template has empty Host ( its not scheduled to my compute nodes ), this results in nova.exception.NoValidHost: No valid host was found. any ideas? thanks21:08
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