Thursday, 2022-01-06

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nick333Hello, I made a Windows 10 image in VirtualBox and loaded the VirtIO drivers, but when I load the image in OpenStack it says: "No Bootable Device". How can I fix this?09:28
lpetrut_nick333: hi, you may have to enable uefi:
nick333Thanks, I'll look into it.09:31
nick333Is this enabled in the metadata of the instance?09:32
lpetrut_it's the image metadata09:33
nick333I can't find the hw_firmware_type in the available metadata list : - (09:42
nick333And if I add it as custom, The instance gives an error in Horizon. Saying there are no ports available.10:35
nick333Same error when I add hw_machine_type=hyperv-gen210:36
nick333I went through the following steps:10:36
nick333make W10 VM with VirtIO drivers, upload the VDI as RAW and start the instance.10:37
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gueswhatseems that Bharat Kunwar is no logner working on magnum/ui, is maintained by someone else? 20:24
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