Wednesday, 2022-01-12

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EugenMayerhow to get the list of services one can grant in appliation-credentials? For example, which service is responsible for maintaining secgroups?16:07
EugenMayeropenstack service list -- seems to be not the full list16:09
EugenMayerlooked at but there is nothing really for a referendce16:12
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larsksEugenMayer: maybe you're looking for `openstack catalog list`?18:19
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tty0hi all! i have cpu_allocation_ratio = 16.0 in my nova.conf, but still the numbers of vcpus in the "openstack hypervisor show <name>" is 4, i'm a noob on openstack so this is probably a very easy solution, but would really need this setting to get further in my openstack journey :)20:24
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