Friday, 2022-01-28

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skullonei think i was mistaken - looks like it copies the base image using scp - then transfers the delta on the qcow volume via NBD03:42
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colby_Anyone using barbican/dogtag with Centos 8 steam? We are hitting a strange failuere loading a shared library:18:07
colby_2022-01-27 00:00:18.880 319843 ERROR barbican.plugin.util.utils nss.error.NSPRError: /etc/barbican/alias/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory (PR_LOAD_LIBRARY_ERROR) Failure to load dynamic library.18:07
colby_Im not sure why its trying to load from /etc/barbican/alias (that is the nss db)18:08
colby_That library is in /usr/lib64/18:08
dmendiza[m]colby_: Sorry, I haven't used Barbican with CentOS 8.  That is a strange error though, because Barbican does not load NSS directly.  It only uses the dogtag python modules.19:45
colby_dmendiza[m]: yea thats what I thought. Im wondering if its something weird with the python-pki package or something21:12
dmendiza[m]colby_: if you want to file a bug I can try to take a look next week!/project/openstack/barbican21:36

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