Monday, 2022-02-14

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congntHello, anyone here? i want to ask something about openstack neutron OVN.07:11
congntI have a openstack cluster run l3.07:11
congntVM --> vRouter --> External Net (Call network1)07:11
congntVM  can use Floating IP on network1.07:11
congntBut network1 run out of IP, i need add another range IPv4. What is solutions?07:11
congnt1. If i create another network (call network 2), tenant can't get floating IP from network 2, because it can't reach this network07:11
congnt2. If i add subnet (another range) into network1, tenant can get floating, but VM go to internet by GW of vRouter (not floating like normal)07:11
congntAnyone have solution here? Thank you all07:11
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