Wednesday, 2022-02-16

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clayjarI'm reviewing and migrating our OpenStack deployment, and re-following docs while doing so. says to assign the admin role to the nova user in the service project. Until I /also/ assigned the service role to the nova user in that project, I got errors like `nova.exception.NeutronAdminCredentialConfigurationInvalid`08:43
clayjarIs this something others know about already and can help me understand?08:44
ncuxo_Hi I have a simple question I have 9 servers (96t 1tb ram 10x drives) 1 24port switch and 1 36port infiniband switch, is openstack too big for my infra?08:44
fricklerclayjar: I don't see the nova user referenced in that doc, only the neutron user. but normally both should be fine with having just the admin role in the service project. a role named "service" doesn't even exist in my deployments, not sure where you got that from08:48
clayjarfrickler: Sorry, wrong url: s/neutron/nova/ and instructions for role are the same. As for how we've got the service role, in a word: Fuel. That was initial deployment 5 years ago, since migrated and now migrating again thus the scrutiny.08:53
clayjarI've uncovered it because the project is `services` in our cluster and I'm migrating it to the default `service`. Every OS service (glance, cinder...) has the admin role /and/ the service role assigned, so I'm trying just with the admin role as per the doco. It worked for cinder and glance, then hit this with nova.08:56
ncuxo_since centos8 is dead can I use stream for openstack install ?09:54
ncuxo_also is there an HCI option for openstack? the only options I'm seeing are for RHOSP and not openstack10:50
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grami[m]Hi all, I'm hoping someone has done with with openstacksdk. I'm trying to get the property fields out from a project? I set --property but when I try read the data out I can't find a why to read it in the identity Resource. any help would be great.14:42
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grami[m]if anyone is interested in the problem I had to stop using the resource and call the url directly test2 = cloud.identity.get('/projects/') then I can get the email value.15:57
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