Sunday, 2022-02-20

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jrwrunder openstack kolla latest, under high load my ceph backend is timing out with 'Build of instance xx aborted: Volume xx did not finish being created even after we waited 32 seconds or 11 attempts. And its status is error.' so I added novaconf#DEFAULT/block_device_allocate_retries but it still doing it with that short 30s timeout12:49
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amatter84Hi there. I'm troubleshooting an issue where creating a volume from a large vdi image (100gb) on a ceph backed cinder. It takes approximately two hours to cache the image from glance to /var/lib/cinder/conversion, once the copy is complete to the local disk, the process exits with the following error " |__Flow 'volume_create_manager': cinder.exception.ImageNotAuthorized: Not authorized for image 74696c88-2860-4c220:44
amatter84the process without issue. Both glance and keystone are in three node hacluster configuration.20:45
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