Tuesday, 2022-02-22

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holtgreweHello. Since today my network ports all get created in openvswitch network 0 and don't work. What in openstack is responsible for allocating them in the right VLAN?12:46
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mirek186Hi, is it possible to use openstackSDK to create projects in another domain, it's easy from python-openstack client, e.g. "openstack project create --domain <2nd domain> <project name>"18:28
mirek186regardles what I setup in clouds.yaml file to auth in openstackSDK I only can list/create projects in current domain. I can't switch domains, simillar to Horizon identity set domain context, I wonder if I'm missing something or it's just not possible18:29
mirek186I would prefere SDK so when we write code in python we have better exception handling, etc18:29
grami[m]mirek186: if your cloud yaml has admin role and then yes it is possible when using create_project() you can pass attributes like domain_id https://github.com/openstack/openstacksdk/blob/master/openstack/identity/v3/project.py#L46 18:51
mirek186grami: thanks somehow I've missed it, I've been looking at find_project and in that function you can only select project name18:55
mirek186Is it possible to select diffrent domain connect to the one that you use to autheticate, there are like 3 diffrent domains variables but been playing with them but non of it works simillar to horizon set domain context18:56
grami[m]mirek186: the openstacksdk is a library to allow you to easily write programs how you like, so that functionality you are looking for you will need to write this. 19:45
mirek186grami[m]: know I finnaly have my head around it and making progress. Thanks20:26
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