Tuesday, 2022-03-01

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rawtazadmin11: yeah well thats the same thing basically, in this case i mtrying to add multiple ssh keys to the bastion/jump host, which will then be what is allowed to access all the "real" servers.22:56
rawtazfrickler: thats interesting, you mean that i use https://registry.terraform.io/providers/terraform-provider-openstack/openstack/latest/docs/resources/compute_keypair_v2 and set the public_key argument to a file() or whatever terraform has for reading a file, and in that file there are simple multiple public keys one after the other? if so, wouldnt it work to just put multiple keys in a simple string directly as the value, instead of reading a file a22:58
rawtazfrickler: this seems to be what you meant: https://help.switch.ch/engines/faq/how-to-use-multiple-ssh-keys/23:42
rawtazill have to see if one can do the same with terraform23:43

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