Friday, 2022-03-04

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Mc-on xena, does heat-engine depend on vitrageclient ? it crashes without it installed ( )13:31
Mc-ah, was added in 9af3af156 but not present in cloudarchive/focal13:43
priteau#j #openstack-dev15:24
rawtazhah, what a mistake. now we're on to ya!15:25
priteauoops, sorry15:26
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Mc-on xena (versions from ubuntu focal cloudarchive), heat tries to use "policies" instead of "policy" which was renamed in nova16:34
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rawtazwhats the proper or conventional way to name resources in openstack? for example with multiple words, is it recommended to use foo-bar, foo_bar or foobar or fooBar etc?20:27
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