Monday, 2022-03-14

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crabhi i have just done a quick test of installing the rdo repo on a rocky 8.5 machine. yum update throws errors regarding various centos urls in the configuration. i'm guessing that while the openstack documentation appears to endorse installtion on rhel / centos derivatives, this may not actually work until some of these distros have alternative sources for some of the rdo10:58
crabcan anyone confirm if that understanding is reasonably correct?10:58
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jrossercrab: you might want to take a look at openstack-ansible which has already merged support for rockylinux (NeilHanlon pushed a lot of good work for that)11:46
jrossercrab: i suspect that kolla is doing a similar effort too11:46
crabjrosser: hmm maybe i am misunderstanding,11:46
crabbut ansible is just a deployment method? 11:47
jrossermaybe - rdo is just one opinionated way of installing openstack with yum packages11:47
jrosseropenstack-ansible installs openstack from source code using python virtualenvs, no distro packages11:47
jrosserkolla is similar with docker images11:47
crabi thought rdo was like "official"11:47
jrosserfrom a RH pov maybe, but openstack != redhat11:48
crabi understand what you mean.11:49
jrossersome of the things in the openstack world are derivative of, or feed into vendors products. RH and Canonical, and others have stuff like this11:52
jrosserother things are entirely community efforts and not tied to a vendor11:52
crabok well you have helped me understand. it looks like for the moment rocky / rdo may not be the best way to go and it may be wise to consider some sort of alternative approach 11:53
crabwhether thats the source of the code / the depoloyment method / base os.11:53
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NeilHanlonheya crab :) nice to see you here. Looks like I'd confused some RDO dependencies with RDO itself in the ansible deployment. I'm not 100% sure about the RDO support for Rocky. Presumably that's something the rocky community could look into if it's something you're interested. I'd be happy to try and help guide you with that if you need :) 12:53
NeilHanlonmnasiadka might have some info regarding Rocky Linux support in ansible-kolla and Kayobe if memory serves12:54
jrosserNeilHanlon: i think it was trying to just use the RDO packages directly without another tool like openstack-ansible12:54
crabyeah we have our own puppet setup to do it, originally developed for centos8 and we've migrated our hosts to rocky and now we're having trouble updating stuff.12:55
NeilHanlonah, I see. yeah i'll take a poke at what's up with the RDO packages. I suspect it's probably something like an if statement or two that needs updating ;) 13:00
crabthanks i still have a fresh rocky guest with the rdo repo installed. i was just trying to see if i could get the openstack client installed13:02
NeilHanloncrab: I just installed a new box and setup the Xena repos on it; I had to modify a couple repo files in order to get them functional. I will prepare a patch for the projects to fix their repofiles on derivatives. Basically, the mirrorlist requests are expecting 8-stream as the release variable in a few places13:15
crabthat sounds awesome thanks :)13:16
NeilHanloncrab: on a base rocky system, this gets me an openstack client installed btw
crabaah yeah so thats interesting because we are on victoria already13:28
crabi prob. have that client on most machines via that means from the pre-migration centos 8 days. 13:28
crabwill this repo fix let us get packages to victoria?13:28
crab*package updates13:28
NeilHanlonyep, should do. Basically, the change is that (some of the) SIG repos are no longer available in the "centos 8" folder, they're now released into instead. so victoria's over at
crabthanks very much :)13:31
NeilHanlonno problem! 13:32
crabheh i just realised - was that you in #rockylinux too?13:42
crabrelays always confuse me13:42
crabrelays and repositories it seems...13:42
NeilHanlonindeed :) 13:43
NeilHanloni'm also `neil` on Libera.chat13:43
crabheheh i was about to warn "rlc" not to worry about fixing things on the rockyside 'cos i thought you were looking in to it! :P13:44
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