Wednesday, 2022-03-16

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crabhi all, anyone using magnum? we did an install some time ago, and ive never been able to get the installation verification to work, as documented here: 10:20
crab(we are on victoria though, not ussuri) the problem seems to be related to load balancers.10:20
crabalso possibly related to this bug report:
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crabif anyone has any ideas i would be grateful, but im beginning to suspect i either need to set up octavia or maybe i can get around it with LBaaS v2?10:26
crabim not really sure as this is just for the verification - we are a long way from needing to consider any kind of load balancing i think10:27
UgglaHello, I try to install Devstack on top of Centos Stream 9. The install fails because q-ovn-metadata-agent.service refuses to start. Starting it within a shell I have this: Can you help troubleshooting this ?10:32
UgglaNote : I can import from a python3 shell session the module neutron.privileged.agent.10:34
fricklerUggla: centos stream has proven to be very unstable, I would suggest to use some stable distro like Ubuntu or Debian for running devstack10:53
Ugglafrickler, the issue is that I need a recent qemu + libvirt to develop a feature. Stream 9 seems to provide the level required. Ubuntu focal and probably debian do not.10:57
NykauHi! Can I just pop up here and ask about my openstack issue for which google seem unable to find any resolution?13:25
crabNykau: you can try i had some good luck yesterday. not so much today, but i think i kind of already know the answer to my question for today.13:50
johnsomcrab Octavia implements the LBaaSv2 API, so one and the same. I don’t have an answer for magnum though.13:55
NykauTrying my luck then ;) Using Xena adn centos-stream-8, I cannot start any of the network agents running on the controller node any more. "openstack network agent list" report them all dead (the only one alive is running on another node), the logs don't seem to help. The only info comes from journalctl: "greenlet.error: cannot switch to a different thread". Restarting the agent, all openstack daemons or even the whole node do not help. Any clue?13:56
johnsomNot sure why you wouldn’t use Octavia13:56
crabjohnsom: well we dont really have (i don't think) anything to load balance13:57
crabalso im pretty sure that when i installed magnum it didnt indicate it was necessary13:57
craband finally the "test cluster" used to validate the install, is only a single master and node,13:57
crabso im not sure what it would "load balance" anyway! :)13:57
crabbut im getting very close to the opinion that octavia is an unwritten requirement for magnum.13:58
crabits also a shame we arent an ubuntu shop, as its unclear how easy it is to install on rhel derivatives13:58
johnsomcrab You can load balance one instance. Grin13:58
crabwhat does that mean?13:59
crabit effectively just throttles the connections somehow?13:59
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johnsomcrab no throttling, but it works fine with only one backend. I haven’t used magnum though, so can’t answer for it14:03
crab suppose if you put a loadbalancer in front of a single resource it'll proxy the connection through14:04
crabbut im unsure what is being "balanced" there exactly.14:04
crabi think i'll have to build an octavia to know for sure.14:04
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