Saturday, 2022-03-26

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cmeralooking for some guidance to talk to any admins with experience Focal and Xena with Juju. I'd like classify and/or solve for a ceph-dashboard bug.12:16
cmerahi all12:16
larskscmera: as you have no doubt noticed, this is a pretty quiet channel these days. You could try the openstack users mailing list. Maybe there are some juju-specific forums or mailing lists or something?18:06
grami[m]cmera: your first problem is you are asking about ceph in a openstack irc may I suggest asking in the ceph rooms, secondly you are asking about juju the worst deployment tool you could use it's so vendor locked and so confusing  it would be best to message on juju discourse forum. I think you will have better luck there as you will get the charm developer's.20:40

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