Monday, 2022-03-28

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frickler^^ known issue with latest jinja if anyone reads this05:49
-opendevstatus- NOTICE: zuul isn't executing check jobs at the moment, investigation is ongoing, please be patient07:17
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DHEAre there docs on how to use Openstack for running "virtual machines" with LXC? I see it listed as a feature, and apparently supported, but can't find a thing about how to set it up, manage it, make images for it, etc. All search results I can find are about running openstack itself (nova, etc) within an LXC container instead19:36
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larsksDHE: I just searched for "nova lxc" which brought me to, which is what I think you're asking about.23:21
DHEI've seen that, but is it really that simple? Does it handle VM images that have partition tables, LVM based disks, and other things? I feel like there must be some... I dunno, quirks?23:25
NeilHanloneverything has quirks, DHE. But yes, LXC, LXD, et al are really "that simple"
NeilHanlonthough i should note the nova lxc integration is specifically not LXD Virtual machines, they're just linux containers23:40
DHEI mean in the context of openstack managed specifically. I've used LXC (in the `lxc-start` sort of way) but I already have an openstack (KVM) cluster working...23:40
DHEYes I know the libvirt "lxc" driver is not related to the LXC/LXD project23:41

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