Monday, 2022-04-04

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vmaccelHi All11:15
vmaccelIs OpenDaylight or another SDN still actively supported? Is there a channel for OpenDaylight discussions?11:16
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steveamesHello. I'm trying to figure out the best way to specify that whenever a VM is launched from specific images that that VM always includes three extra drives of other specified images. Does that make sense at all? I was hoping to be able to do that as part of a flavor or maybe aggregate? Not at all sure. My end goal is for jenkins to be able to spin the instances up but jenkins doesn't provide 17:11
steveamesme with any of the options that I would have from the command line...17:11
jamesbenson@ironfoot, So I seem to be able to get it all deployed and automated but I'm getting `SSL: WRONG_VERSION_NUMBER` error. Is your `ceph_rgw_external_fqdn` the same as your `kolla_external_fqdn`?17:25
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admin1steveames why not create your own image with the drivers built in ? 20:36
willemI need some help please. I'm looking to install an Openstack server all in one behind a company Proxy. I tried packsack, but it didn't work. Devstack is not stable on my environment 21:27
willemany ideas please ?21:27
willemthank you21:27

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