Wednesday, 2022-07-13

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niknonHi! If I run a "all in one" host with a pretty default Neutron configuration, should I expect to see someone when I run "sudo ovs-vsctl show"? 08:34
niknonReason I'm asking is because I'm seeing all kinds of errors related to "br-int not found", and the above command shows no bridges created.08:35
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yadneshniknon, yes, you should see br-int and br-ctlplane ovs bridges09:49
niknonyadnesh: Thanks10:00
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jamesbensonI have two refstack questions for anyone who has experience:15:40
jamesbensonOne: There are Metadata tests that are being intentionally skipped:15:40
jamesbensonsetUpClass (tempest.api.compute.servers.test_server_metadata.ServerMetadataTestJSON) ... SKIPPED: Metadata is read-only on non-Xen-based deployments.15:40
jamesbensonThis appears to be correct as we are not running on Xen.  But on Refstack: Excluding flagged tests, this cloud passes 97.1% (265/273) of the required tests in the 2021.11 required capabilities for the program.15:40
jamesbensonI'm running ./setup_env -t 31.1.0 -p 3.815:40
jamesbensonTwo: Besides the metadata tests above, I only fail two other tests (swift temp url tests): tempest.api.object_storage.test_object_temp_url.ObjectTempUrlTest.test_get_object_using_temp_url & tempest.api.object_storage.test_object_temp_url.ObjectTempUrlTest.test_put_object_using_temp_url15:40
jamesbensonI get access denied, but I'm not sure why since I'm passing all of the other swift tests.15:40
jamesbensonThis is all on Yoga and cephadm quincy15:41
jamesbensonI have followed this: & have `rgw swift account in url = true` and `/v1/AUTH_%(project_id)s` on my swift endpoints.15:50
jcmdlnjamesbenson: regarding the tempurl, reverting this commit makes the test pass though I haven't looked into it further:
jcmdlnI'm also on yoga+quincy23:53
jcmdlnthe xen related tests should probably be flagged because the tempest sample config mentions it was ripped out in Victoria23:55
jcmdlna colleague had success setting `xenapi_apis = true` in their `tempest.conf` but I haven't tested that23:56
jcmdlnIf you use both S3 and swift in radosgw, your swift endpoints should be `/swift/v1/AUTH_23:58
jcmdln* be `/swift/v1/AUTH_%(project_id)s`23:58
jcmdlnThere's some "suggestions" regarding temporarily disabling S3 to get refstack to pass and chucking swift onto `/` but that's not actually required23:59

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