Monday, 2022-07-18

MarioCavcchiHi folks! I'm Mario from Italy09:46
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MarioCavcchican i make a question?11:10
jrosserMarioCavcchi: just ask :)11:12
MarioCavcchiok tnx ... i configured designate and neutron to use an external dns ... i can create zone etc, it seems that works fine. I configured also an external net with dns_domain for the zone, but when I create a post no record is added11:15
MarioCavcchiwhat could be the issue?11:16
jrosserMarioCavcchi: maybe the best place to ask that is #openstack-dns11:33
MarioCavcchiok tnx!11:49
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spatelDoes openstack devstack support centos-8 stream distro?19:42
spatelI am getting this error - 'Support for rhel8 is incomplete: no support for installing packages'19:43
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