Friday, 2022-07-22

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guesswhathey, question, xen as nova driver is deprecated, right? what if i have xen hypervisor, then its nogo, right? like its impossible to have kvm host on xen with nested virtualization i guess07:40
khyr0nhey guesswhat, it seems you're right about that... this commit shows the matrix change on dropping Xen09:35
guesswhatkhyr0n seems, that xen and xcp-ng especially is out of the game :( 09:41
khyr0nguesswhat, yup yup.... better run away from Xen while you can 09:46
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Aldebaranhello... today my containers with cinder are restarting all the time. Any help for this? I looked in the logs what is in the link thanks18:31
xiaolong@Aldebaran Lost connection to MySQL server during query18:48
xiaolongCheck the connection status between the cinder service and mysql18:49
Aldebaran@xiaaolong .. thanks for your answer.. but if you notice .. this connectivity is back... how do i certify this connection between cinder and mariadb? thanks19:06
Aldebaranyou can see in the log that in the next lines I had restored.. only the cinder-scheculer is up from the cinders containers19:07
xiaolong#Aldebaran  Try logging in to MySQL with the cinder user19:12
Aldebaran#xiaolong I can connect using user cinder .. check it out
xiaolongok...Then I don't know what caused it19:24
xiaolong@Aldebaran  I'm sorry I can't solve your problem19:25
Aldebaran#xiaolong thanks for you help19:28
xiaolongHave you ever installed the Yoga version of dashboard?19:31
xiaolongI have a problem´╝ÜOpen the web page and prompt "403 Forbidden"19:32
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