Saturday, 2022-07-30

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rip4398Hello, I'm trying to get started with OpenStack on openSUSE Leap 15.4. I added the repo for Yoga, refreshed, and updated. Now, I'm at the first step of installing keystone, but there's no package found with `zypper se openstack` nor for `zypper se keystone`. I see that the instructions haven't been updated in three years, and other sections aren't20:45
rip4398any better (Ubuntu 16.04?? RHEL 7?). It makes me wonder whether the project is still maintained?20:45
rip4398I really like openSUSE, but if there's another modern distro that has better support, I'm willing to go with it. But everything seems old20:46
rip4398Even the openstack summits page has stuff on it from 202020:46

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