Monday, 2022-08-01

redenginI'm trying to start up a compute node, but when it connects to the controller it fails with "openstack.exceptions.NotSupported: The placement service for exists but no version was discoverable."  - any ideas on steps to debug?01:39
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SudhanAruna__Hi, Is there any active channel for new contributors?18:15
renichHello, I am trying to install an OSP on top of a RHOSP 16.2 I've deployed. I am getting stuck, though, with the undercloud when paunch is deploying the step 3 containers. 18:45
renichI'm following this guide:
renichI have 3 machines. They all have 8 CPUs and 16 GiB of RAM. 18:45
renichI can share whatever is required. Logs, bzip2 or anything else. 18:45
renichThis is 4 seconds before failing:
renichError screen:
renichI can share the full log if required. 18:55
renichI just noticed I had "ocp.lab" in the domain part. I changed it to: "osp.lab". The FQDN of this host is: "osp-d-pruebas.lab". Running the deployment once more. 18:59
renichI am trying to deploy train, btw. 19:02
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