Wednesday, 2022-08-17

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sorin-mihaihi. is there any way to attack a SATA disk available in the host directly to an instance? the disk that i want to attach is a SATA SSD physically attached to the raid controller of the host16:15
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xarlossorin-mihai: I want to suggest sriov options, but not sure this is possible with disks. Curious if anyone else can help you out with the answer. 21:34
sorin-mihaii was able to do 'virsh attach-disk' in the compute node, but at instance shutdown/reboot from horizon the xml of the instance is rewritten and the device is no longer attached. didn't try to shutdown/reboot from the cli, but noticed i can reboot the instance from inside it without loosing the device attachment 22:38
NeilHanlonthere is a block device driver in cinder, if memory serves23:02

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