Friday, 2013-11-08

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badamscould anyone here provide some help with my installation?15:48
badamshaving trouble getting the dashboard to work properly. also not sure if im using the correct endpoints15:50
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crobertsrhbadams:  what sort of error messages are you seeing?  Which OS are you running and how did you install  (local build vs package)?15:57
badamscrobertsh: I'm installing on ububtu, from the tarball as directed here
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crobertsrhDoes the Savanna tab show up in your dashboard, or is your dashboard not starting at all?16:01
badamsand as far as errors, im not seeing any really. not sure if my logging is set up correctly16:01
badamsthe tab is there, it just internal errors out16:01
crobertsrhAh, ok16:01
crobertsrhDo you have the savanna-api running somewhere?16:02
badamseverytime i run it with my config file it  holds my cmd line hostage16:02
badamsunless thats expected16:03
badamsit says '(12566) wsgi starting up on' then hangs16:03
badamsi can see http requests going to that address:port16:04
crobertsrhI usually start mine with an & to keep it in the background16:04
badamsyeah ok16:05
crobertsrhOk....are there any exceptions noted in the savanna-api stuff?16:05
crobertsrhIn your savanna.conf file, are you pointed at your openstack auth host?  It defaults to localhost, I think, which may or may not be right for you.16:06
badamsit is right, but i changed it to the ip anyway16:06
crobertsrhAlso, make sure that your os_auth_username and os_auth_password are set correctly in there16:06
badamsboth set to the savanna user and service tenant16:07
badamsmaybe ill check roles again16:07
crobertsrhno firewall issue on your openstack machine?16:07
badamsnone that ive seen16:07
badamsthere was this... 2013-11-08 11:02:43.128 12566 WARNING keystoneclient.middleware.auth_token [-] Configuring auth_uri to point to the public identity endpoint is required; clients may not be able to authenticate against an admin endpoint16:09
crobertsrhWhat is the exception trace that you see in the dashboard when it bombs out?16:11
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crobertsrhFrom your savanna directory, can you run ./tools/get_auth_token  successfully?16:13
badamsopstack@openstack-controller:/etc/savanna$ ./tools/get_auth_token ./tools/get_auth_token: line 3: tox: command not found16:14
crobertsrhah, ok.  I guess that only works for the venv installs16:17
badamswould you recommend going that route instead?16:18
crobertsrhNo, you shouldn't need to.16:18
crobertsrhI'm trying to think of another way to quickly test your auth setup.16:19
crobertsrhany chance that directly running the script works for you? (python
badamshmm now we're getting somewhere...16:22
badamsit looks like its using the wrong creds16:24
badamsat least for that .py16:24
badamsbut i know i have them defeined in my savanna.conf16:24
crobertsrhYou can tweak the script and see which it's using or trying to use16:24
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crobertsrhLooks like it's trying to use /etc/savanna/savanna.conf16:25
badamsthats where mine is, i thought16:27
crobertsrhStrange....your values aren't commented out by any chance, are they?  Stupid question, but I might as well ask.16:29
badamsit's ok, but no theyre not16:29
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badamsok the test was successful when i passed the config file directly in16:39
badamsdon't know why i didnt do that before16:39
crobertsrhAh, ok.16:40
crobertsrhYou should also be able to pass that config file directly to the savanna-api when you start it up16:40
badamsyeah i knew that16:40
crobertsrhMaybe it's picking up some garbage values by default rather than your config16:40
crobertsrhAfter you restart your savanna-api, you might also need to restart your dashboard.16:42
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badamshow would you recommend restarting savanna-api?16:44
badamsive just been killing the process16:45
crobertsrhthat should be fine16:45
badamsdo you provide an endpoint for savanna?16:46
crobertsrhYou could  probably have it installed as a service and then use your system's service controls, but kill process/restart works nice16:46
badamsah id much rather do that16:46
badamsdidnt see how though16:47
crobertsrhI don't think there is a savanna endpoint.16:47
crobertsrhIf you installed from a package (not sure if it's there on ubuntu or not), it would take care of the "make it a service" part.16:48
badamsthe offical docs detail either using pip or installing from the tarball16:49
crobertsrhAh.  I was looking at the RDO install blurb at the top.  Obviously, not an option for you though.16:50
badamsits not a big deal, it would just fit with the rest of the services16:52
crobertsrhLooks like ubuntu integration is on the roadmap for 1.0.
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badamsi think that ive got that set up correctly, so maybe the problem is with my dashboard16:54
crobertsrhFor the dashboard, what have you set "SAVANNA_URL" to be?16:55
badamsSAVANNA_URL = ''16:56
badamsin the file /usr/share/openstack-dashboard/openstack_dashboard/local/local_settings.py16:56
badamsalso in /etc/openstack_dashboard/local_settings.py16:57
badamsbecause im unsure which one it actually uses16:58
crobertsrhAnd what is the stack trace when it blows up in the UI?16:58
crobertsrhpastebin it if you'd prefer16:58
badamsi would if i could find it. not sure where the dashboard logs are16:59
crobertsrhOh, nothing shows up in the UI?16:59
crobertsrhNo error message of any sort?16:59
badamsoh that? yeah hold on16:59
badamscode 50017:00
crobertsrhwell, that's certainly not overly helpful :)17:00
crobertsrhNothing in the apache log?17:01
badamsthats the one im trying to find17:01
crobertsrhmaybe /var/log/httpd?17:02
badamsjust found it in /var/log/apache217:02
badamsso this is when i click the savanna tab
badamsfrom  /var/log/apache2/error.log17:05
crobertsrhSeems like savanna-api may be using the wrong creds.  Can you run the script and capture the tenant and token to an environment variable....and then do something like "http$TENANT/clusters X-Auth-Token:$TOKEN"?17:11
crobertsrhI have to bail for awhile.  I'll be back later though.  Good luck.17:13
badamsthanks man17:14
badamsmuch appreciated17:14
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crobertsrhany luck badams?20:03
badamshey, not really no20:32
crobertsrhWere you able to successfully submit anything directly to the HTTP REST interface?  Or did that fail too?20:41
badamsevery time i try to access the rest interfaces it tells me no route to host20:47
crobertsrhAh.  Do you know which port your savanna-api is listening on?20:48
crobertsrhIs it 8383?20:48
crobertsrhI think 8386 is the default20:49
crobertsrhcan  you verify that it is indeed listening there via netstat or something similar?20:49
badamsyeah i did, and its there20:49
crobertsrhIs it bound to a particular interface (maybe not
badamsit was bound to, but the other services were bound to so i changed it to that20:51
crobertsrhI'm not sure where else to go right now.  My best guess is that it is your savanna-api that needs attention rather than the dashboard, but I'm lacking ideas at the moment.20:52
crobertsrhThis place should be more lively on Monday.  Many were gone this week for a design summit.20:52
badamsdang, bad timing on my part20:53
badamsthanks for your help though20:54
crobertsrhSorry I couldn't help more.  If anything strikes me, I'll be sure to ping you.20:54
tmckayI think sometimes various python things have trouble with hostname resolution20:55
tmckaysometimes if I try localhost, I get hosed.  If I use the real IP, I'm okay20:55
tmckayI don't recall having the no route to host error with savanna-api, though.  Not that I can remember20:56
badamstmckay: what would your request look like?20:57
tmckayhmm, let me dig one up.... I've been at training all week20:57
badamsthanks man20:57
tmckaysomething like this, where the initial "http" is the httpie executable and tenant/token are filled in from keystone token-get   =>   http http://localhost:8386/v1.0/$TENANT/clusters X-Auth-Token:$TOKEN21:00
* tmckay starts up devstack21:01
tmckaybadams, here is a page that is a helpful cheat sheet
tmckaytalks about RDO but is pretty applicable to devstack as well21:02
tmckayalso, the Savanna doc pages should be newly updated with the latest REST api stuff (if you haven't seen them)21:02
tmckaycroberts, the training is pretty good, if it comes to your neck of the woods you should check it out.  It filled in a lot of holes for me21:03
tmckaycrobertsrh even21:03
crobertsrhtmckay:  Yes, I really want to get to a session.  It seems like it will be vital in the coming months/years21:04
tmckaycrobertsrh, I'm interested in the YARN apis and what you might be able to do with it.  Everything Hadoop 2 is built on top of yarn, including mapreduce.  In Hadoop 1, you had *only* mapreduce21:06
tmckayYARN == "yet another resource negotiator"21:07
crobertsrhYeah, Yarn seems to be the future (or at least the present).21:07
tmckayie, a hadoop scheduler.  I was kind of fuzzy on what exactly it was...21:07
badamssooo apparently, my url was messed up in my dashboard config file21:09
crobertsrhAh :)21:09
badamswhich is embarassing to admit, but there you go21:09
crobertsrhthat'll do it21:09
crobertsrhLots of fun learning and trying other stuff though21:09
tmckayyeah, fyi, devstack just came up21:09
tmckay$ http http://localhost:8386/v1.0/$TENANT/clusters X-Auth-Token:$TOKEN21:09
tmckayHTTP/1.1 200 OK21:09
tmckayContent-Length: 1621:09
tmckayContent-Type: application/json21:09
tmckayDate: Fri, 08 Nov 2013 21:09:13 GMT21:09
tmckay    "clusters": []21:09
badamstrue enough21:09
tmckaythat's about as simple as it gets21:10
crobertsrhGood luck with savanna.  Let us know if you have any troubles or suggestions.21:10
badamsthanks to the both of you21:10
tmckaynp.  Like crobertsrh said, usually this place is hopping21:10
badamsif the past few months have been any indication, i will be back21:10
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