Thursday, 2014-07-10

lifelessslagle: was it you that did a config-drive impl for the seed at one point?00:01
* StevenK pouts at bandersnatch. It is getting through T, but I suspect after U, V, W, X, Y and Z it will start on a.00:01
lifelessaye, it will00:02
lifelessStevenK: do you want to just rsync from me tonight ?00:02
lifelessStevenK: I had my portable bandersnatch mirror with me in sydney too :)00:02
StevenKlifeless: It would have taken us a while to sync 50G without ethernet ...00:03
slaglelifeless: yes, it was for an undercloud, but same effect really,
greghaynesok, everyone cross your fingers for
greghaynesI think it might actually work00:04
lifelessslagle: so I'm thinking about an idea00:04
lifelessslagle: build one UC/Seed image, rather than two00:04
slaglehmm, interesting00:05
lifelessslagle: drop the VM element and configure kvm to boot detached kernel/initramfs00:05
TheJuliagreghaynes: it might... it might not... based on local tests... it has only a 50% chance :)00:05
lifelessslagle: and give it a config drive + ephemeral block device for the seed00:05
greghaynesYes, pass or fail, 50% :p00:05
slaglethe whole point of that config drive script was so I could build 1 undercloud image and distribute it to * people00:05
lifelessslagle: yep00:06
lifelessslagle: I can put this into a spec if you think its an interesting concept00:06
slaglei do. i'd be willing to contribute00:06
StevenKlifeless: I've got another ~2 hours before off-peak ends, so let's see how far it gets then. Hopefully a, or b.00:06
lifelesscool, I'll put some prose around it shortly00:07
tchaypoStevenK: at least you haven't seen it doing the thing where all the connections start failing for no apparent reason00:09
tchaypoI'm sure the reason would become apparent if I looked atht ecode00:09
tchaypolifeless: at some point i think you mentioned you were submitting patches to gertty to change what it showed. Was that just a global change or is it configurable00:24
tchaypoor did i mishear?00:24
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lifelesstchaypo: they're all up in gerrit00:26
rwsugreghaynes: Did you figure out the "Insufficient compute resources: Free memory 0.00 MB < requested 4096" problem?00:26
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greghaynesrwsu: no. I think we have some issues if youre running on a slow box00:27
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greghaynesI thought it was us not waiting long enough for hypervisors to be defined, but then it happened again when I was just re-running devtest_overcloud00:27
lifelessI would expect to see that if loping task to audit resources hasn't run since an instance was released from a node00:27
lifelessthat can happen if you end up rescheduling00:28
lifelesswhich I think is happening - ironic reliability regression I suspect00:28
tchaypolifeless: ah, right.00:30
greghaynesrwsu: youre seeing it also?00:30
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rwsugreghaynes: yup,
lifelessrwsu: huh, thats nova-bm still, right? or did my patch to toggle the default land?00:31
lifelesscause if that landed I think we might not even be testing nova-bm now :>00:31
greghaynesI think mine was on nova-bm00:31
greghayneslifeless: looks like its still nova-bm defaults00:32
StevenKlifeless: Yeah, maybe we want a change to toci to pass USE_IRONIC=0 for the nova-bm tests00:32
lifelessI think we need to00:32
lifelessbut we also want to make the corner case tests be ironic not nova-bm00:32
StevenKIt's a config change, not toci00:33
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lifelessStevenK: you're going to put it up ?00:35
StevenKlifeless: vlan should be 1 or 0 ?00:36
StevenKOr I can leave it be and it will switch when the default does.00:36
lifelessthe vlan patch set is ironic only00:36
lifelessI would explicitly make it Ironic00:36
StevenKIt wasn't, but done.00:37
StevenKlifeless: Maybe you want to block your patch against the config patch00:41
StevenK(bandersnatch at Zo)00:42
lifelessonce the patch passes gerrit, it should be fast to land, one just asks in -infra :)00:42
StevenKI tend to leave it for a day to collect random +1s, but if you want it NOW, I guess00:42
StevenKHeh, and 6 minutes later, bandersnatch is at 'ac'00:48
tchaypoI'm still surprised each and every time a comment I made offline in gertty hits the website00:55
tchaypoit never fails, but it also never fails to surprise00:55
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lifelessfood time00:59
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openstackgerritRichard Su proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Update SELinux file contexts
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xuhaiweihi, I am using devtest to deploy undercloud on a baremetal machine, should I use the image udercloud.qcow2 for the vm? Or build a new image?02:15
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lifelessxuhaiwei: what vm ?02:27
xuhaiweithe virtual environment02:27
lifelessxuhaiwei: I'm confused; you said baremetal machine02:28
xuhaiweiI mean if i do baremetal, can I use the undercloud.qcow2 created by devtest02:28
xuhaiweiyes, i think the image created by devtest is for vm?02:29
xuhaiweiI can't see a special image for baremetal02:29
lifelesssame image, as long as the architecture is the same02:29
xuhaiweii used that image to deploy, but when the machine restarted, the screen is black and no login02:30
xuhaiweiI can see kernel and ramdisk downloaded properly02:31
lifelessis it the same architecture?02:31
xuhaiweiand for the host, heat stack-list is always CREATE_IN_PROGRESS02:31
xuhaiweiI am using x8602:32
xuhaiweiI am using x86_6402:32
xuhaiweishould i configure the NODE_ARCH to x86_64?02:33
lifelessyou can boot am x86_64 machine with an i386 kernel+ramdisk, so that should be ok (though you'll be limited on RAM use)02:34
lifelessthe other way around is a problem :)02:34
xuhaiweisorry, you mean something else may be wrong?02:35
xuhaiweiI checked the log, and can't find anything strange, it confused me02:38
lifelessso,on the boot, it pxe boots? from kernel + ramdisk ?02:39
lifelesstry hitting esc, might be in graphics mode02:39
lifelesscan you ping int?02:39
lifelessping it, I mean02:39
xuhaiweiyes, pxe boot seems ok02:40
xuhaiweii can't ping it02:40
xuhaiweiafter a long time waiting , i got this line in heat-engine.log  Stack create failed, status FAILED02:41
xuhaiweibut only this line02:41
lifelessyes, thats a symptom not a cause02:41
lifelessits because the machine hasn't checked in02:41
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xuhaiweiafter download the kernel and ramdisk, i saw the tgtd is working, and waiting for the node to complete02:42
xuhaiweiand after that the machine restarted and then only a black screen02:43
lifelessI'm a little unclear on precisely what you saw02:43
lifelessthere are two separate PXE boots02:43
lifelessone for the deploy02:43
lifelesswhich uses 'deploy_kernel' and 'deploy_ramdisk'02:43
lifelessand one for the user02:43
lifelesswhich uses 'kernel' and 'ramdisk'02:44
lifelesswhen the machine restarts after the tgtd stuff, it should do the second PXE boot.02:44
lifelessDid it? Or did it just go from POST to a black screen ?02:44
xuhaiweiyes, the first download is 'deploy_kernel' and 'deploy_ramdisk' right?02:44
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xuhaiweiand then is dd by iscsi and that can't be seen from the screen?02:45
xuhaiweiyes after tgtd, the screen was a little strange, and flushed, i can see 'PXE,,,' but very short ,and then go black02:48
xuhaiweijust a cursor is left02:49
xuhaiweiif something is wrong with the second PXE boots, what maybe the problem?02:50
lifelessthat could be yes02:50
lifelessyou might try a hard power off02:50
lifelessin case of BIOS bugs02:50
lifelesssee if you can see it do the second PXE boot properly02:51
xuhaiweihow  to fix it?02:51
lifelessfirst we need to figure out what is wrong02:51
lifelessis it failing to PXE boot02:51
lifelessor is it doin the PXE part but the kernel/ramdisk are wrong/corrupt02:52
xuhaiweiok, i will check it02:52
lifelessor is it getting into linux and the rootfs is broken? or... lots of possibiilities02:52
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xuhaiweii will deploy it again and get more log02:53
xuhaiweithank you for help02:53
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untriaged-botUntriaged bugs so far:03:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1335105 in tuskar-ui "Devtest init script: sourcing tripleorc fails" [Undecided,New]03:00
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tchaypoThat looks easy to triage03:16
tchaypoas it seems to be tuskar-related, i think03:16
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openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: use ControlVirtualInterface for keepalived VRRP
gfidenteguys, how do I find TheJulia in gerrit?03:53
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lifelessgfidente: not sure - but find one of her reviews and you should be able to click through to her dashboard03:55
gfidentelifeless, you have any idea about why this was previously set to NeutronPublicInterface?
lifelessI think there may be some terminology confusion03:57
lifelessNPI is e.g. eth203:58
lifelessVRRP should be running on br-ex/br-ctlplane03:58
lifelessgfidente: I think  your patch does that, no?03:58
gfidenteyes TheJulia pointed out something was wrong there03:58
*** ramishra has joined #tripleo03:58
gfidentebut I see it was set to NeutronPublic from april03:58
gfidentewas wondering if someone knows why03:59
lifelessI would say it was a mistake03:59
lifelessI note that we have br-ex hardcoded in the template in a few places03:59
lifelessso C..V..I.. is not really able to be used // its definition is unclear to me03:59
lifelessanyhow, your patch seems reasonable04:00
gfidenteCVI defaults to br-ex I think hard references to br-ex should be changed instead04:00
gfidentelifeless, can I also ask if you have opinions over the horizon sessions backend?04:01
lifelessgfidente: I guess I'm asking why CVI is a parameter04:01
gfidentelifeless, oh I think one can customize the if name04:02
lifelesswe have to have a bridge, it will always be where keepalived runs against04:02
lifelesswe create the bridge ourselves04:02
lifelessit just seems odd that thats customisable. Its like having a local variable in a function with a parameter to the function to change that variables name.04:02
lifelessgfidente: horizon session backend? I don't know much there, but i'm happy to speculate:)04:03
lifelessgfidente: whats the specific question?04:03
gfidenteso I proposed this
gfidentewhich defaults to memcached04:03
gfidentebut it is to be noted that the only way to have persistent sessions is to use the db backend04:03
gfidentebecause memcache nodes do not replicate data04:03
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lifelessfor clarity, AIUI memcache is persistent across horizon restarts, just not fault tolerant or persisting across memcache restarts ?04:04
lifelessok, so when will users need to care about this setting?04:04
gfidenteso it is helpful is horizon crashes too04:04
gfidente*if horizon crashes04:05
gfidentebut not much if the entire node crashes04:05
gfidentewe'd lose some sessions in that case04:05
gfidentewell using the local django in memory cache is even worse, so we default to using memcache04:07
gfidenteusers _may_ want to configure an actual db as backend04:07
lifelessgfidente: whats the default in horizon? And whats the horizon recommended configuration ?04:08
*** blamar has joined #tripleo04:08
gfidentethere isn't actually something doable for all circumstances04:09
lifelesssounds like signed cookies is the way to go04:10
*** killer_prince is now known as lazy_prince04:11
gfidentethat was my preferred too04:11
lifelessjust from reading that page04:11
gfidentebut security concerns were raised04:11
lifelesswait, what?04:11
gfidentethe entire session data would be stored in the browser with signed cookies04:12
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gfidentebut maybe that would be a nicer option than databse04:13
lifelessso I think the thing to do here is to ask the horizon folks for an actual 'what should people get' recommendation04:13
lifelesswe can take care of the db setup if thats needed04:13
lifelessif they think signed cookies are ok with the horizon codebase, cool, if they don't, they should say its not ok on that docs page.04:13
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lifelessI don't think we want to be in the business of setting a different happy-path than the project itself04:14
openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: make point to controller_virtual_ip
lifelessthat one probably wants to point at the public virtual ip stuff tchaypo has coming together04:14
lifelessbecause controller_virtual_ip isn't accessible by end users in multi-network setups04:15
openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: make point to controller_virtual_ip
gfidentethis last thing is even more interesting04:17
gfidenteI support tchaypo's work of exposing things on an appropriate VIP04:17
gfidentebut we also need the internal VIP04:17
lifelesshow does it all tie together?04:18
gfidenteindeed it's pretty confusing for me too :(04:18
gfidentebut for instance, each component auth should go to the internal keystone vip04:18
gfidenteand not just that but services have pointers to each other (their fault, they should browse the keystone catalog but they don't always do)04:19
gfidenteso we have for instance a pointer to glance in cinder04:19
gfidenteand a few others04:19
lifelessyeah, that stuff really annoys me04:19
lifelessbut about keystone04:19
*** amitpp has joined #tripleo04:19
lifelesswhy do we need the internal VIP for keystone?04:19
lifelessI thought was the end user url root?04:20
*** cwolferh has joined #tripleo04:20
gfidentewell previously it was pointing to controller_host so not good for users anyway04:20
gfidenteand we'd need the internal VIP to balance mysql/rmq so we can use it to forward keystone requests too04:20
lifelesssorry I'm being unclear04:21
lifelessthere's no dispute from me about the existence of two VIPs04:21
lifelessmy point was solely about which VIP is needed in the keystone config04:21
lifelessyes, that04:21
lifelessoh, righto04:22
gfidenteyeah pointing to the user facing vip could have side routing effects04:22
* lifeless was confused 04:22
lifelessyeah, I'm with it now, ignore me. I thought '' :)04:22
gfidentenp, thanks for chatting a bit04:23
gfidenteit's hard to get on the same TZ04:23
gfidentealso this merged04:24
gfidenteso we should have closed !04:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1226310 in tripleo "Nova bm operations fail when LIBVIRT_DEFAULT_URI not set" [Medium,Triaged]04:25
gfidentelifeless, before we go async again04:26
gfidentecan I ask to be added to the trello board04:26
lifelesswhats your trello acct?04:26
lifelessok, time to pick up C from kindy04:29
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boris-42lifeless sorry for long reply04:43
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openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: make point to controller_virtual_ip
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openstackgerritOm Kumar proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Fix argparse issue for RHEL 6.5.
openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: add support for Horizon's caches backend configuration (memcached)
openstackgerritSteve Kowalik proposed a change to openstack/os-cloud-config: Move client creation functions to utils._clients
openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: add support for Horizon's caches backend configuration (memcached)
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openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: add Horizon caches backend definition (memcached)
StevenK/dev/mapper/sys-home  150G  142G  6.1M 100% /home05:19
StevenKsteven@undermined:~/.cache/tripleo% du -ch *.qcow2 | tail -n 105:20
fabbionemorning guys05:21
StevenK will help, but ENOREVIEWS05:21
StevenKfabbione: Hai!05:21
fabbionelifeless: ok, amuse me... how much hw do I need to play with TO and make it "HA"?05:21
fabbioneStevenK: hey man05:21
fabbionelooooong time05:21
StevenKfabbione: Well, you buggered off to RH just when I joined Canonical :-)05:22
fabbioneStevenK: your fault you joined too late :P05:23
StevenK-rw-rw-r-- 1 steven steven 591M Jun 12  2013 qa-mawson-output05:23
StevenK-rw-rw-r-- 1 steven steven 1.2G Jun 12  2013 qa-mawson-output-r05:23
StevenKHm, those are helping05:24
StevenKEven more scary:05:24
StevenKqa-mawson-output:   ASCII text, with very long lines, with CRLF, LF line terminators05:24
StevenKqa-mawson-output-r: ASCII text, with very long lines, with CRLF, LF line terminators05:24
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greghaynesfabbione: I do the 'ha' install with 32gb ram just fine05:25
greghaynesunfortunately, 16gb might be cutting it a bit close05:25
fabbionegreghaynes: well.. ok let me step back one second..05:25
fabbionehow many machines do I need? can I do all in VMs? bare metal?05:25
fabbioneram/cpu/disks are not a problem05:25
adam_ggreghaynes, how'd you perform tonight?05:25
* StevenK remembers *that* fabbione from Canonical05:26
greghayneswell, I guess it depends on what you want to test ;) but you can most certainly do it all on one box05:26
greghaynesadam_g: people seemed super into it05:26
greghayneswhich was cool05:26
tchaypoyou can do it all on noe machine as long as you have enough ram05:26
adam_gcool, wish i could have made it05:26
fabbionegreghaynes: i don't need to run any instance on compute nodes really...05:26
fabbioneStevenK: yeps.. same fabbione :P05:26
tchaypo16Gb is just barely enough for the current setup but it doesn't always quite fit, especially if you're running firefox at the same time05:26
fabbioneok, those are server boxes, ff will be run from my ws :)05:27
adam_gor playing Civ 505:27
StevenKI have 24GiB of RAM, and with Firefox and Thunderbird I invariably hit about ~80MiB of swap05:27
fabbioneso again, does it have to be baremetal? can it be done in vms?05:27
fabbione<- i am totally fresh to TO05:27
greghaynesadam_g: neat thing was there was lots of talk about coreOS, and so I got do to a lot of "heres how we do that!"05:27
fabbioneand i need to look into its HA capabilities05:27
tchaypothe word on the street is that doing it inside a VM gets you too many levels of nesting05:27
greghayneswhich is a great way to explain something05:27
fabbionetchaypo: ok got it.. so best to go baremetal05:28
greghaynesfabbione: you really want to go baremetal05:28
tchaypoI hear some of the HP guys internally use big beefy VMs05:28
greghaynesSounds like a great way to have a bad time05:28
tchaypoi dunno05:28
fabbionegreghaynes: ack.. 3 boxes to test HA enough?05:29
fabbioneor do I need more?05:29
fabbionelike 5? 7?05:29
tchaypo"i'm nt slacking off, my vm's compiling in a vm in a vm"05:29
openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-specs: Support for Cinder HA via shared storage.
adam_ggreghaynes, re  is your concern having API servers running with new code, while the 'leader' is still coming up and yet to migrate the database schema?05:29
greghaynesfabbione: one bare metal should be good enough, thats all I use05:29
fabbionehmmmm ok but how do you test HA with one machine?05:29
greghaynesfabbione: lots of vm's05:29
greghaynesso, I think were getting confused :)05:29
fabbioneok so you deploy in VMs...05:29
greghaynesbasically, dont try to do nested vm's05:30
fabbioneok compute node -> bare metal we agree05:30
greghaynesbut testing with our vm's which emulate baremetal hosts is totally sane05:30
fabbionebut i can fire up the undercloud and overcloud in VMs as if they were baremetal05:30
fabbionedid I get it "right"?05:30
fabbionewell sorry at least undercloud can be in VM05:31
fabbioneoh there it is...05:31
* fabbione goes RTFM05:31
greghaynesadam_g: No, my concern is that if nova has a migration that is needs to work properly in a version youre updating to, you could roll it out to a host which isnt bootstrap-node first, in which case it would run nova without the migrations05:31
greghaynesSo we should not make claims that we support that05:32
adam_ggreghaynes, yeah, thats basically what i was getting at05:32
greghaynesIm fine with punting on that for now (like you said)05:33
greghaynessince your patch doesnt actually make that any worse05:33
*** jpeeler has quit IRC05:33
*** sballe has joined #tripleo05:33
adam_ggreghaynes, so the issue atm is that the each service element calls its own 'db sync' from post-configure, risking multiple nodes calling at the same time and deadlocking05:35
*** k4n0 has joined #tripleo05:35
greghaynesyep, im +1 on merging your patch to fix that, I was just saying maybe we should move that blurb from the commit msg :)05:35
adam_ggreghaynes, and yeah, i agree with your concern but i'm not sure what the solution is without some higher level orchestration going on05:35
greghaynesabout supporting incremental upgrades05:35
openstackgerritJames Polley proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-incubator: Make the tripleorc file set -u safe
*** dshulyak_ has quit IRC05:38
fabbionegreghaynes: quick question...
greghaynesinstack? :p05:40
fabbionegreghaynes: minimum system requirements.. is the overclould controller a VM/instance or bare metal?05:40
fabbionei have no clue.. all those install/pack/crapstack stuff are just so confusing05:41
fabbionei am open to any other recommendation05:41
greghayneswelp, looks different than what devtest with our devtest_testenv does05:42
openstackgerritAdam Gandelman proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Centralize all db migrations to boot-stack element
fabbionei can use devtest and go hardcore if necessary05:43
fabbioneis that the final recommendation? :)05:43
greghaynesFor deving HA stuff in tripleo? yes05:43
fabbione <- this one good enough?05:43
StevenKfabbione: devtest can be configured to go out and use baremetal machines if you wish05:43
fabbionebut yeah05:44
* fabbione puts his hardcore HA hat on05:44
StevenKRight, 80G free in /home, I think I can stop cleaning up05:45
tchaypoStevenK: you remind me of me05:48
tchaypoback when i was setting this up05:48
tchaypoand crying05:48
StevenKtchaypo: "I need how much free space?!" ?05:49
openstackgerritJames Polley proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Define and bind a public virtual IP
*** jtomasek has joined #tripleo05:52
*** lazy_prince is now known as killer_prince05:52
tchaypoStevenK: what did you decide about tonight?05:52
StevenKOh crap05:52
StevenKNothing, because I forgot about it?05:52
gfidentefabbione, there are a few patches up which should be merged or you may want to cherry-pick05:53
tchaypoStevenK: well done sir.05:53
fabbionegfidente: one setup at a time :) first i need a setup :)05:53
*** dshulyak_ has joined #tripleo05:54
StevenKtchaypo: However, I'll give it a miss05:55
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GheRiveromorning all06:09
openstackgerritGregory Haynes proposed a change to openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: Add recipe for enabling debugging on a service
lifelessgreghaynes: adam_g: a suggestion: lets get the first iteration up with downtime expected06:11
lifelessthen next iteration we can look at how to do the full orchestration stuff06:11
greghaynesAgreed, I just wanted to make sure we werent claiming to support that06:12
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*** jpeeler has joined #tripleo06:13
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*** lazy_prince has joined #tripleo07:22
*** kviiri has joined #tripleo07:23
kviiriI need help with disk image builder07:23
*** jp_at_hp has joined #tripleo07:35
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/diskimage-builder: Correction: if then statement code style.
lifelesskviiri: what sort of help?07:44
openstackgerritJun Jie Nan proposed a change to openstack/diskimage-builder: Use readlink to get script path
regebro"disk-image-create -o ubuntu ubuntu cfn-tools" fails because there is no cfn-tools element.07:47
kviirilifeless: I want to use diskimage-creator to automatically create CentOS images07:47
regebroShould that be 'heat-cnftools' instead? That exists.07:47
shadowerstevebaker: you around?07:49
kviirilifeless: Does there exist an element for building CentOS images?07:50
*** mkerrin has quit IRC07:51
GheRiverokviiri: it's on its way
kviiriGheRivero: Many thanks!07:53
lifelessregebro: heat-cnftools, yes07:56
lifelesskviiri: the RHEL one I believe, if you give it the right url07:56
lifelesskviiri: or cool, GheRivero has a better one ;)07:56
kviirilifeless: Yeah, I noticed the rhel one gives a 40407:57
openstackgerritEamonn O'Toole proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add metadata and change swift.devices to enable zones
*** mkerrin has joined #tripleo07:58
regebrolifeless: Thanks.08:00
*** nati_ueno has joined #tripleo08:04
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC08:09
lazy_princereview please for (Update RHEL 6.5 Image name.)08:09
lazy_princereview please for (Fix argparse issue for RHEL 6.5.)08:13
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo08:13
lazy_princereview please for (Support for UBoot.)08:13
*** derekh_ has joined #tripleo08:15
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openstackgerritMichael Kerrin proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Use Percona Packages for Ubuntu and Debian
*** rameshg87 is now known as rameshg87_afk09:21
openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: add support for Horizon's caches backend configuration (memcached)
*** lazy_prince is now known as killer_prince09:23
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*** rushiagr has joined #tripleo09:50
openstackgerritAlexis Lee proposed a change to openstack/diskimage-builder: Order execution of environment.d scripts
*** lazy_prince is now known as killer_prince09:59
openstackgerritRyan Moore proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Set vnc to use controller virtual_ip
*** ramishra has joined #tripleo10:03
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*** Lexis has joined #tripleo10:13
openstackgerritAndrea Rosa proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Passthrough-enable for nova-<service>.conf
regebro"Enroll your vanilla image into the glance of that install." Eh, what10:24
regebroI don't know what that means, and can't find the docs to tell me.10:25
*** chuckC has joined #tripleo10:27
*** ramishra has quit IRC10:29
*** chuckC has quit IRC10:31
*** ramishra has joined #tripleo10:31
*** chuckC has joined #tripleo10:31
lxsliGuessing here: vanilla image will mean your base image, EG stock Ubuntu or Fedora10:38
lxsliEnroll into glance will mean install the image10:39
lxsliI suspect it'll be the overcloud Glance you want to put it in but you'll know best10:39
lxsliThat is not well written :(10:40
lxsliregebro: ^^10:41
*** andreaf has joined #tripleo10:42
*** ramishra has quit IRC10:44
openstackgerritAlexis Lee proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-specs: Control mechanism for os-apply-config
regebrolxsli: So, probably they mean that the image I've launched now (bootstrap) is the one that will be the overcloud.10:47
lxsliregebro: it's really hard to tell from those instructions10:49
lxsliregebro: put it in the highest cloud you have I guess :)10:50
regebrolxsli: FYI: I have no idea what I'm doing.10:51
regebrois there any documentation that actually makes an effort of explaining what tripleo is and how it works?10:56
regebroBecause I'm completely lost.10:56
*** Azher_ has quit IRC10:58
*** Azher__ has quit IRC10:58
*** rbrady has joined #tripleo11:00
*** ramishra has joined #tripleo11:06
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openstackgerritGhe Rivero proposed a change to openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: WIP: Parallel building and booting
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-hungry11:33
GheRivero"there was a report last week that HP had offered $43 a share, or about $6 billion, to buy Rackspace" WTF???11:36
*** lazy_prince has quit IRC11:37
*** yamahata has quit IRC11:38
jistrregebro: hmm can't google anything. Essentially, TripleO deploys OpenStack using OpenStack. So you'll have an OpenStack install for the end users ("Overcloud"), and another OpenStack install ("Undercloud") for managing the Overcloud. Nova instances in the Overcloud are actual user VMs, Nova instances in the Undercloud are (bare-metal) Overcloud nodes (controller nodes, compute nodes etc.).11:39
*** amitpp has quit IRC11:40
regebrojistr: OK. Thanks. I think I have more or less the right idea.11:41
*** yamahata has joined #tripleo11:41
*** pblaho has quit IRC11:43
jistrregebro: of course there's the question how the Undercloud gets deployed in the first place, and there are multiple solutions to that. One of them is "Seed", which is a third OpenStack cloud :) and Nova instances within Seed are Undercloud nodes. So the relationship Seed/Undercloud is the same as Undercloud/Overcloud. The Seed gets launched in a "live CD" manner, and can be discarded once the Undercloud is running. Another approach is to insta11:44
jistrll Undercloud in place on machines which are already running a fresh OS install, which is what Instack does.
*** ramishra has joined #tripleo11:44
regebrojistr: Aha. That was helpful.11:45
jistrregebro: the seed-undercloud-overcloud route is what Devtest does, and that's also what the CI runs for each submitted patch. The devtest steps are documented here
regebrojistr: Right, good hint, stepping through what devtest does manually might be a good idea now.11:46
jistryes :)11:47
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC11:47
regebrobut first, lunch11:49
*** regebro is now known as regebro|lunch11:50
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TheJuliagood morning13:27
*** noslzzp has quit IRC13:28
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*** julim has joined #tripleo13:30
*** sballe has joined #tripleo13:36
tchayporegebro: I want to talk to you more to understand what's happening with the docs13:46
tchayporegebro: But even if you're still around it's midnight here and the birthday party had more bar tab than people, so now is not a good time for me. Can you ping me with details of where/when I can contact you?13:47
regebrotchaypo: you can mail me at lregebro@redhat.com13:47
regebroBut simply the docs are a bit terse and assume you know a lot that you don't.13:48
*** sballe has quit IRC13:48
*** al is now known as a113:48
*** sballe has joined #tripleo13:48
*** a1 is now known as al13:48
tchaypoYeah, I've been trying to stamp that out as I find things, but since there's a lot I don't know myself it's hard to spot them.13:51
tchaypoWhich part of the world are you in?13:52
*** jcoufal has quit IRC13:56
*** pcrews has joined #tripleo13:57
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*** sballe has joined #tripleo14:43
lxslitchaypo SpamapS: please would you check ?14:46
lxslitchaypo: oh, maybe in the morning :)14:46
*** sballe has quit IRC14:50
*** nealph__ has quit IRC14:58
*** therve has joined #tripleo14:59
therveI wonder if someone could help me with an issue around os-collect-config15:00
*** untriaged-bot has joined #tripleo15:00
untriaged-botUntriaged bugs so far:15:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1340087 in tripleo "PXE deploy failed with nova.virt.baremetal" [Undecided,New]15:00
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1339986 in tripleo "when CONTROLSCALE>1 , services auth is still pointing at the local ip instead of virtual" [Undecided,In progress]15:00
*** untriaged-bot has quit IRC15:00
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*** jprovazn has joined #tripleo15:01
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*** ddieterly has joined #tripleo15:08
regebrotchaypo: Sorry for the late reply, I'm in Poland.15:09
lxslitherve: sup?15:10
thervelxsli, When I run os-collect-config, it doesn't find a cfn or heat source15:10
therveI'm wondering what is updating /etc/os-collect-config.conf15:10
therveBecause it's not refreshed for me15:10
lxsliThat's baked in when you build your image15:11
lxsliIt should contain sufficient info to make the heat source work. Updated o-c-c config will come from there15:11
thervelxsli, Should it contain URLs in there in the image? No right?15:12
lxslitherve: don't know offhand and I have no stack up at the moment to check, sorry15:12
therveI expect it to be updated with what's un nova user_data15:12
thervelxsli, No worries15:13
SpamapSlxsli: indeed, I think we may have consensus :)15:15
* lxsli waits for lifeless to shatter his hopes and dreams15:17
*** morganfainberg is now known as morganfainberg_Z15:19
*** morganfainberg_Z is now known as morganfainberg15:20
*** jistr has quit IRC15:24
*** jistr has joined #tripleo15:24
SpamapSlxsli: isn't that part of his official job description?15:25
SpamapS"Distinguished Technologist - The watcher on the wall. The shield in the night..."15:26
*** jtomasek has quit IRC15:27
*** jprovazn has quit IRC15:28
therveI may be getting somewhere15:32
therveShouldn't that be "return a" ?15:32
*** openstackgerrit has joined #tripleo15:33
*** cwolferh has joined #tripleo15:34
*** martyntaylor has joined #tripleo15:35
SpamapStherve: no?15:35
SpamapStherve: "if you get to a place where there's no dict, return it" ?15:36
*** martyntaylor has left #tripleo15:36
therveSpamapS, Yeah but you loose the original dict?15:36
therveI don't understand why that would make sense15:37
therveIn my case I have 2 proper config dict, and then a garbage string, and it ends up returning the garbage string15:37
SpamapStherve: I'm willing to accept it is broken at some deep level. looks complete to me, but I wrote it, so I"m the wrost judge.15:38
SpamapStherve: a string at the root == death15:39
SpamapShave thought about putting in a guard for that.15:39
therveSpamapS, Shouldn't that raise an exception then?15:40
SpamapStherve: regarding "how does os-collect-config.conf get updated?" from earlier.. the initial configuration only checks the heat_local data source, which looks in /var/lib/heat-cfntools/cfn-init-data15:40
lxsliI'd have thought that a conflict between dict/list/scalar would be an error, yes15:40
SpamapStherve: cfn-init-data is written by Heat using cloud-init15:40
therveSpamapS, Right I found that out. It's ignored because I have a script file in one of the sources15:41
SpamapS .. "must" .. so the two answers are a) ignore non-mappings, or b) explode on non-mappings.15:42
SpamapSgiven the early-failures-may-kill-the-box nature of the tool, I prefer to fail open, but I know others don't.15:42
SpamapSI believe in the case where a _deployment_ is a string, it will be ignored, but not if you are directly seeting userdata with raw format.15:43
therveI think I see15:44
therveI happen to have a file called /var/lib/os-collect-config/$hostname.json which contains my software config script15:47
therveIt would probably help me if os-apply-config yelled in that case instead of ignoring all other config files15:47
SpamapStherve: so yeah, it should either WARN: and ignore that file, or ERROR and explode violently. I would accept either approach, but rationale is probably needed.15:49
SpamapStherve: also why do you have a script there?15:49
SpamapStherve: did you use RAW format?15:50
therveSpamapS, no I just passed a script to SoftwareConfig15:50
therveSpamapS, is my template. I use a script in the config section, inspired by something in heat-templates15:51
*** eghobo has joined #tripleo15:51
therveFWIW that case is not unit-tested :)15:52
SpamapStherve: yeah, os-collect-config isn't supposed to write that deployment out.15:52
*** eghobo has quit IRC15:53
*** eghobo has joined #tripleo15:53
therveYou're right, my template is likely wrong, I just wanted to know a bit earlier15:53
openstackgerritAlexis Lee proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Add elasticsearch element
SpamapStherve: no that is supposed to work!15:54
SpamapStherve: but it should leave that deployment un-exploded15:54
SpamapStherve: Maybe that fix got lost somewhere in gerrit15:54
SpamapSI don't see it here15:54
therveun-exploded? Hum :)15:54
SpamapStherve: we explode all of a server's deployments into a json-file-per-deployment15:55
therveYeah I don't have a deployment yet though15:55
therveBecause you didn't manage to talk to heat15:55
SpamapSactually HMMM15:56
SpamapSthe heat collector doesn't do that15:56
SpamapSwhich I think may break stuff15:56
therveI don't get that far fwiw, because it breaks earlier on missing the configuration15:56
*** sballe has joined #tripleo15:57
SpamapStherve: oh weird.. so how did that script get into /var/lib/heat-cfntools/cfn-init-data ?!15:57
SpamapStherve: can you pastebin that file?15:57
openstackgerritGhe Rivero proposed a change to openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: WIP: Parallel building and booting
SpamapStherve: ok, so if you're using the elements that are specified in heat-templates/hot/software-config/README.rst .. then you _do_ have something turning that into a working /etc/os-collect-config.conf16:02
SpamapStherve: and if you have anything except heat_local.json and os_config_files.json in /var/lib/os-collect-config, then you _did_ talk to Heat already.16:02
SpamapSoh and ec2.json ;)16:03
*** dshulyak_ has joined #tripleo16:03
SpamapSunless you have some silly cloud provider that uses configdrive16:03
SpamapStherve: anyway, the $hostname.json came from Heat. Are you sure /etc/os-collect-config.conf doesn't have the details that are in that cfn-init-data you just pasted?16:03
therveI'm also 99% sure it didn't came from heat16:03
SpamapStherve: there's nowhere else it really could come from. :-/16:04
*** IvanBerezovskiy has left #tripleo16:04
SpamapStherve: afk for a bit.. but suffice to say, that is _weird_16:05
therveSpamapS, My instance is a bit compromised, I'll restart from scratch16:05
therveThe good thing is that it's reproducible, if nova doesn't explosed for unknow reasons16:05
*** nati_ueno has joined #tripleo16:23
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC16:32
*** nati_ueno has joined #tripleo16:32
therveSpamapS, And of course you were right :)16:33
therveIt talks to Heat once, that's how it ends that way16:33
SpamapStherve: still I don't think os-collect-config should be writing string-only deployments out16:34
SpamapSalso cfn is doing something that heat native doesn't16:35
SpamapSwhich is also wrong I think16:35
openstackgerritThom Leggett proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-incubator: Makes respect local.json
therveSpamapS, So are one-shot scripts config like that supported? How's that supposed to run?16:35
SpamapStherve: yes it is supported. If you put them in any group other than Heat::Ungrouped (the default) they'll be ignored by os-collect-config's deployments-exploder-thing and then you have to extract them from the JSON some other way.16:37
*** tzumainn has quit IRC16:37
SpamapStherve: see the heat-config-script element in hot/software-config16:37
*** tzumainn has joined #tripleo16:37
SpamapStherve: and example-script-template16:38
therveOkay I'll try to do that16:39
therveSpamapS, Thanks for all the info16:39
SpamapStherve: Honestly, stevebaker is the one who set all that up. I don't really think it is a good idea to embed scripts in templates, but I understand some people want to do that. ;)16:40
SpamapStrying hard not to say "just use golden images!" ;)16:40
therveSpamapS, You mean not using a configuration at all?16:41
SpamapStherve: I mean delivering software via image, and then delivering only configuration via Heat.16:42
therveUsing images ate the infrastructure level makes sense, I'm not so sure at the application level16:44
SpamapSit's a choice16:44
SpamapStrade offs abound16:44
SpamapSbut even if you are delivering software not via images.. IMO, don't deliver it embedded in a template.16:44
SpamapSthrow a URL in there, that configures your infrastructure to pull its software from somewhere.16:45
SpamapSor configure your push-receiver-software that is on your infrastructure to receive the software16:45
SpamapSBut putting it in Heat.. a database backed orchestration system.. even tiny scripts.. epic fail IMO.16:46
openstackgerritThom Leggett proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Adds passthrough config for cinder rootwrap
*** ddieterly has quit IRC16:47
therveWhile I understand your point, not everything needs to be splitted in such a way.16:48
therveAs you said, trade offs.16:48
SpamapS"I don't really think it is a good idea" .. I also don't think your business will fail if you do it. ;)16:48
*** mrunge has quit IRC16:49
therveEspecially my business of writing a blog post to show some ideas :)16:49
SpamapSno thats going to fail because of it. Definitely.16:49
*** jistr has quit IRC16:52
*** andreaf has quit IRC16:52
therveOTOH, I'd definitely interested in showing best practices16:52
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC16:55
SpamapStherve: I think it is easier to show everything all in one. I think it is harder to debug and reason about when things are so tightly coupled. Seems a constant that best practices will land somewhere between the ideal and the ultra-easy though.16:55
openstackgerritThom Leggett proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Adds passthrough config for nova rootwrap
*** derekh_ has quit IRC16:56
SpamapStherve: note that doing this this way has thus far proven difficult to scale for TripleO. Ironic doesn't parallelize image deploys well (yet) and Heat is _crushed_ by just 30 servers polling for metadata every 30s...16:56
SpamapStherve: however, we have a nice separation of those two problems, so they can be worked and improved independently without worry about side-effects.16:57
SpamapSspeaking of that..16:57
* SpamapS decides it is time to focus on the next revision of convergence specs16:57
*** imcsk8 has quit IRC16:59
*** imcsk8 has joined #tripleo16:59
*** ddieterly has joined #tripleo17:00
SpamapS <-- can somebody please approve this revert so we don't accidentally release a totally broken os-collect-config17:00
SpamapSslagle: ^17:00
SpamapSdprince: ^17:01
SpamapSNg: ^17:01
SpamapSI tried to approve it myself, because it is reverting my own erroneously approved patch (did not pass CI) .. but gerrit doesn't want to do that. :-P17:01
SpamapSOh and then I see that jenkins was just lagging17:02
SpamapSslagle: thanks17:02
Ngbah, beat me to it17:02
*** mrunge has joined #tripleo17:02
*** gfidente^2nd has joined #tripleo17:02
slaglethe revert train has left the station17:02
lxsliSpamapS: will Tuskar be involved in image-building, or is it heat-template-builder ?17:04
SpamapSlxsli: AFAIK, no, tuskar is a runtime, not build time, tool.17:04
SpamapSlxsli: once jenkins is replaced in infra.. I suppose we can put whatever they do behind an OpenStack API and call it the build helper. Solum maybe? ;)17:05
*** athomas has quit IRC17:05
gfidente^2ndslagle, what was reverted?17:06
openstackgerritThom Leggett proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-incubator: Makes respect local.json
openstackgerritMichael Kerrin proposed a change to openstack/os-collect-config: Force run of os-collect-config command on reboot
SpamapSgfidente^2nd: os-collect-config was going to default to the default heat-native collector.. but that wouldn't work if you were expecting it to at least try cfn17:09
SpamapSgfidente^2nd: this went undetected because we don't test os-collect-config from git.17:09
SpamapSWhich is supposedly going to be fixed..17:09
gfidente^2ndSpamapS, isn17:10
gfidente^2ndsorry, isn't collect-config merging the data into a single json?17:10
gfidente^2ndpardon the stupid question, just investigating17:10
*** pelix has quit IRC17:11
mesterytchaypo: The bug I fixed for you was recently re-opened, though I can't reproduce it. Can you reproduce this?
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1290486 in tripleo "neutron-openvswitch-agent does not recreate flows after ovsdb-server restarts" [Critical,Fix released]17:12
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/os-collect-config: Revert "Make heat the default collection method"
openstackgerritAlexis Lee proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-incubator: Makes respect local.json
gfidente^2ndSpamapS, I mean, i'd expect indeed it to expose cfn data anyway being it collected before or after the heat data, isn't that the case?17:13
*** lazy_prince is now known as killer_prince17:14
SpamapSgfidente^2nd: so the way it worked up until that commit (and works again now) is that it tries to use _all_ collectors.17:14
SpamapSgfidente^2nd: with that change, we didn't even try cfn.17:14
gfidente^2ndSpamapS, that clears up things for me indeed, thanks! :)17:15
SpamapSgfidente^2nd: but Heat will expose whatever the template author has told it to expose, and if it exposes CFN configurations.. os-collect-config was not going to try cfn.. and nothing was going to happen.17:15
SpamapSgfidente^2nd: note that this is the follow-up so we can stop logging warnings when an unconfigured collector is present:17:15
*** dshulyak_ has quit IRC17:16
*** dshulyak_ has joined #tripleo17:17
*** regebro has quit IRC17:17
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC17:19
*** jprovazn has joined #tripleo17:22
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*** rcarrillocruz has joined #tripleo17:42
*** notmyname has joined #tripleo17:58
openstackgerritAdam Gandelman proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Centralize all db migrations to boot-stack element
*** rushiagr has quit IRC17:59
ccrouch(12:19:24 PM) ccrouch: so tuskar needing fixed in Heat came up yesterday17:59
ccrouch(12:19:24 PM) ccrouch: does anyone else know of any issues tuskar is looking to get fixed in Heat?17:59
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1224828 in tuskar "heat stack-update wants all parameters and the template all over again" [Medium,Triaged]17:59
*** nati_ueno has joined #tripleo18:01
*** ddieterly has quit IRC18:03
openstackgerritAdam Gandelman proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Add psmisc package to ironic-conductor
*** spzala has quit IRC18:09
*** spzala has joined #tripleo18:11
*** dsneddon has joined #tripleo18:12
*** martyntaylor has joined #tripleo18:14
*** andreaf has joined #tripleo18:17
ccrouchjdob: ^ ?18:19
jdobccrouch: that's the biggest one driving our design right now18:19
therveSpamapS, Putting the config in a different group worked18:23
therveThanks a lot again18:24
ccrouchjdob: anything not big that you could link me to? or is master branch of Heat + 1224828 all thats needed ?18:24
jdobthats all I know about off the top of my head18:25
ccrouchgreat thanks18:25
jdobtzumainn would be better to ask; the UI side has more interaction with Heat18:25
jdobbut the one you linked earlier affects what we do with storage18:25
lifelesslxsli: ?18:26
*** jcoufal-mobile has joined #tripleo18:27
ccrouchtzumainn: ^18:29
ccrouchso given  1224828 is, dare i say it, an implementation detail for tuskar-api18:30
ccrouchis there anything you need from Heat for tuskar-ui which isnt already in the master branch?18:30
*** jcoufal-mobile has quit IRC18:30
*** Penick has joined #tripleo18:30
*** newmember has joined #tripleo18:30
*** andreaf has quit IRC18:31
newmemberhello,  I am new to TO and want to be added to
newmemberwhom should i contact? or can anyone in this forum add me to trello?18:31
tzumainnccrouch, there's nothing from the UI side pressing, from what I can tell; we've started to adjust the UI to the new tuskar api and the new life of making heat calls directly, and so far the existing heat api seems sufficient18:32
*** jang1 has joined #tripleo18:35
*** gfidente^2nd has quit IRC18:35
*** rlandy has quit IRC18:37
notmynameI have a question about how tripleo could do hardware detection to build the necessary configs and rings for swift. is that something possible today? something planned? something hope for? or just right out of tripleo's scope?18:40
SpamapSnotmyname: there's work underway to provide ways to select block devices for rings18:41
SpamapSnotmyname: it's not unlike the way lvm works.18:41
lifelessnotmyname: tripleo needs to be able to do it18:42
lifelessnotmyname: or our scope is too small ;)18:42
notmynameSpamapS: ok, so you can detect all of the drives in the cluster and add them to a swift ring? (just to be explicit)18:42
lifelessnotmyname: not yet, SpamapS is saying folk are working on it18:42
lifelessnotmyname: of course the N rings thing is an added complexity18:42
notmynamelifeless: jsut a loop, right? ;-)18:42
lifelessnotmyname: since now we have to have a meta-ring thing to define the rings from the found hardware18:42
notmynameya. keeping a hardware manifest of tagged block devices (like flash vs spinning)18:45
lifelessall of that18:48
notmynameor geographic location. ya "all of that"18:48
lifelessso it might be nice if e.g. tripleo could report stuff up and there was a swift maintained automatic-update-rings thing that responded18:48
* lifeless handwaves furiously18:48
notmynamelifeless: actually, I was asked about all of this from a reporter in relation to storage policies in swift. that's why I've been bugging people about it :-)18:49
notmynamelifeless: like a swift "ringbuilding service thingy" /me handwaves18:49
openstackgerritDan Prince proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-incubator: Correct undercloud parameters documentation string
notmynamelifeless: hmm...actually, we kinda have most of that (maybe more) today as a library you can locally call. (ie rather than a network call)18:52
*** ddieterly has joined #tripleo18:52
*** dsneddon has quit IRC18:54
*** dsneddon has joined #tripleo18:54
*** ddieterly has quit IRC18:56
*** ddieterly has joined #tripleo18:57
*** ddieterly has quit IRC18:57
*** ddieterly has joined #tripleo18:59
newmember<lifeless> , I am new to TO and want to be added to What is the requirement for it?18:59
SpamapSnotmyname: yeah, I think there's a case for an admin interface to control ring building with an API rather than CLI tools.18:59
lifelessbuild, graceful distribution, evolutions of various sorts (expand/contract etc). Perhaps thats all trivial by 'drop new ring and restart' and we're overthinking19:02
lifelessnewmember: typically, get some patches up and in progress - you should be able to see the board right now19:02
newmemberlifeless: is anyone working on ?19:03
lifelessooh shiny. Now I'm wondering how OpenStack runs on it -
lifelessnewmember: I don't think so, if you want to that would be fantastic19:05
*** mrunge has quit IRC19:07
newmemberyes. i would like to start on that. what's the first step? sorry i am new to the process.. do we need to break it into steps/BP's? are there any previous email threads/discussions on scalabilty  that I should go through to see what's been done?19:08
lifelessnewmember: those 7 tasks are ready to go - they require someone to implement and/or test them19:09
lifelesse.g. to take one example the ironic node latency one19:09
*** Penick has quit IRC19:10
lifelessthat requires a) writing a tempest test to demonstrate that there is no delay between ironic node-register and the node being available for workloads19:10
lifelessand if the test fails, then working with Ironic to fix things19:10
*** noslzzp has quit IRC19:10
*** Penick has joined #tripleo19:12
greghaynesshameless plug for review on ssl-pki:
greghaynesonoe, theres a line in there about playing with graphite :/19:15
*** noslzzp has joined #tripleo19:16
greghaynesThat would be a fun one to make able to fail over with how we do upgrades19:16
*** ddieterly has quit IRC19:17
*** panda has quit IRC19:18
*** panda has joined #tripleo19:19
greghaynesIt might be neat to look at instead of graphite (and whisper)19:19
greghaynesoh, boo, makes scaling claims but the docs on clustering are "we havent written this yet"19:21
*** ddieterly has joined #tripleo19:22
greghaynesadam_g: what do you think about jp's comment that we should be making those elements depend on boot-stack now in
adam_ggreghaynes, seems reasonable. worht noting that, currently, boot-stack depends on many of those elements (nova-api, keystone, cinder-api, glance, etc). may be better to reverse that?19:31
lifelessadam_g: yes19:31
lifelessadam_g: the thing that concerned me was tying together stuff that some topologies will want split out19:32
lifelesse.g. dedicated machines for nova / keystone etc19:32
adam_gi suppose if there were use cases where those services leave outside of controller, boot-stack would / could be a noop19:32
greghaynesYes, seems like boot-stack is just going to need smarts about executing the right thing no matter where its installed19:33
lifelesswe probably need to clearly separate concerns19:33
adam_g <- all of the creates/syncs could be wrapped in conditionals here19:33
lifelesssetup db's - quorum problem, done local to mysql with root acls19:33
lifelessmigrate schemes  -quorum problem, first new version up does it, and first new version up might be sequenced depending on the deploy rules for that bit of code19:34
* lifeless stops sketching19:34
lifelessadam_g: we could just delete all the syncs, and have it just create.19:34
adam_glifeless, and have individual service elements migrating based on is-bootstrap/leadership/some other?19:35
lifelessadam_g: yeah19:36
*** ddieterly has quit IRC19:36
lifelessadam_g: specifically, I think we want 'create' to happen on a DB node, as its a root operation19:36
lifelessadam_g: and we want sync to happen from a $service node, as its a $service operation19:36
lifelessadam_g: arguably there are three tiers of access:19:37
lifeless - new DB19:37
lifeless - schema migration in a DB19:37
lifeless - running service in a DB19:37
lifelessadam_g: I think I'm arguing that we currently fold these all together, but we shouldn't19:37
greghaynesFor create - I wonder if we could use the local collector datasource (when thats made) to get a list of db's to create19:37
greghaynesso theres not a dependency fom boot-stack to services19:37
lifelessgreghaynes: why wouldn't it be an asserted thing19:38
lifelessgreghaynes: the cluster knows the services it wants19:38
greghaynesHow is that data available in sync-db?19:38
lifelessgreghaynes: today? its not. But we could easily have a list of db descriptions in the [heat] template19:39
adam_gcurrently its just checking for installed binaries, that end up installed via its element-deps on those services19:39
greghaynesah, sure. It seems like were duplicating information that could be obtained from selecting an element19:39
lifelessgreghaynes: if its not running the syncs, only doing the creates, it doesn't need to be coupled to the sync software19:39
lifelessdriving my comments here is the knowledge that some folk want an entirely split out topology19:41
lifeless3 machines with just sql19:41
lifeless3 with just RMQ19:41
lifelessha pairs of each API19:41
lifelesswhile I don't think we're ready for that19:41
lifeless(e.g. we need mixed-hypervisor deploy clouds first)19:42
lifelessnot making it harder for ourselves seems prudent19:42
greghaynesYes, im fine with putting it in the heat template - its strictly more flexible than doing local datasource style so cant hurt19:43
greghaynesMy thinking was even if youre doing that, theres no reason to need to run create-db nova until you have an image with a nova element coming up19:44
*** pcrews has quit IRC19:44
lifelessgreghaynes: wouldn't that imply some careful signalling from nova image -> heat -> db ?19:46
lifelessgreghaynes: I mean, yes, love to do that, but perhaps crawl first?19:46
greghaynesno, I was thinking that image would run the create-db itself19:48
greghaynesbad idea19:48
greghaynesheat templates it is!19:48
lifelessyeah, because handing out create-db privilege to hypervisors is a bad idea :)19:49
*** sballe has quit IRC19:49
*** pcrews has joined #tripleo19:51
adam_ggreghaynes, you workin from one of those hip downtown coffee places? thinking i might get outta the house this afternoon19:54
*** sballe has joined #tripleo19:55
greghaynesadam_g: haha, the hip downtown cafe known as my home :p19:58
greghaynesadam_g: but im totally up for meeting19:58
*** Penick has quit IRC20:01
* greghaynes is a bit surprised at the core addition proposal from non-ptl20:03
*** ddieterly has joined #tripleo20:04
*** Penick has joined #tripleo20:05
*** akuznetsov has joined #tripleo20:14
*** vinsh has quit IRC20:15
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*** notmyname has left #tripleo20:23
ccrouchSpamapS: I was looking over the bugs you've raised on Heat and it looks like these two are the "biggies" for you right now?20:24
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1306294 in tripleo "Heat fails to re-authenticate when faced with authentication failure during stack operations" [High,In progress]20:24
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1160052 in heat "Need a way to retry failed operations" [High,In progress]20:24
ccrouchis that right? modulo the convergence work obviously?20:24
*** noslzzp has joined #tripleo20:25
*** newmember has quit IRC20:28
*** julim_ has quit IRC20:30
*** blamar has quit IRC20:30
adam_ggreghaynes, ,  re splitting migration out of boot-stack, into service elements. in the case where we have services separated from boot-stack and responsible for their own 'db sync', what sorts of coordination happens to ensure those 'db sync's are run after boot-stack has created databases?20:32
greghaynescurrenly, none20:33
greghaynesI guess the question is, what happens if we run db sync before the create db is run?20:34
greghaynesdoes it just fail where we can run it again later20:34
adam_ggreghaynes, failure20:34
greghaynesso, it might just all sort itself out20:34
greghaynesI wouldnt be opposed to some checking to give a nicer error message20:35
*** Penick has quit IRC20:39
*** dprince has quit IRC20:40
SpamapSccrouch: 1160052 is _the_ problem. ;)20:47
SpamapSccrouch: and 1160052 is superseded by convergence, but will probably need to be done before convergence is fully able to solve that problem.20:47
SpamapSccrouch: 1306294 is pretty urgent too, but we're dealing20:48
*** martyntaylor has quit IRC20:48
*** andreaf has joined #tripleo20:54
*** Penick has joined #tripleo20:57
openstackgerritMichael Tupitsyn proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: CONSER-10489 Keystone/LDAP integration
*** dshulyak_ is now known as dshulyak21:02
*** dshulyak1 has joined #tripleo21:02
ccrouchSpamapS: ack. I know stevebaker has been looking at 1160052.21:04
ccrouchJust wanted to chec there was nothing else keeping you up at night :-)21:04
ccrouchHeat-wise that is21:04
SpamapSccrouch: Zane has been looking at 116005221:05
SpamapSccrouch: it has required ripping out a lot of the guts and serializing things to the database.21:05
*** dshulyak has quit IRC21:06
ccrouchah ok, i was just seeing
*** jdob has quit IRC21:09
ccrouchbut clearly zane is on it as well
*** sballe has quit IRC21:11
SpamapSccrouch: yeah 102397 should not actually be linked with bug 1160052. The bug is about being able to retry when the unexpected happens. The patch is about avoiding a particular unexpected state altogether.21:25
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1160052 in heat "Need a way to retry failed operations" [High,In progress]
*** jcoufal has quit IRC21:27
openstackgerritMichael Tupitsyn proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Keystone/LDAP integration
*** ddieterly has quit IRC21:31
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openstackgerritMichael Tupitsyn proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-incubator: Keystone/LDAP integration
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tchaypomestery: I can give it another try, but I haven't been able to in the past22:18
*** Penick has joined #tripleo22:19
tchaypoIt looks like I'm up for a late night in the near future so I can talk to a few people in Roman's part of the world22:21
mesterytchaypo: thank you sir!22:23
mesterytchaypo: thanks! Much appreciated :)22:23
openstackgerritJames Polley proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-incubator: Make the tripleorc file set -u safe
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jerryzlifeless: ping22:52
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greghaynesGheRivero: Unsure what you mean on
openstackgerritDan Prince proposed a change to openstack/tripleo-image-elements: Make 74-cinder-tgt executable.
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