Thursday, 2015-04-09

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SpamapSlooks like CI is toast01:37
SpamapSIronic issues still going on01:37
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mordredgreghaynes, SpamapS: ^^ _WOW_01:46
greghaynesso, that bug is amazing, but its also not the cause of our friend colonel panic AFAICT01:47
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untriaged-botNo untriaged bugs so far! \o/03:00
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openstackgerritMartin André proposed openstack/diskimage-builder: Fix init system detection on Docker images
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openstackgerritgreghaynes proposed openstack/diskimage-builder: Add functional smoke test for disk-image-create
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openstackgerritgreghaynes proposed openstack/diskimage-builder: Fix image size to fit filesystem journal
openstackgerritgreghaynes proposed openstack/diskimage-builder: Add functional smoke test for disk-image-create
openstackgerritgreghaynes proposed openstack/diskimage-builder: Support building ACIs
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openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed stackforge/puppet-tripleo: Enable access to HAProxy stats page
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gfidenteso CI is blocked on
openstackLaunchpad bug 1441875 in tripleo "Neutron fails to start in the seed with a PermissionDeniedError" [Critical,Triaged]08:14
gfidenteI am trying to reproduce locally to see if I can get to bottom of it08:15
derekhgfidente: ok, give me a shout if you hit a brick wall and I'll take a look aswell08:23
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gfidentederekh, I am not entirely sure how to reproduce seed building steps with same params defined in CI08:25
gfidentederekh, is everything I need defined ?08:26
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derekhgfidente: yup, thats pretty much them, the other ones that are defined before that script is run are here
derekhgfidente: but they shouldn't change things much for this08:33
gfidenteyep, thanks08:34
openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add support for Redis configuration
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jistrgfidente: trying to reproduce that as well as it's blocking any work i could do08:46
jistrgfidente: i think i hit a different error previously with seed, now rebuilding on a clean machine08:46
gfidenteyeah I have to rebuild as well08:47
openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed stackforge/puppet-tripleo: Loadbalancer: Add support for Redis
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openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed stackforge/puppet-tripleo: Loadbalancer: Add support for Redis
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untriaged-botNo untriaged bugs so far! \o/09:00
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mark-osping jistr09:14
jistrmark-os: pong, hello09:14
mark-osjistr: Hello, sorry to bother you again today09:14
mark-osjistr: you got me to curl the dashboard yesterday to try and solve my ConnectionError problem09:15
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jistrmark-os: btw i don't think i understood your problem yesterday... you said you couldn't get "tuskar-api --config-file etc/tuskar/tuskar.conf" command to work, but then we successfully curled the API, so i'm wondering what is the issue you have?09:19
jistr(we were curling tuskar-api, not dashboard)09:19
openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add support for Redis configuration
openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add support for Redis configuration
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mark-osjistr: I can connect to the dashboard, I thought there was an error with "tuskar-api --config-file etc/tuskar/tuskar.conf" but I think you told me it was fine09:41
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* jistr -> lunch, biab09:44
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jprovaznis there a simple way how to add (register) more nodes/VMs once UC is deployed?10:00
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jprovazndtantsur: ^ maybe you might know?10:00
dasmjprovazn: you can do this via tuskar-ui10:01
dasmbut if you're not planning to install horizon, etc. you should use ironic10:01
openstackgerritDerek Higgins proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: Revert "Switch Delorean jobs to F21"
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jprovazndasm: thanks, yes I think I need a combination of create-nodes+instack-ironic-deployment calls, though it seems that the json file used to pass all the info around complicates this :/10:06
StevenKregister-nodes, not create-nodes10:06
StevenKcreate-nodes actually calls libvirt to create VMs10:06
jprovaznStevenK: yep, and I need/want create them too (which I did not mention)10:07
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StevenKjprovazn: create-nodes should have created 15, with the default params10:08
jprovaznStevenK: yes, but instack defaults to 210:09
jprovaznor to exact count you set10:09
openstackgerritMarios Andreou proposed openstack/tuskar: Wires up constraints and type into returned plan parameters
openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add support for Redis configuration
openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Enable use of coordination_url in ceilometer
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derekhgfidente: I guess the problem is in a change to the neutron packaging10:38
derekh[root@localhost ~]# ls -l /usr/share/neutron/neutron-dist.conf /etc/neutron/neutron.conf10:38
derekh-rw-r-----. 1 root root 1322 Apr  9 10:36 /etc/neutron/neutron.conf10:38
derekh-rw-r-----. 1 root root  469 Apr  9 01:26 /usr/share/neutron/neutron-dist.conf10:38
derekhneutron can't read those files10:38
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derekhgfidente: the neutron package maintainer is looking into fixing the file permissions in the package10:55
gfidentederekh, thanks, I still haven't got a fresh seed to try it out but comparing to the OC nodes, I see those are supposed to be 0600 but root:neutron owned10:57
gfidenteactually 0640 root:neutron10:57
derekhgfidente: yup10:58
jistrderekh: thanks10:58
gfidenteshall we update the bug with the news?10:58
derekhgfidente: jistr: no prob10:58
derekhgfidente: will do10:58
jistrdo we take that package from RDO directly? i see we have it forked in rdo-management but are we actually using that?
jistrATM i don't understand the web of deloreans and rpm spec forks, i wonder if we have some docs on that11:02
derekhjistr: we're pulling in the last successfully buit master package, the packaging is here
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derekhjistr: this is what will go into RDO at milestone/release time11:04
jistrderekh: thanks for the info :)11:05
jistrmark-os: can you please describe the symptoms of the problem you're hitting again? i think i still don't follow what's the actual problem. You mentioned ConnectionError -- where is that printed?11:05
derekhjistr: the rdo/delorean relationship is explained here
derekhjistr: rdo-management is a fork that was created outside of that11:06
mark-osjistr: So I issue this command: tools/ ./ runserver
mark-osjistr: follow this I go to the address of the dashboard which shows me the login screen, I login and then I'm given this ConnectionError11:09
jistrah ok... unfortunately i don't know much about Horizon and its tooling, but it could be a more general issue. Is there some error message or backtrace printed or something? Maybe in console where you run the runserver command?11:12
jistrmark-os: ^11:12
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mark-osjistr: here's a paste of the error
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jistrmark-os: ok, i wonder if this could be related to a change of URL prefixing mechanism in tuskarclient some while ago...11:19
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jistrmark-os: probably not, but just for completeness: so if the package you're using is newer than that change, i think you'll need to make sure that the endpoint URL in Keystone for the Tuskar service has a "/v2/" at the end of it. But i think if this was the problem, it would give you 404 and not connection refused...11:26
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jistrmaybe the Tuskar endpoint in Keystone points to something totally wrong then, or maybe isn't there, so that might be a thing to check11:28
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dasmjistr: it doesn't seem to be a problem with tuskarclient, because urls look good.11:29
dasmmark-os: quick test: run tuskar plan-list11:29
dasmmark-os: this test run on server with horizon11:31
dasmjistr: misread paths as urls -- shame on me.11:33
dasmbut question to mark-os is still valid11:33
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openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Pass in libvirt_rbd_secret_key for nova compute
openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add support for configuration of Glance RBD store
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gfidentejistr, ^^ that was a rebase because the other depends on it11:47
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jistrgfidente: ack :)11:49
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openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add support for configuration of Glance RBD store
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dprincederekh, should we just ping to the earlier Delorean from Monday/Tuesday (which passed CI)12:28
dprincederekh: pin, not ping12:28
derekhdprince: mightn't be a bad idea while the neutron package is fixed, let me see if there is a patch up to fix it yet12:29
dprincederekh: Still, I think we should seriously consider always pinning Delorean12:31
derekhdprince: yup12:31
derekhdprince: or use a symbolic link that is changed by CI ...12:32
dprincederekh: exactly, once RDO CI implements a "Stable" symlink we could use it instead12:32
derekhdprince: ack,12:34
openstackgerritDan Prince proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add support for Glance RBD backend
dprincegfidente: there is my patch :)12:43
mark-osjistr: I've got the /v2/ at the end of my endpoint url12:43
dprincegfidente: I took a slightly different approach although there are some similarities with regards to the extra ceph configuration12:43
mark-osdasm: $ tuskar plan-list12:43
mark-osdasm: is that the command you want me to run?12:44
dasmmark-os: ^12:44
mark-osdasm: not recognise12:44
mark-osdasm: actually just ran it through venv12:44
mark-osdasm: going to test it out12:45
dasmif you have tuskar-api running, look at logs and check if there are double /v2's12:45
dprincegfidente: the biggest difference is the fact that I'm using GlanceBackend as a single parameter to control all the backends (swift, file, rbd). This seemed to work better with puppet-glance because of the default_store settings
dasmmark-os: right now I have: - - [09/Apr/2015 12:45:49] "GET /v2/plans HTTP/1.1" 200 27412                                                            │+--------------------------------------+-----------+-------------+---------------------+12:45
dprincegfidente: functionally it seems to work fine, although when I tested it locally I hit something similar to this:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1409012 in Cinder "Volume becomes in 'error' state after scheduler starts" [High,Fix released] - Assigned to Michal Dulko (michal-dulko-f)12:46
mark-osdasm: Just ran that command, I'm getting the same error as the error which occurs when running the server12:46
dasmand what is happening in tuskar-api logs?12:46
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mark-osdasm: where can I find these logs?12:47
dasmhow are you running tuskar-api?12:48
dasmi'm starting it with: tuskar-api --config-file etc/tuskar/tuskar.conf12:48
dasmand in the same terminal, i have output, with errors, debug infos, etc.12:48
dasmso similar to this, you should have running instance of API12:48
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dasmstarted by yourself, or by automatic script, or sth.12:49
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dasmso, first of all: check if you have tuskar-api running: ps aux | grep tuskar-api12:49
dasmmine: root      6055  1.4  0.5 206784 47428 pts/26   S+   12:45   0:03 /usr/bin/python /usr/local/bin/tuskar-api --config-file=etc/tuskar/tuskar.conf12:50
dasmfor me, it's running in undercloud12:50
mark-osdasm: I start tuskar-api the same way as you. Just noticed that when I started the api and left it running and went to the terminal where I executed $ tuskar plan-list , a message appeared in the tuskar-api terminal12:51
mark-osdasm: do I have to just leave tuskar-api running on that terminal?12:51
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dasmyou need to have tuskar-api running all the time12:52
mark-osdasm: /infrastructure/ appeared now12:54
mark-osdasm: can't believe that was the reason why I was getting the error12:54
mark-osdasm: I wasn't leaving the API running12:54
shardyderekh: Hey, how long does delorean take to pick up changes e.g
shardyis there somewhere I can check status for current builds?12:54
dasmmark-os: /infrastructure tries to read an info from tuskar-api12:55
dasmso if there is no API, it receives an error.12:55
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dasmand that's the whole mistery ;)12:55
derekhshardy: that patch hasn't merged12:55
derekhshardy: it will appear here once built (The report will be better later today)12:56
shardyderekh: gah, that gerrithub ui is really confusuing12:57
slagledprince: hi, it looks like the passthrough support didnt make it into the set of -puppet templates. e.g., ControllerPassthroughDeployment/ControllerPassthroughSpecificDeployment.12:57
slagledprince: i was going to work on adding them12:57
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shardyI saw apevec's Verified +1 and equated that to approved12:57
slagledprince: unless it was intentional?12:57
derekhshardy: its merged now, so it shouldn't be long12:58
shardyderekh: Ok, thanks, just keen to get my local environment un-broken ;)12:58
derekhshardy: yup12:58
shardyslagle: have you seen ?13:00
dprinceslagle: looking13:00
derekhdprince: reverting the patch that moved us onto f21/current failed CI, error loogs different, rechecking
shardywe were dicussing adding a similar post-deploy hook, which could run any software config in an operator-provided template13:00
shardyusing parameter_defaults would avoid the need for the pass-through parameters13:00
shardyslagle: not that I'm opposed to reinstating the interfaces you mention, it's just an alternative approach13:01
dprincederekh: it will fail because of the Ironicclient breakage issue13:01
slagleshardy: cool, i'll take a look at that. we were previously using the ExtraConfig parameters to enable the rhn/satellite registration13:01
dprincederekh: I would like to see us just pin Delorean to something on Tuesday13:01
slagleshardy: i think i could make that work with this other patch though13:01
slagleshardy: while i have you though, we also need something to unregister overcloud nodes on a stack-delete or scale down13:02
mark-osdasm: yeah I honestly can't believe that was the reason why it wasn't working haha13:02
slagleshardy: i was thinking I could use the softwaredeployment Delete lifecycle for this, but i wasnt sure where that would get wired in13:02
derekhdprince: ahh, I didn;t know about a ironicclient breakage, ok will try something from tuesday13:02
dprincederekh: try that one13:03
mark-osdasm: I think it would be good to amend the documentation so that the users know that it has to be left running. I thought it was similar to a linux service where you just start it the once and it'd work13:03
shardyslagle: yeah you can probably use a SoftwareDeployment with an action that's only for DELETE13:03
dprincederekh: that is from my overcloud images (built on Tuesday) which have been working fine on F2113:03
mark-osdasm: Is there any way I can confirm that Tuskar UI is fully working for me now?13:03
shardyslagle: I imagined we could have a firstboot dir for the cloud-init extra stuff mapped to e.g OS::TripleO::NodeUserData13:04
*** athomas has joined #tripleo13:04
shardyslagle: then we could also have, say, OS::TripleO::NodeExtraConfig13:04
shardywhich defaults to a no-op template, but takes the server id, and can be used to hook in arbitrary additional config/deployment resources13:05
shardye.g including anything that only happens on delete potentially13:05
slagleshardy: alright, that sounds like it would work13:05
shardyslagle: let me hack out a patch to illustrate the latter approach13:06
dasmmark-os: tuskar-ui is just an extension to horizon. so if you have already "infrastructure" there, it means that's running13:06
openstackgerritDerek Higgins proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: Pin to a known good delorean repository
dasmofc, if you've run all the additional work connected to: templates, creating plans, creating roles, etc.13:06
dprinceslagle: re your question about pass-thru I basically agree with shardy's approach13:06
mark-osdasm: I can't see the other sections for Horizon though. I only see infrastructure13:06
dprinceslagle: we can somewhat wire in the ExtraConfig stuff to puppet, but it isn't going to be intuitive I'm afraid13:07
slagledprince: yea, i'm going to give it a go with his patch instead13:07
*** lifeless has quit IRC13:07
slaglei like this model better13:07
dprinceslagle: what exactly are you trying to customize?13:07
*** trown|outttypeww is now known as trown13:07
dprinceslagle: is it just a one off config value? or something more?13:07
slagledprince: need to pass in the data for rhn registration. it's 5 or so values13:08
*** spzala has joined #tripleo13:08
dasmmark-os: if you've followed this instruction: one of the steps means: "Then disable the other dashboards:"13:08
dasmso, everything apart "Infrastructure" is disabled by you.13:08
dprinceslagle: I see, so yeah. ExtraConfig with puppet would only give you access to set things for OpenStack services.13:08
dprinceslagle: it would be clunky (with puppet). Hoenstly ExtraConfig is already a bit clunky as is13:09
mark-osdasm: why would they suggest disabling the other dashboards? Just for testing purposes? How would I go about enabling them again?13:09
dprinceslagle: I'd sort of like to see it go away I think13:09
openstackgerritRyan Hallisey proposed stackforge/kolla: Update error message for build-docker-images
dasmmark-os: because you don't need it in tuskar.13:09
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mark-osdasm: why so? Does Tuskar cover everything which was covered by the previous 3 dashboards?13:10
dprinceslagle: the best we could do is to map the ExtraConfig stuff into the various puppet config providers (nova_config, glance_config, etc.) which would allow you to set some arbitrary values only if they don't override things already being managed by the puppet modules themselves.13:10
dprinceslagle: so it isn't ideal. With TIE we essentially duplicated config sections and rely'd on the fact that the last setting wins13:11
dasmmark-os: because you're trying to configure undercloud. you don't need rest of dashboards in the undercloud.13:11
mark-osdasm: So tuskar configures undercloud, what does Horizon configure?13:12
slagledprince: agreed. i'm going to try it this other way instead. plus i like the idea of being able to checkin templates for the different SoftwareDeployments you want to include in your stack to t-h-t directly13:15
dprinceslagle: right, like we do for the basic net- templates13:17
dprinceslagle: you can easily choose between them within the Heat environment13:18
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openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add support for Redis configuration
openstackgerritSteven Hardy proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Enable passing optional first-boot user-data
openstackgerritSteven Hardy proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add hooks for extra post-deployment config
shardyslagle: ^^13:29
shardythat second example is untested, but hopefully illustrates one way we could do it13:29
slagleshardy: awesome!13:29
shardyit's be nice to remove the puppet/element template duplication, but otherwise hopefully it gets the idea across13:30
shardyslagle: one disadvantage of the user_data pre-deploy hook is lack of signalling, so e.g if you fail to reach satellite it's going to be hard to signal failure13:31
shardyso one alternative would be to copy the second approach and have e.g extraconfig/pre_deploy/foo.yaml13:32
shardywhich runs after firstboot but before we start configuring things13:32
shardyOr, we can just do everything post-deploy in the fat-image case13:32
dprincederekh: the issue with ironicclient was that tripleo-incubator was pip installing the latest client, but we were using an older Ironic version in the seed13:35
spredzydprince, ping. IF I wanted to use a custome fact in t-h-t, where could I put it ? Does it have to be in puppe-tripleo or is there another mechanism to provide a custom fact ?13:35
derekhdprince: ahh, ok13:36
dprincespredzy: so the puppet hook we use supports using factor instead of (or in addition to) hiera13:36
slagleshardy: so this is the current rhn registration o-r-c script:
slagleshardy: if i wanted the equivalent in this other way, i would more or less have that script run as part of a SoftwareDeployment?13:37
spredzydprince, so where should I put my new fact if I create one ?13:37
dprincespredzy: you'll see those options around in several places. If you enable factor then then when 'puppet apply' runs for that SoftwareConfig it will set FACTOR_ variables for all of the heat inputs13:37
dprincespredzy: if you enable factor and hiera you'll get them in both places (hieradata files and FACTOR_ variables)13:38
dprincespredzy: the best thing to do is try it. Just set enable_facter: True in your controller-post-puppet.yaml template and then look at the effect on the os-collect-config log file in your controller node13:40
spredzydprince, will do that13:40
*** prad has joined #tripleo13:40
dprincespredzy: you could even do this with a heat stack-update if you've already got a running overcloud13:40
spredzydprince, nop I have not. I am about to start one13:40
dprincespredzy: you should see the 'step' variables then getting set with FACTOR_ variables13:40
shardyslagle: yes, exactly, you'd run that via a SoftwareConfig/SoftwareDeployment13:41
dprincespredzy: where as without the change it just uses a custom hiera datafile for the step variable13:41
shardyslagle: optionally providing the REG_ variables as inputs to the deployment/config13:41
shardyslagle: sec, let me push an example doing that..13:42
shardyslagle: does this need to happen pre-deploy so we can pull packages?13:42
slagleshardy: it probably should eventually13:44
slagleshardy: although, initially all the package are preinstalled13:44
shardyslagle: Ok I'll do the post-deploy example for now13:44
shardythe pre-deploy will look identical apart from where we hook it in13:44
openstackgerritMarios Andreou proposed openstack/tuskar: Wires up constraints and type into returned plan parameters
slagleyea, that'll be enough for me to go on13:44
mariosjtomasek: updated13:47
jtomasekmarios: looking13:48
*** jcoufal has joined #tripleo13:48
*** ccrouch has joined #tripleo13:52
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC13:53
*** openstackgerrit has joined #tripleo13:53
*** jprovazn has joined #tripleo13:56
openstackgerritMerged openstack/diskimage-builder: No markdown docs for elements
*** dasm is now known as dasm|afk14:00
openstackgerritVictor Lowther proposed openstack/os-cloud-config: Add pxe_drac driver support to os-cloud-config
*** pradeep has joined #tripleo14:03
openstackgerritSteven Hardy proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Example of post-deploy hook doing rhel registration
shardyslagle: ^^14:04
*** jerryz has joined #tripleo14:04
*** lblanchard has joined #tripleo14:04
shardynote, that uses an additional environment file, environment_rhel_reg.yaml14:04
shardyit may be better if we establish a standard "extra" environment file somewhere, or if the values are put into the default (global) registry on the seed14:05
*** sdake has joined #tripleo14:10
*** mark-os has quit IRC14:11
*** pdb has quit IRC14:16
*** pdb has joined #tripleo14:17
*** pcaruana has quit IRC14:17
*** radez_g0n3 is now known as radez14:18
*** lifeless has joined #tripleo14:18
slagleshardy: cool, i'll take a look14:19
gfidentedprince, so here is my take, given we use multibackend in cinder already, we have params to configure glance with swift already, and glance supports multiple stores natively, I would like to use provide it as a feature instead of taking the route of making the backends a selection14:22
gfidentedprince, but there are two issues, 1) my submission could get there, but it doesn't implement it correctly now, you end up with just the rbd backend working 2) puppet-glace should NOT do the defaul_store thing, that is crazy14:23
gfidentedprince, what do you think?14:23
*** radez is now known as radez_bbl14:23
dprincegfidente: That is the reason I choose GlanceBackend. It works as is, quite nicely with the glance backend modules.14:24
gfidentebut it really is puppet-glance doing it wrong14:24
dprincegfidente: I do agree that the puppet modules should probably not be setting default_store there. However, I'm not sure there is a strong use case for multiple Glance backends to be used at the same time14:25
dprincegfidente: using a glance backend which isn't the default can get clunky on the CLI14:25
*** jcoufal has quit IRC14:26
*** jcoufal has joined #tripleo14:27
gfidentedprince, okay I'll be honest, I will not push for the multiple backends in glance because puppet-glance won't help us there, causing instead lot of troubles14:28
*** jcoufal has quit IRC14:29
gfidentebut if you ask me, we're giving up the feature because of puppet-glance14:29
openstackgerritMerged openstack/tuskar-ui: Remove duplicated MAC addresses from multi MAC field
*** mark-os has joined #tripleo14:31
dprincegfidente: Understood that puppet-glance may have had some effect our our decision here. People are using it however... and products are already built on it. If nobody has yet found a need to simultaneously use multiple glance backends at once is it really a feature we need?14:32
dprincegfidente: infinite configurability is cool... but if it costs us extra work and the "feature" is only ficticious then I'm not sure it is worth it14:33
dprincegfidente: all that said, we should ask around. If people want to do this then like you said we can put in the work to make it happend14:33
gfidentedprince, indeed this is a fact I can't oppose to, but the actual tool (glance) is meant to work with multiple backends ... it is only the specific puppet module which prevents you from using it easily14:34
dprincegfidente: yes, we agree14:34
mark-osCan anyone tell me why Tuskar UI is quite slow compared to Horizon?14:35
spredzydprince, I added enable_facter: True, but all I see are data that comes from Heat itself. So a custom fact I want to create is one that check if a psecific file is present or not on the system.14:37
spredzyShould that go to puppet-tripleo ?14:38
*** bvandenh has joined #tripleo14:38
dprincespredzy: perhaps, I'd have to see it first :)14:39
dprincespredzy: push a quick patch maybe?14:39
spredzyI want to add this fact in the installer14:40
spredzyjust not sure about where it belongs14:40
derekhCan we get a second +2 on this to unblock puppet job
*** jerryz has quit IRC14:48
*** noslzzp has quit IRC14:48
* jistr on it14:49
shardyderekh: FWIW I applied that pin locally and Neutron still failed to start14:50
shardyit's possible I did something wrong though - did it work for you?14:50
jistri did the same and it worked for me...14:50
* jistr double checks14:50
shardythat's in my environment, let me re-test14:51
jistrshardy: do you have USE_CACHE=0 ?14:51
derekhshardy: jistr it worked in CI, hasn't reported back yet
jistrshardy: also you might check the logs that the neutron installed into the image is indeed dev276 and not dev29614:53
jistrshardy: and you might need to rm -rf ~/.cache/image-create14:53
shardyjistr: No, I've not got USE_CACHE set at all14:53
shardyI'll try removing the cache and all the qcow's14:53
jistryeah i'd say that should do it14:54
*** jcoufal has joined #tripleo14:54
*** cwolferh has joined #tripleo14:57
*** untriaged-bot has joined #tripleo15:00
untriaged-botNo untriaged bugs so far! \o/15:00
*** untriaged-bot has quit IRC15:00
*** maufart has quit IRC15:03
openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed stackforge/puppet-tripleo: Add $::galera_bootstrapped fact
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: Pin to a known good delorean repository
openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed stackforge/puppet-tripleo: Add $::galera_bootstrapped fact
*** jcoufal has quit IRC15:06
mark-osjistr: any idea why tuskar ui is so slow?15:09
*** yamahata has quit IRC15:10
jistrmark-os: i don't work with UI usually, but my guess would be that if you're running Horizon via the command you posted earlier, it runs in dev mode, checking on every request what changed in the source, or maybe even handling each request with a freshly loaded code. I'm just guessing though, i've never worked with django.15:12
mark-osjistr: Sounds like that's what could well be the reason. Do you know who would have a better idea about performance of Tuskar UI?15:15
*** jistr is now known as jistr|mtg15:15
*** jprovazn has quit IRC15:20
jistr|mtgmark-os: maybe jtomasek? In general these people i think:,n,z15:24
*** jistr|mtg is now known as jistr15:27
*** spredzy is now known as spredzy|afk15:32
mark-osjistr: thanks!15:33
mark-osjtomasek: ping15:34
jtomasekmark-os: pong, yes it is slow at the moment, especially in development mode. It is mostly caused by quite lot of api requests done to load data for the page and quite often these requests aren't very well optimized. I'd call it work in progress :)15:37
*** jistr has quit IRC15:40
*** jtomasek has quit IRC15:47
*** alop has joined #tripleo15:53
*** Marga_ has joined #tripleo15:53
*** Marga_ has quit IRC15:53
*** Marga_ has joined #tripleo15:54
*** rhallisey has quit IRC15:55
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk15:57
*** rhallisey has joined #tripleo15:57
*** yamahata has joined #tripleo16:02
*** rwsu has joined #tripleo16:02
*** sirushti has left #tripleo16:03
*** radez_bbl is now known as radez16:05
openstackgerritJeff Peeler proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Make all default values match overcloud defaults
*** derekh has quit IRC16:12
*** bvandenh has quit IRC16:12
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC16:16
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/diskimage-builder: Updated from global requirements
openstackgerritOpenStack Proposal Bot proposed openstack/os-cloud-config: Updated from global requirements
*** radez is now known as radez_g0n316:30
greghaynesbnemec: replied on
*** athomas has quit IRC16:33
greghaynesbnemec: I was hoping to get some jobs pushed up today :)16:38
*** yog__ has quit IRC16:49
SpamapSgreghaynes: good job man16:54
greghaynesYep, im still kind of bummed that we dont have a strat for testing that we can make an image that boots16:56
*** Goneri has quit IRC16:58
*** bvandenh has joined #tripleo16:59
greghaynesdib docs question - do we want to suggest pip installation at all or just stick with the "dib is installed by addind bin to your path"17:03
greghaynestechnically, pip install does work, and it is kind of neat for a user to be able to just pip install diskimage-builder;disk-image-create <distro> vm17:03
slaglethere was another review out there to make it runnable from the venv...17:04
slagleso no system modifications necessary17:04
greghaynesyea, good point that I should probably verify it works ;)17:05
greghaynesoh! right17:06
greghaynesI get around that by sourcing venv17:06
*** pradeep has quit IRC17:13
*** openstack has quit IRC17:13
*** openstack has joined #tripleo17:14
greghaynesbnemec: we can, it will just sudo. We cant use the tox jobs infra has for doing it so its not really much of a benefit17:16
greghaynesthe response I got is that generally they arent too fond of tox targets that sudo17:17
*** radez_g0n3 is now known as radez17:17
bnemecExcept we need to sudo regardless of how we run it. :-/17:17
*** pelix has quit IRC17:18
greghaynesI think the idea is that tox doesnt really provide you any value if youre not running a test that requires a specific venv, and if youre sudoing in your target then theres potential issues with files you end up creating17:19
greghaynesnot an issue for us since we arent using a venv at all, so then the question is why tox17:20
bnemecSo I guess my motivation here was twofold - consistency and the ability to just run "tox -e functional" without installing anything to the host.17:20
bnemecBut since it sounds like running in a venv doesn't work right now anyway, maybe that's not realistic.17:21
*** Marga_ has quit IRC17:21
greghaynesThe consistency is nice, the installation shouldnt be an issue since we dont have any python deps (only package ones) and tox doesnt buy us anything there17:21
greghaynesbnemec: what did you think about
greghaynesfor the name17:22
*** spredzy|afk is now known as spredzy17:22
bnemecgreghaynes: I think I'm fine with that.17:22
greghaynesactually, it just occured to me that maybe we could run dib out ot the tox venv rather than bin/ so we actually test venv installation17:24
greghaynesin which case tox -e functional is useful17:24
*** Marga_ has joined #tripleo17:24
greghaynesclarkb: ^ will that offend ou horribly since were going to be sudoing in that target17:25
bnemecFor the "able to boot" thing, could we set up a dsvm job that doesn't run tempest, but runs a functional test that builds, uploads, and boots an image in devstack?17:25
*** akrivoka has joined #tripleo17:26
greghaynesbnemec: the problem I ran into is that qemu booting is *way* slow, are there dsvm jobs that qemu boot somehow?17:26
greghaynes(when I say way slow, ssh would timeout to the qemu host before ssh could reply)17:27
clarkbgreghaynes: if running `tox` tries to escalate privileges locally I pretty much never touch the project again17:27
clarkbgreghaynes: but thats me17:27
greghaynestell us how you really feel17:27
bnemecgreghaynes: I think they all do.17:27
clarkbwe also actively fail tests that run tox and sudo17:27
bnemectox -e trash-my-machine ;-)17:27
greghaynesbnemec: hrm, so I should look into how they get away with that17:28
clarkbgreghaynes: bnemec yes I think sdague ran numbers at one point and we boot a quarter million qemu VMs a week (or something in that range)17:29
*** Marga_ has quit IRC17:29
clarkbgreghaynes: we boot cirros17:29
clarkbwhich runs busybox17:29
greghaynesthe problem with cirros is we need to install grub17:29
clarkbit actually works well enough that I just ssh'd between two VMs on different hypervisors in that setup17:29
bnemecgreghaynes: We boot a nested fedora vm in the instack sanity check script, but we do have a bunch of wait_fors:
greghaynesok, so sounds like the path to sanity there is find a way to not boot a full on cloud iage17:30
greghayneser, cloud image17:30
bnemecI'm wondering if maybe waiting for cloud-final to complete helps, because then hopefully a lot of the startup tasks have completed so you're not competing for CPU time.17:31
greghaynesbnemec: huh, thats a fedora?17:31
greghaynesand says 300 secs17:31
bnemecBecause we even manage to attach and format a volume with no problem.17:31
greghaynesbnemec: this was me just testing manually on a cloud node17:32
bnemecgreghaynes: Yeah, stock fedora image.17:32
greghaynesbnemec: I wonder if that works because youre testing on a much more performant cloud?17:32
* SpamapS catches up17:32
bnemecIt's possible.  We generally do this on dedicated baremetal boxes.17:32
clarkbya dedicated baremetal is likely to use kvm not qemu right?17:33
greghaynesso I wonder if we can just init to busybox for our ubuntu and fedora images and boot them17:33
bnemecclarkb: No, this is still running nested, it's just nested in a vm on a standalone box so there's not much resource contention.17:34
greghaynesjust to get coverage on bootloader installation17:34
*** bvandenh has quit IRC17:34
bnemecAlthough we still only give the nova-compute vm 2 cpus, and the nested vm only gets 1, I believe.17:34
SpamapSgreghaynes: so pass init=/bin/some-bash-script on kernel cmdline?17:34
SpamapSgreghaynes: I'm not sure what that's trying to accomplish.17:35
clarkbSpamapS: it checks that you have a bootloader and kernel17:35
SpamapSSure it tests the boot loader, but I'm not sure that's worth the trouble.17:35
greghaynesensure we install bootloader17:35
clarkbSpamapS: because as greghaynes discovered recently that isn't always the case17:35
greghaynesyea, our -minimal's were failing there17:35
greghaynesand still are AFAICT17:36
clarkbthey were/are so minimal they didn't have kernels17:36
SpamapSWell if that's the case, then we can make the script rather simple.. it can just do a few sanity checks and then halt the VM.17:36
bnemecThat's one way to save space. :-)17:36
SpamapSI think that's good17:36
SpamapSchroots don't need kernels17:36
SpamapScontainers don't need kernels17:37
SpamapSmaybe we should rename to os-image-builder ;)17:37
clarkbthe problem with it is this17:37
clarkbthe error you get back from such an image when trying to boot a VM with it is almost useless17:37
greghayneswhen writing these docs I keep thinking that the disk part is less relevant :)17:37
clarkband clouds make it hard to debug17:37
greghaynesSure, so IMO the poorly named vm element should error if you dont have a kernel17:37
clarkbespecially if you don't have a Xen hypervisor laying around17:37
SpamapSclarkb: yeah it fails somewhere deep in the bowels of QEMU's BIOS I imagine.17:38
greghaynesor something along those lines17:38
clarkbalso a chroot/container with a kernel won't hurt anything right?17:38
SpamapSgreghaynes: hm. Not sure I agree with that. Kernel could easily come post-pxe-boot17:38
*** spredzy is now known as spredzy|afk17:38
SpamapSThen again, so could bootloader. ;)17:39
SpamapSgreghaynes: anyway, I think we need to come up with a name for a wrapper which is minimal+stuff17:39
SpamapSwe could rename -minimal to -just-userspace17:39
greghaynesim trying to think what the use cases are, A user wants to make an image that will 'just work' for most clouds / libvirt; a super minimal one they can build off of; is that it?17:43
clarkbas a user here, I want one image that I can just use in a variety of situations17:44
greghaynesyea, so thats the first one17:44
clarkbI would likely be most happy to have a bootloader and kernel in place even if I was just using the image for a container today17:44
clarkbbecause tomorrow I will boot it in $cloud17:44
openstackgerritDan Prince proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add support for Glance RBD backend
greghaynesI think the minimal is a lot more useful for someone writing their own elements17:44
greghaynessince theres not really a way to opt out of things that an element provides, if you dont have a super minimal os one then you have to either make your own element for that distro or use the everything and kitchen sink one17:46
clarkbso maybe the thing to do is to rename it as SpamapS suggests17:49
clarkbto me "minimal" implies "minimally viable"17:49
clarkbthen have a minimal element that tacks on kernel and bootloader to just-userspace17:50
greghaynesI kind of want to make that the ubunt element17:50
SpamapSso another way to look at it17:51
SpamapSis that the composition should almost always happen at runtime17:52
SpamapSunless you have something you need to do to glue two elements together, then it's best to just let them stay as their own islands.17:52
clarkbexcept that as a user I hate that17:52
SpamapSso you want meta packages17:52
clarkbits confusing to know what I need to have a viable image17:52
SpamapSand I get that17:52
clarkbwhen really I just want to tell dib make me an ubuntu17:52
clarkbcurrently I end up reading a lot of shell17:53
SpamapSThe README's aren't good enough then.17:53
clarkbthats part of the problem17:53
greghaynesthats part of it, wed also need recipes of "this set of elements gets you an ubuntu"17:53
greghaynesotherwise you have to read all the readmes17:53
clarkbgreghaynes: right17:54
SpamapS'ubuntu-minimal vm' would seem to be the right mix, but it won't currently get you what you want.17:54
greghaynesnope, that will get you a "what, why cant I ssh in"17:55
SpamapSclarkb: 'ubuntu' does give you want you want17:55
greghaynes'ubuntu vm'17:55
SpamapSclarkb: it just doesn't give you what mordred wants: no cloud-init ;)17:55
clarkbSpamapS: no I have to add at least vm iirc17:55
clarkband seems like there was one other element too17:55
SpamapSYeah, which is because we can't remove stuff.17:55
greghaynesnah, ubuntu vm is your 99% use case17:55
greghaynes99% ubuntu use case ;)17:55
clarkbya its ubuntu vm17:56
*** Marga_ has joined #tripleo17:56
greghaynesok, so the ubuntu-minimal element is kind of breaking that composition paradigm17:56
greghaynessorry, how were usin git17:56
SpamapSso basically, what we want is a meta-element called 'ubuntu-minimal' which pulls in 'ubuntu-userspace kernel vm vm-kernel'17:56
greghaynesactually, maybe not, as long as we dont go down the path of adding element-deps17:57
SpamapSwith vm-kernel being something I just invented to mean "install the kernel that this OS thinks is best for vms"17:57
greghaynesthe fedora-minimal does this though17:57
SpamapSdoes what?17:57
greghaynesfedora-minimal depends on yum-minimal17:57
SpamapSthats fine17:58
SpamapSIIRC mordred has patches to make ubuntu and debian minimals depend on a debootstrap element17:58
SpamapSsame thing really17:58
*** spredzy|afk is now known as spredzy18:01
greghaynesyour kernel vs vm-kernel element... whats the difference there?18:03
greghaynesand then, can we rename vm to bootloader :)18:04
SpamapSgreghaynes: well Ubuntu for instance has linux-image-virtual which has no hardware drivers18:04
clarkbgreghaynes: some distros insist that you run a different kernel in a VM18:05
greghaynesso, wouldnt we want one or the other?18:05
*** sdake_ has joined #tripleo18:05
SpamapSlooking at them18:06
SpamapSclarkb: insist is the wrong word18:06
SpamapSclarkb: Ubuntu uses the virtual one to save space.18:06
SpamapSimage-generic works fine in VMs18:06
SpamapSand has all the virt drivers18:06
*** Marga_ has quit IRC18:07
SpamapSI'm full of crap18:07
*** mestery has quit IRC18:07
SpamapSUbuntu's linux-image-virtual just depends on Generic.18:08
SpamapSclarkb: lets just call it kernel18:08
SpamapSalso does the yum-minimal end up pulling in a kernel anyway?18:08
greghaynesthat is precisely what I am messing with18:08
greghaynesright now, no18:08
greghaynesthat does need to happen somewhere though18:09
*** sdake has quit IRC18:09
*** spredzy is now known as spredzy|afk18:09
*** Goneri has joined #tripleo18:10
*** mestery has joined #tripleo18:10
SpamapSgreghaynes: lets just make a kernel element then.18:12
SpamapSit's really just a package18:13
SpamapSlinux-image-generic for ubuntu, 'kernel' for everything rpm18:13
SpamapSnot sure for Debian18:14
SpamapSprobably linux-image-generic18:14
greghaynesill split it out of the ubuntu-minimal also18:14
SpamapSis it already in there?18:14
greghaynesI think I added it18:14
SpamapSah yeah18:14
SpamapSyou know what18:15
SpamapSleave it18:15
SpamapSgreghaynes: the current ubuntu-minimal has a kernel already in it. So how did you end up without a kernel?18:15
greghaynes ?18:15
greghaynesI added that18:15
SpamapSgreghaynes: oh right, ok18:15
SpamapSso I'm backing up from this18:16
SpamapSlets just let the minimal elements install kernels18:16
SpamapSif somebody wants to build chroots or containers w/ diskimage-builder, let them refactor18:16
SpamapSI just realized we're bending over backwards to optimize about 30MB out of something we're not using.18:16
greghaynesok. that will likely be me in the not far future, but that actually works - if we use -minimal as the name of the meta element then when we split it out well maintain the same feature set for that element18:17
greghaynes(containers is probably going to be my next functest spreee)18:17
SpamapSgreghaynes: right, and then you can use an 'ubuntu-userspace' element for your containery chrooty things18:17
SpamapSalright, I think I've just earned some extra caffeine. Go me.18:18
*** Marga_ has joined #tripleo18:18
*** Marga_ has quit IRC18:20
*** Marga_ has joined #tripleo18:20
greghaynesok, interesting thought - what happens when you specify -t tar (or aci, etc) and the vm element18:21
greghaynesI think we make the fs, intall the bootloader there, then tar up the chroot?18:21
greghaynesso its just an expensive noop18:21
greghayneswhich makes me think - is there ever a reason to not have the vm element18:21
openstackgerritDaneyon Hansen proposed stackforge/kolla: Updates Heat template Compose and Kolla Repositories
greghaynesthat noop is pretty easy to optimize out I think - if were not outputting to a format that needs a filesystem dont make the fs or run the phases that operate on the fs18:25
*** sdake has joined #tripleo18:25
openstackgerritDaneyon Hansen proposed stackforge/kolla: Updates Docker bin in Heat template
*** sdake_ has quit IRC18:29
*** pblaho has quit IRC18:37
*** jtomasek has joined #tripleo18:43
*** lblanchard has quit IRC18:46
openstackgerritDan Prince proposed openstack/tripleo-incubator: Update puppet docs to match our CI
*** lblanchard has joined #tripleo18:48
*** alop has quit IRC18:58
*** spredzy|afk is now known as spredzy18:58
*** Marga_ has quit IRC19:03
*** Marga_ has joined #tripleo19:05
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/kolla: Adds Initial Logging Support
*** Marga_ has quit IRC19:06
*** alop has joined #tripleo19:06
*** Marga_ has joined #tripleo19:06
*** Goneri has quit IRC19:14
*** dprince has quit IRC19:20
*** weshay has quit IRC19:29
gfidentethis has 2 x +2 but didn't get +a because of CI issues, anyone willing to help?
*** pblaho has joined #tripleo19:33
openstackgerritMerged openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Pass in libvirt_rbd_secret_key for nova compute
gfidenteslagle :D19:38
*** gfidente has quit IRC19:39
*** Marga_ has quit IRC19:39
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Wire in list of controller nodes as memcache_servers for Swift proxy
openstackgerritMerged openstack/tripleo-incubator: Switch USE_MERGEPY default to 0
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openstackgerritMerged stackforge/puppet-tripleo: Rethink the backup option for Galera
slaglenow i wish i had gone to the one in Hong Kong.20:35
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* bnemec clicks20:37
* bnemec is suddenly hungry for poutine20:37
* bnemec blames slagle20:37
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greghaynesHello my redhat enlightened friends, I have been trying to battle which is what happens when I boot a dib made image using fedora-minimal (which makes the chroot using rpm --installroot)20:42
greghaynesthe image is getting booted with virtio, and ive verified the initrd has the virtio and virtio_blk drivers...20:42
greghaynes(btw, the combined microcode + initrd fs format is really annoying to unpack :p)20:43
greghayneswondering if people have any ideas20:44
greghaynesmordred: ^ :(20:45
slagleare you soure the root device actually has the cloudimg-rootfs label?20:46
greghaynesNo, but - I notice its only listing the sr0 as found partitions20:47
greghaynes(I have config drive turned on)20:47
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openstackgerritDan Prince proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add support for Glance RBD backend
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openstackgerritJames Slagle proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Example of post-deploy hook doing rhel registration
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untriaged-botUntriaged bugs so far:21:00
openstackLaunchpad bug 1442256 in tripleo "mariadb fails to start with port in use error" [Undecided,New]21:00
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openstackgerritDan Prince proposed openstack/tripleo-incubator: Don't hard code the use-ephemeral element
*** thrash is now known as thrash|g0ne21:03
openstackgerritDan Prince proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: Set root disk == node disk for puppet jobs
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/kolla: Updates Docker bin in Heat template
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bnemecgreghaynes: You didn't do anything funny with the minimal image where like the virtio_blk driver would have been removed, right?21:16
greghaynesnah, I even inspected it and the initrd post build to make sure its there21:17
greghaynesbecause thats what ive been suspecting too21:17
bnemecYeah, it looks like it got past the ramdisk at least.21:18
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SpamapSIt does?/win 821:43
greghaynesthe whole libvirt serial -> file thing is awesome until I want to drop into a busybox21:45
greghaynesbnemec: what makes you say it got past the initrd?21:48
bnemecgreghaynes: It died on a kernel panic, not a dracut error.21:48
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greghayneshaha, it is totally virtio22:04
greghayneschange the libvirt disk definition to ide and it now finds an sda22:05
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openstackgerritDan Sneddon proposed openstack/os-net-config: Add static IP assignment via template tokens in config.yaml
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greghaynesbnemec: I was just following a blog of yours without realizing it :)23:39
*** prad has joined #tripleo23:39
greghaynesSo, I can get the image to boot from ide, and the virtio_blk driver is not loaded already but I can load it23:40
greghaynesim wondering if I somehow need to force the driver to be loaded in the initrd?23:40
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