Wednesday, 2016-09-14

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larsksEmilienM, around?02:00
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*** sai has quit IRC02:13 *anybody* around who is familiar with the brave new world of overcloud.j2.yaml?02:14
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EmilienMlarsks: yes02:31
EmilienMlarsks: i'm trying to rebase it now02:32
larsksEmilienM, hold up.02:32
larsksI rebased patchset 37 on the current master, and it seemed easy.02:32
larsksI'm just running a test locally now.02:32
larsksI do have a question, though:02:32
larsksWith the new overcloud.j2.yaml, node counts (e.g. ControllerCount) can only be set on the overcloud deploy command line, is that correct?02:33
larsksE.g., that can no longer be set in an environment file.02:33
EmilienMlarsks: I'm not sure actually02:33
larsksOkay.  Not important for what I am doing right now, but impacts something else I was working on.02:33
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openstackgerritLars Kellogg-Stedman proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add fluentd client service
larsksI'm going to push my rebased changes to gerrit right now, if you want to look at them and see if I missed anything obvious.02:34
larsksI assume I will need to fix something once my local test completes :/02:34
larsks...but first I think I need to update python-tripleoclient.02:35
EmilienMok I'm looking02:35
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EmilienMlarsks: the rebase lgtm02:38
EmilienMnice work02:38
larsksAwesome. We will see what ci says :)02:38
EmilienMlarsks: +2'ing it so if CI pass someone will just approve it02:40
EmilienMlarsks: though I saw some failures before on scenario003 not sure why02:40
* larsks crosses fingers02:40
EmilienMI hope they won't come back02:40
EmilienMthey looked valid though, will see02:40
larsksYeah, from the ci perspective this should be a no-op, because we're not activating the logging config.02:41
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EmilienMlarsks: it's frustrating to see your patch in merge conflict02:42
EmilienMthough we are adding the last pieces for composable services02:42
EmilienMI hope you understand02:42
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EmilienMlarsks: but we'll make it :)02:43
EmilienMlogging in tripleo!02:44
larsksNo worries; I appreciate your help.  Bummer about ci breaking on a friday, though.02:44
larsksSo, what does this mean: Workflow not found [workflow_identifier=tripleo.plan_management.v1.update_deployment_plan]02:44
larsksI assume it means I need to upgrade something, but I'm not sure what.02:44
larsksI've just installed python-tripleoclient from master.02:45
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EmilienMlarsks: I'm not sure02:48
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EmilienMlarsks: tripleo common?02:48
larsksWorth a shot.02:48
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EmilienMi'm tired02:49
larsksYeah, me too.  I would just like to know that the patch actually still functions, which ci won't test right now.02:49
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larsksI guess I will bug shardy in the morning.02:49
openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Do not include epel element when building overcloud images
openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Do not include epel element when building overcloud images
openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Do not include epel element when building overcloud images
EmilienMok this time is good02:52
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openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: remove DIB workaround
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EmilienMlarsks: /me goes to bed, ttyl02:56
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-tripleoclient: Migrate to using osc-lib
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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Hook internal TLS flag to apache-based services
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add flag for internal TLS
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add HAProxy TLS handled by certmonger as composable service
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jaosorioranybody else seeing this while trying to deploy the latest t-h-t? : Unknown Property PortName06:11
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jaosoriord0ugal: so, that commit worked for me06:20
jaosoriord0ugal: buuuut now I have (I think) t-h-t replated problems06:20
jaosoriord0ugal: uhm... well... what in use-environment.yaml looks kinda strange is that ok?06:25
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jaosoriord0ugal: duuuude.... I think I found another issue X_x06:38
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/tripleo-common: Replace agent elements with package python-heat-agent-puppet
d0ugaljaosorior: it looks fine to me.06:57
d0ugaljaosorior: What's the new issue?06:57
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jaosoriord0ugal: submitting a bug report06:58
jaosoriorthe issue is not in t-h-t06:58
jaosoriorbut in tripleoclient actually :(06:58
d0ugaljaosorior: k, let me know when the bug is up06:58
openstackLaunchpad bug 1623346 in tripleo "Setting the user-environment for a plan results wrongly made resource-registry" [Undecided,New]06:59
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jaosoriord0ugal: the issue is this function
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d0ugaljaosorior: right07:01
d0ugaljaosorior: hrm, I thought the checksum would solve this problem - what did I do wrong?07:01
d0ugaljaosorior: They don't all point to the same file07:02
d0ugaljaosorior: in your example I see one that is different?07:03
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jaosoriord0ugal: which?07:03
d0ugaljaosorior: 'OS::TripleO::Network::StorageMgmt': user-files/10c5e3d056d3fe1f2f8c4ca83fb47f16-storage_mgmt.yaml,07:03
d0ugaloh wait07:03
d0ugalthe formatting is weird.07:03
jaosoriorthey're all user-files/10c5e3d056d3fe1f2f8c4ca83fb47f16-storage_mgmt.yaml07:03
d0ugalOdd. how is that happening?07:04
jaosoriord0ugal: the problem is that os.path.basename(path) only takes storage_mgmt.yaml07:04
d0ugaljaosorior: oh, it should be the hexdigest of 'path' not 'filename' - gah07:05
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jaosoriord0ugal: so network/ports/storage_mgmt.yaml and network/storage_mgmt.yaml end up as storage_mgmt.yaml which ends up being checksumed07:05
openstackgerritDougal Matthews proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Use the hexdigest of the path to make the filename unique in swift
d0ugaljaosorior: So, this should fix it ^07:06
d0ugaljaosorior: I am going to work on some unit tests07:06
jaosoriorI'll test that out meanwhile07:06
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d0ugalfirst I need some cofee07:06
d0ugalcoffee even07:06
jaosoriord0ugal: how are we not hitting this in CI?07:06
d0ugaljaosorior: good question, that worries me!07:07
jaosoriorpretty much with the stuff we've been seeing07:07
jaosoriornothing should work07:07
jaosoriorit makes no sense07:07
d0ugaljaosorior: Indeed :/07:07
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openstackgerritDougal Matthews proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Use the hexdigest of the path to make the filename unique in swift
jaosoriorwe supposedly are testing net-iso, but we can clearly see that that bug it shouldn't work at all X_x07:08
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jaosoriorshardy: dude, is CI using pinned packages or something?07:08
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shardyjaosorior: Yes, we use the current-tripleo pin which is promoted via the periodic job?07:10
jaosoriorshardy: for python-tripleoclient too?07:10
jaosoriorand tripleo-common?07:10
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shardyjaosorior: No, those should use the currrent repo07:10
jaosoriorshardy: those are REALLY broken, and it's really strange that's not showing up in CI07:10
shardythere was an issue because tripleoclient branched stable/newton07:11
shardyEmilienM fixed it AFAIK, sec07:11
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d0ugalshardy: We have missed a whole bunch of issues with mistral and the jinja2 stuff - jaosorior is doing a great job at running into them.07:12
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jaosoriorI thought I was going crazy... since nobody seemed to be complaining about them07:13
jaosoriorgood thing d0ugal can assert they are actual issues07:13
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC07:13
jaosoriorbut yeah, in theory CI should be quite red07:14
jaosoriorso it seems to me that something is still not fetching the latest python-tripleoclient and tripleo-common07:14
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jaosoriorshardy: well, there's that and more bug reports07:15
shardycistatus looks OK to me07:15
*** dsneddon has joined #tripleo07:15
jaosoriorshardy: which is the problem, it shouldn't07:15
d0ugalshardy: That is the worrying thing :)07:15
shardyI'm in a meeting atm but will follow up later, hopefully folks can figure it out in the meanntime07:16
*** shardy is now known as shardy_mtg07:16
jaosoriord0ugal: is gerrit working for you?07:16
d0ugaljaosorior: A bunch of the issues are to do with re-deploying and updating the plan - CI doesn't have good coverage for that.07:16
d0ugaljaosorior: Yeah, it's fine07:16
d0ugaljaosorior: it actually doesn't even feel slow today07:16
jaosoriord0ugal: however, the checksum issue should break net-iso07:16
d0ugaljaosorior: I agree, that is bad :(07:17
jaosoriord0ugal: it completely froze to me :( can't download patchsets or access the UI07:17
openstackgerritDougal Matthews proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Remove the environments from Mistral when removing from Swift
openstackgerritDougal Matthews proposed openstack/instack-undercloud: Verify that the Deployment Plan creation was successful
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*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo07:21
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: Remove Ceph from the ha job
openstackgerritMerged openstack/python-tripleoclient: Add `overcloud parameters set` to set Heat params in a plan
jaosoriord0ugal: can you pass a diff of the fix?07:22
jaosoriorI'm trying to test it out07:22
jaosoriorbuit gerrit isn't working :(07:22
jaosoriorso I'm gonna apply the patch and test it like that07:22
d0ugaljaosorior: Sure, 1 min07:23
jaosoriorthe nice thing about this is that at least I now have a better idea of what's going on07:23
jaosoriorbefore I had very little clue how stuff was gonna end up working07:24
*** ccamacho|afk has quit IRC07:24
d0ugaljaosorior: That's why I broke everything, so now I'm not the only one :-P07:24
jaosoriorgood trick07:25
jaosoriord0ugal: can you use pastebin or something else? seems that is also timing out (basically all openstack sites)07:25
*** jtomasek has joined #tripleo07:25
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d0ugaljaosorior: it is a tiny change, might be easier just to tell you :)07:26
*** ebarrera has joined #tripleo07:26
jaosoriord0ugal: wait up07:27
*** jaosorior has quit IRC07:27
*** jaosorior has joined #tripleo07:27
jaosoriord0ugal: lol that was an easy change07:27
openstackgerritDougal Matthews proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Print the execution ID when starting Mistral workflows
openstackgerritDougal Matthews proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Add `openstack overcloud plan deploy`
jaosorioralright, I'll test it out07:27
d0ugaljaosorior: Thanks, hopefully it does the trick. I'm about to test it too07:28
*** ccamacho has joined #tripleo07:28
*** jaosorior has quit IRC07:29
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*** jaosorior has joined #tripleo07:30
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openstackgerritRaoul Scarazzini proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Removing locking hash on undercloud post role
openstackgerritDougal Matthews proposed openstack/tripleo-common: Check the result of the parent action when subclassing
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo07:34
openstackgerritRaoul Scarazzini proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Removing locking hash on undercloud post role
jaosoriord0ugal: that fix worked for me07:35
*** Guest99205 has quit IRC07:35
jaosoriorhopefully gerrit starts working for me again soon so I can +2 it07:35
*** fragatina has quit IRC07:37
*** zoli_gone-proxy is now known as zoliXXL07:37
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mcorneajaosorior: good morning. did you manage to fix the undercloud issue you had yesterday?07:38
*** sai has joined #tripleo07:39
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*** zoliXXL is now known as zoli|trng07:39
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo07:39
*** jpena|off is now known as jpena07:42
jaosoriormcornea: hey dude, first of all, thanks a lot for testing the BZ :D07:43
mcorneajaosorior: np, it was an easy one :)07:43
jaosoriormcornea: now, answering your question, my undercloud is pretty modified but stuff is working it seems07:43
*** jmiu has quit IRC07:43
jaosoriormcornea: you need a fix for zaqar, one for tripleo-common, and two for python-tripleoclient. That's the stuff that I can remember from the top of my head07:43
mcorneajaosorior: hm, do you know which one are for python-tripleoclient?07:44
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC07:44
jaosoriormcornea: gerrit is not working for me at the moment :(07:44
jaosoriord0ugal: ^^07:44
*** jmiu has joined #tripleo07:45
jaosorioryay! it works now07:45
jaosoriormcornea: this one
jaosoriormcornea: and this
jaosoriormcornea: then for tripleo-common you need this
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo07:47
mcorneajaosorior: excellent, trying those. thanks07:47
*** rook_ has quit IRC07:47
jaosoriormcornea: and for zaqar this
*** sai has quit IRC07:47
*** sai has joined #tripleo07:48
*** rook has joined #tripleo07:48
*** rook is now known as Guest4100607:49
*** zoli|trng is now known as zoli_gone-proxy07:49
*** ohamada has joined #tripleo07:50
*** onovy has quit IRC07:51
d0ugaljaosorior: Thanks for testing!07:52
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC07:52
jaosoriormcornea: soo... why did rbrady downvote this?
jaosoriord0ugal: ^^07:52
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo07:52
jaosoriormcornea: sorry, that one wasn't directed to you07:52
d0ugaljaosorior: did you see his comment?07:52
jaosoriord0ugal: yeah, and then you explained what's up, and then there was another -107:53
d0ugaljaosorior: it was before I replied, gerrit just kept the -1 when I rebased07:54
jaosoriorah, true that07:54
jaosoriord0ugal: what's his timezone?07:54
d0ugaljaosorior: I'll speak with him about it today07:54
d0ugaljaosorior: he is US east07:54
*** dsariel has joined #tripleo07:55
*** itlinux has joined #tripleo07:55
*** sai has quit IRC07:55
*** stendulker has joined #tripleo07:56
*** zoli_gone-proxy is now known as zoliXXL07:56
*** zoliXXL is now known as zoli|trng07:56
*** akuznetsov has quit IRC07:57
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC07:57
openstackgerritJiri Tomasek proposed openstack/tripleo-ui: Add Role Detail
*** sai has joined #tripleo07:58
*** akuznetsov has joined #tripleo07:58
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo07:59
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/puppet-tripleo: Fetch internal certificates for HAProxy based on network
*** sshnaidm|afk is now known as sshnaidm08:01
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|brb08:03
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC08:03
*** Guest41006 has quit IRC08:05
*** sai has quit IRC08:05
*** itlinux has quit IRC08:05
*** gchamoul is now known as gchamoul|afk08:06
*** gchamoul|afk is now known as gchamoul08:06
*** rook_ has joined #tripleo08:06
*** sai has joined #tripleo08:07
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo08:08
*** gfidente has joined #tripleo08:09
*** jcoufal has joined #tripleo08:09
b00tcatI am getting an error when building the overcloud-full image (with no additions) - anybody seen this RPM dependency error before?
*** sai has quit IRC08:11
*** rook_ has quit IRC08:11
*** sai has joined #tripleo08:12
*** derekh has joined #tripleo08:12
b00tcatthis package is defined in the `overcloud-controller` element08:13
*** rook_ has joined #tripleo08:14
b00tcat(in tripleo-puppet-elements)08:14
jaosoriorb00tcat: seems to me like a package issue, have you tried asking in #rdo?08:16
b00tcatjaosorior: mmm no, but it's actually not a bad idea thanks ;-)08:18
*** mbound has joined #tripleo08:18
*** rook_ has quit IRC08:20
*** rook_ has joined #tripleo08:21
*** mbound has quit IRC08:22
*** mbound has joined #tripleo08:22
*** liverpoo1er has joined #tripleo08:25
*** liverpooler has quit IRC08:26
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC08:27
*** sai has quit IRC08:27
gfidentemwhahaha, you around?08:28
*** rook_ has quit IRC08:29
pandawhois mwhahaha08:30
pandaoops :)08:30
*** akuznetsov has quit IRC08:30
*** sai has joined #tripleo08:30
pandatoo nice of a nick08:30
*** onovy has joined #tripleo08:30
jaosoriorgfidente: I think he's in the US08:30
*** yamahata has quit IRC08:31
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo08:32
*** rook_ has joined #tripleo08:38
*** dsneddon has quit IRC08:40
*** dsneddon has joined #tripleo08:40
*** sai has quit IRC08:41
*** rook_ has quit IRC08:43
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC08:46
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo08:46
shadowerany puppet person able to +2/A this?
shadowerit's a small change08:47
*** gchamoul is now known as gchamoul|afk08:47
*** gchamoul|afk is now known as gchamoul08:47
jaosoriorshadower: done08:49
shadowerjaosorior: thanks!08:49
*** akuznetsov has joined #tripleo08:56
EmilienMGood morning08:56
jaosoriorEmilienM: hey man, how's it going?08:57
EmilienMjaosorior: good and you?08:57
EmilienMCan someone + 2 ?08:59
*** oneswig has joined #tripleo08:59
pandaperiodic jobs passed except mitaka and liberty, but the error is not the same as yesterday, but still galera problems. replset, should be known08:59
jaosoriorpretty good08:59
jaosoriorEmilienM: seems like a pretty big change, had you ahd time to try it o ut?09:00
EmilienMI'm very worried about
*** paramite has joined #tripleo09:00
EmilienMjaosorior: no but CI works fine09:00
jaosoriorEmilienM: CI is not very reliable at the moment09:01
EmilienMWhy that?09:01
jaosoriorEmilienM: For instance, net-iso doesn't work. And somehow that's not being caught09:01
jaosorioras if we're not using the latest python-tripleoclient or tripleo-common09:01
pandajaosorior: links/examples ?09:02
EmilienMFor tripleoclient, are we using stable/newton?09:02
jaosoriorpanda: this bug breaks net-iso
openstackLaunchpad bug 1623346 in tripleo "Setting the user-environment for a plan results wrongly made resource-registry" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to Dougal Matthews (d0ugal)09:03
jaosoriorpanda, EmilienM: And then, for instance, updating the overcloud is broken too, due to other two bugs.09:04
EmilienMWhere are launchpads?09:05
EmilienMAre they tagged CI?09:05
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC09:05
jaosoriorEmilienM: tagged in CI?09:06
EmilienMLaunchpad tags09:06
*** itlinux has joined #tripleo09:06
openstackLaunchpad bug 1622683 in tripleo "Updating plans breaks deployment" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to Dougal Matthews (d0ugal)09:07
EmilienMpanda mentioned two other bugs09:07
openstackLaunchpad bug 1622683 in tripleo "duplicate for #1622720 Updating plans breaks deployment" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to Dougal Matthews (d0ugal)09:07
jaosoriorand I'm not sure if there's something else09:07
EmilienMIs there some WIP?09:07
jaosoriorEmilienM: yeah, they all have patches09:08
EmilienMGood. I'll look once on my computer in a few min09:08
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo09:08
*** sai has joined #tripleo09:09
openstackgerritMerged openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add support for deploying Ceph RGW role
*** coolsvap_ is now known as coolsvap09:09
openstackgerritMerged openstack/os-collect-config: Treat ec2 collector data as immutable
*** sai has quit IRC09:13
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC09:14
jaosoriorpanda: if you would like to help testing things out I can tell you how to reproduce it09:15
*** chem has joined #tripleo09:15
*** itlinux has quit IRC09:16
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo09:17
jaosoriorshadower: hey dude, can you check this commit out?
shadowerjaosorior: looking09:19
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC09:21
pandajaosorior: ok, but I didn't understand why that bug is a reason why CI is not reliable09:23
*** lucasagomes_ has joined #tripleo09:23
*** lucasagomes_ has quit IRC09:23
jaosoriorpanda: cause net-iso shouldn't be working09:23
jaosoriorpanda: because of that bug, trying to deploy net-iso fails. And we clearly are not catching that in CI09:23
jaosoriorand net-iso is supposedly one of the things we test... so what's going on?09:24
*** akrivoka has joined #tripleo09:28
*** onovy has quit IRC09:29
*** mbound has quit IRC09:31
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo09:32
pandajaosorior: ok, "CI not reliable" makes me think of inconsistent failures, very long queues for the tests, and result unavailability. Not catching a very subtle error, to me is not "not reliable". if using 10c5e3d056d3fe1f2f8c4ca83fb47f16-storage_mgmt.yaml did not break enything, it probably means that it contains a consistent (yet wrong) configuration. We'll have to add a test to give CI more coverage, I09:33
pandadon't think I'd use "reliability" in this case09:33
openstackgerritJiri Tomasek proposed openstack/tripleo-ui: Deployment Plan page wizard styling
tobias-fiberdatathe installationguide for TripleO on is broken09:35
tobias-fiberdatathere's dependency problems09:35
tobias-fiberdatathere's packages that aint in the repo's09:35
openstackgerritMerged openstack/puppet-tripleo: Add validations profile for tripleo
ccamachotobias-fiberdata I followed it yesterday, can you put some logs?09:36
jaosoriorpanda: what do you mean a subtle error? It simply won't deploy09:36
jaosoriorpanda: and nit-picking what I said is really beside the point09:37
lucasagomesapparently creating an fedora 24 image on  fedora 24 host is broken:
lucasagomesat least when the same kernel is used09:37
ansiwenchem: round?09:37
*** sai has joined #tripleo09:37
tobias-fiberdatawe'll try again with a fresh install ccamacho, so nvm.09:38
chemansiwen: hi09:38
tobias-fiberdatawe'll see how it goes09:38
jaosoriorpanda: it doesn't end up in a "consistent" configuration. It actually not possible to deploy it because it will "consistently" result in an error. So that's pretty broken.09:38
*** rook has joined #tripleo09:38
openstackgerritGabriele Cerami proposed openstack/puppet-tripleo: Swift add_devices.pp IPv6 handling
*** rook is now known as Guest407209:38
ansiwenchem: my ec2 credentials request fails with "wrong number of arguments". Can you give me a hint how to do it correctly:
pandajaosorior: the configuration you're trying that leads to deploy failure, is one of the tested configurations in CI ? are you using default parameters and you hit a failure while CI works perfectly with the same parameters ?09:41
*** tosky has joined #tripleo09:41
jaosoriorpanda: using same parameters as in the CI09:42
shadowerjaosorior: now that the puppet dependency is merged, could you have a look at: pls?09:42
jaosoriorshadower: sure man09:42
shadowercheers mate09:42
jaosoriorshadower: hey, is it contemplated to add validations to CI? Would be pretty cool09:43
ccamachoEmilienM good morning! man, there are lot of puppet modules with lint issues, Im using this etherpad: to log all the submissions related09:44
shadowerjaosorior: yeah absolutely. But we've focused on having all the necessary bits in place first09:46
shadowerI think we'll have to optionally integrate the validations into the deployment workflow or something09:46
*** sai has quit IRC09:46
jaosoriorshadower: makes sense09:46
jaosoriorshadower: hey dude, did you get time to look at that failure in the undercloud upgrade job?09:46
jaosoriorshadower: seems quite unrelated (neutron-db-sync issue). But still... any idea what's up?09:47
shadowerjaosorior: not sure. The patch shouldn't actually affect it so I dunno :-(09:47
*** sai has joined #tripleo09:47
chemansiwen: looking, sorry got distracted ...09:47
jaosoriorshadower: yeah, it seemed unrelated indeed. I rechecked it to see if that happens again09:48
ansiwenchem: no problem09:48
ansiwenchem: and thanks for looking!09:48
chemansiwen: I know this error :)09:48
*** dtantsur|brb is now known as dtantsur09:48
shadowerjaosorior: yea, thanks09:48
jaosoriorshadower: other than that funky thing. LGTM09:49
pandajaosorior: you have a link to the failed deploy ?09:50
chemansiwen: the issue is in the provider09:52
jaosoriorpanda: as I mentioned earlier; I don't understand why CI is not hitting it (as if it's not using the latest python-tripleoclient or something of the sort). So no, I don't have a link failed deploy. Only pretty standard steps to reproduce it.09:52
chemansiwen: which got merged :)09:53
chemansiwen: I'll show you where it is09:53
ansiwenchem: I know the problem is the provider09:53
ansiwenchem: but what about the provider is the problem? ;-)09:53
*** sai has quit IRC09:54
*** jaosorior is now known as jaosorior_lunch09:54
chemansiwen: hold on, I know excatly what is failing, I'm just preparing my answer09:54
ansiwenchem: this is the line with the problem... but how can I add the additional parameters? just one string for all of them?09:55
chemansiwen: hum ... It will be faster for me to do the review actualy, do you mind ?09:55
ansiwenchem: of course, as it is best for you! thanks!09:55
*** pgadiya has quit IRC09:57
*** sai has joined #tripleo09:57
*** pgadiya has joined #tripleo09:58
chemansiwen: oups forgot to fix the rspec ...10:00
ansiwenchem: ?10:01
chemansiwen: ha there is no unit test of this provider, never mind.10:01
ansiwenchem: yes, I wanted to write one, but suddenly it was already merged :-)10:02
chemansiwen: we should got to #puppet-openstack for this discussion
*** kbyrne has quit IRC10:02
EmilienMccamacho: I'll look a bit later, puppet lint is really low in priorities this week10:04
EmilienMccamacho: trying to get newton release and CI working10:04
*** kbyrne has joined #tripleo10:06
chemansiwen: did you get my last message on puppet-openstack ?10:06
*** yolanda has joined #tripleo10:06
*** oneswig has quit IRC10:06
b00tcatI'm facing another issue when building overcloud-full (again with no additions)10:07
b00tcathas anybody seen this?
b00tcatI dont know where the line `os-svc-enable -n os-collect-config` that makes it fail comes from10:08
EmilienMshardy_mtg, jaosorior_lunch: do we have launchpads about "not testing netiso in CI"?10:08
mwhahahagfidente: whats up?10:08
gfidentemwhahaha, I was trying to understand the service name/title story10:09
gfidentecommented on the submission10:09
gfidenteI get that they can be different10:09
mwhahahak let me take a look10:09
gfidentealso thanks for helping with that10:09
mwhahahano problem10:10
b00tcatah, it comes from tripleo-image-elements, but have no clue what that line's supposed to do10:10
gfidenteb00tcat, how are you building the image? os-svc-enable should not be installed at all10:11
gfidenteon which distro are you doing the build?10:11
b00tcatgfidente: building on a CentOS 7 box with `openstack overcloud image build --type overcloud-full --node-dist centos7`10:12
*** zoli|trng is now known as zoli|lunch10:13
gfidenteb00tcat, also are you trying to build from master or a stable branch?10:15
openstackgerritMerged openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Set default TERM for tput
*** fzdarsky|afk has joined #tripleo10:16
*** matbu is now known as matbu|lunch10:17
*** itlinux has joined #tripleo10:17
*** liverpooler has joined #tripleo10:17
b00tcatgfidente: from mitaka10:18
openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/puppet-tripleo: mysql: never add brackets to mysql_bind_host
*** liverpoo1er has quit IRC10:19
EmilienMdciabrin: ^10:20
dciabrinEmilienM, saw that!10:22
gfidenteEmilienM, I forgot why we can't use normalize_ip in that submission?10:25
EmilienMgfidente: we don't want brackets10:25
EmilienMgfidente: see dciabrin's comment10:26
*** akuznetsov has quit IRC10:26
gfidenteso the brackets actually hurt in ipv6 ?10:26
dciabringfidente, apparently in recent version of galera yes10:26
*** jaosorior_lunch is now known as jaosorior10:27
gfidenteokay so I can see why this fixes it but it's weird to have an ipv6:port couple without brackets10:27
openstackgerritAttila Darazs proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Fix and improve the ansible-lint gate job
openstackgerritAttila Darazs proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Fix ansible-lint errors in all playbooks and roles
*** itlinux has quit IRC10:28
openstackgerritSaravanan KR proposed openstack/os-net-config: Add mac address to the DPDK mapping file
*** hjensas has quit IRC10:31
*** milan has joined #tripleo10:31
*** ramishra has quit IRC10:31
openstackgerritAttila Darazs proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Use relative paths in ci-scripts for
*** limao has quit IRC10:31
openstackgerritAttila Darazs proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Document Third Party CI and developer usage
*** ramishra has joined #tripleo10:33
*** jbadiapa has quit IRC10:34
*** mbound has joined #tripleo10:34
EmilienMjaosorior: what is the netiso issue10:37
*** thrash|g0ne is now known as thrash10:37
jaosoriorEmilienM: With the latest tripleoclient. Trying to deploy net-iso will fail, due to wrong manipulation of the environments10:40
EmilienMjaosorior: something was not backported?10:40
EmilienMor is it a new bug?10:40
jaosoriorEmilienM: no, it's a bug. d0ugal has a fix and I tested it10:40
jaosoriorseems to work10:40
EmilienMjaosorior: where?10:41
EmilienMthe 2 patches that are reviewed already?10:41
EmilienMjaosorior: +A10:41
EmilienMwe need to backport it10:41
EmilienMI'll take care of it10:42
jaosoriorEmilienM: what we don't understand is how that's not blowing up in CI. Which is why we got really concerned10:42
jaosoriorEmilienM: thanks for checking it out dude10:42
EmilienMyes this is concerning10:42
d0ugalEmilienM: Thanks10:42
EmilienMI'll look after10:42
EmilienMdo we have any other outstanding reviews today?10:42
EmilienMexcept the undercloud that waits for the dependency to merge?10:42
EmilienMd0ugal: thanks to you for the quick fixes10:43
openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add fluentd client service
jaosoriorEmilienM: there are two other fixes by d0ugal that are pending to be merged. But one needs further discussing with rbrady10:44
jaosoriorEmilienM: got any reviews yourself?10:45
EmilienMnow I'm looking why we didn't catch the netiso problem10:45
EmilienMjaosorior: nothing outstanding10:45
EmilienMI have some patches but not super urgent10:45
openstackgerritDougal Matthews proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Remove the environments from Mistral when removing from Swift
d0ugaljaosorior, EmilienM: I just updated 200~
d0ugalwith a link to a bug so we improve it later10:46
d0ugalI think rbrady will be happy with that now10:46
EmilienMjaosorior: this one is interested for debug (re EPEL issue)
jaosoriord0ugal: thanks dude. I'll test it out again just to make sure. Great job man!10:46
d0ugaljaosorior: cheers.10:46
d0ugalEmilienM: One of the errors we missed that partially broke things was because we didn't check the plan creation in instack-undercloud. I added that here:
d0ugalEmilienM: It's less urgent, but could help catch some errors in the future.10:47
EmilienMd0ugal: indeeed10:47
EmilienMI'll make sure it lands asap10:47
openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: get_host_info: get repos list
EmilienMjaosorior: rebasing to check if we have epel now :) ^10:48
*** hjensas has joined #tripleo10:50
*** shardy_mtg is now known as shardy10:51
*** chem has quit IRC10:51
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Hook internal TLS flag to apache-based services
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add flag for internal TLS
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add HAProxy TLS handled by certmonger as composable service
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Set client protocol for glance registry client
*** social has quit IRC10:54
*** skramaja has quit IRC10:55
*** skramaja has joined #tripleo10:58
*** itlinux has joined #tripleo10:58
*** akrivoka has quit IRC11:02
*** fzdarsky|afk has quit IRC11:03
*** chem has joined #tripleo11:03
openstackgerrityolanda.robla proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Customize undercloud and overcloud with virt-customize
openstackgerrityolanda.robla proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Customize undercloud and overcloud with virt-customize
*** electrofelix has joined #tripleo11:04
jaosoriorccamacho: gonna go to this?
ccamachojaosorior, yahp11:06
ccamachoare you in Madrid?11:06
jaosoriorccamacho: nah11:06
openstackgerrityolanda.robla proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Customize undercloud and overcloud with virt-customize
jaosoriorjust saw it while searching for openstack events11:06
openstackgerritSwapnil Kulkarni (coolsvap) proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Add Undercloud reboot
ccamachoyeahp, probably Ill ask all of you for some advice as now im organizing and
*** shardy is now known as shardy_mtg11:07
jaosoriorduuude nice!11:08
ccamachoIm thinking in something like to do some "OpenStack happy Thursdays"11:08
*** pgadiya has quit IRC11:08
*** sai has quit IRC11:08
ccamacho1 tech discussion and another off-topic one (Each month)11:08
*** itlinux has quit IRC11:09
*** Guest4072 has quit IRC11:09
*** pgadiya has joined #tripleo11:09
*** pgadiya has quit IRC11:09
*** sai has joined #tripleo11:10
*** pgadiya has joined #tripleo11:10
jaosoriorccamacho: gonna bring tripleo there? :P11:11
EmilienMI did last night in Montreal meetup11:11
EmilienMpeople was interested11:11
jaosoriorEmilienM: are there some people that have tried it already?11:12
EmilienMjaosorior: not in the room, but it was a really small meetup11:12
*** rook has joined #tripleo11:12
EmilienMjaosorior: most of people here use manual deployments driven by puppet+ansible or ansible11:12
*** bvandenh has quit IRC11:12
*** rook is now known as Guest6343911:12
EmilienMthough I found some folks using our puppet modules! ahah11:13
jaosoriorhaha well that's pretty cool too11:13
openstackgerritMerged openstack/tripleo-common: Add template processing to the update plan workflow.
*** akrivoka has joined #tripleo11:14
*** stendulker has quit IRC11:16
*** jpena is now known as jpena|lunch11:17
colonwqEmilienM, Thanks for the answer last night. I was trying to see if there was a way to run a subset of tests instead of all.11:19
colonwqwhich puppet modules were they using?11:20
*** bvandenh has joined #tripleo11:28
*** chem has quit IRC11:29
openstackgerritBrad P. Crochet proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Revert "Upgrades: Add initialization stage to 'overcloud upgrade'"
openstackgerritBrad P. Crochet proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Revert "Upgrades: Add finish stage to 'overcloud upgrade'"
openstackgerritBrad P. Crochet proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Revert "Upgrades: Add 'stack upgrade' command"
*** chem has joined #tripleo11:30
*** zoli|lunch is now known as zoli|trng11:30
*** chem has quit IRC11:30
*** chem has joined #tripleo11:30
openstackgerritBrad P. Crochet proposed openstack/tripleo-common: Revert "Upgrades: Add initialization to StackUpgradeManager"
openstackgerritBrad P. Crochet proposed openstack/tripleo-common: Revert "Upgrades: Add post-upgrade stack update"
openstackgerritBrad P. Crochet proposed openstack/tripleo-common: Revert "Upgrades: Add StackUpgradeManager"
*** sai has quit IRC11:32
openstackgerritMerged openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Convert allNodesConfig properties to composable jinja2
*** sai has joined #tripleo11:33
*** openstackgerrit has quit IRC11:34
*** openstackgerrit has joined #tripleo11:34
*** hjensas has quit IRC11:37
*** bvandenh has quit IRC11:37
gfidented0ugal, I think I need help troubleshooting why deploystackaction fails11:37
gfidentehave a min?11:37
gfidenteit fails before the heat stack is created and after the plan is loaded in swift11:38
jaosoriorgfidente: I've been dealing with some of those issues lately. What's up?11:38
*** mbound has quit IRC11:38
gfidentejaosorior, hey thanks11:38
gfidentemessage is  u'message': u"Failed to run action [action_ex_id=0018c1a7-0443-4a52-8cbf-aeb3671079be, action_cls='<class 'mistral.actions.action_factory.DeployStackAction'>', attributes='{}', params='{u'container': u'overcloud', u'timeout': 240}']\n 'Result' object has no attribute 'copy'",11:39
jaosoriornwo that's a new one11:39
jaosorioris that the only error you're seeing?11:39
jaosoriorgfidente: is it stable/newton or master?11:39
d0ugalgfidente, jaosorior: it's old :-D11:39
d0ugalI have a fix...11:39
gfidented0ugal, it's master11:40
d0ugalgfidente: Sure, I mean it's not new to me :)11:40
gfidentethough the reason I am sad is not the error itself but rather that I am unable to troubleshoot the11:40
d0ugalgfidente: You are getting an error, but it is being hidden.11:40
d0ugalThat will reveal that actual error.11:40
*** bfournie has quit IRC11:41
d0ugaljaosorior, EmilienM - so this would probably be good to add, I only done it in theory I didn't know anyone was hitting it but it seems gfidente is.
gfidenteok trying it out11:42
d0ugalgfidente: Thanks - you might find the real error in the Mistral log11:42
d0ugalI mean, you should find it there.11:42
*** sai has quit IRC11:43
*** Guest63439 has quit IRC11:43
gfidenteInvalidSchema: No connection adapters were found for 'file:///home/stack/deploy/tripleo-heat-templates/puppet/manifests/overcloud_controller_pacemaker.pp11:43
*** sai has joined #tripleo11:44
*** matbu|lunch is now known as matbu11:46
openstackgerritDougal Matthews proposed openstack/tripleo-common: Provide: return task result in case of failure
*** rook_ has joined #tripleo11:47
gfidented0ugal, looks like it didn't like file:// ?11:48
d0ugalgfidente: hrm, interesting. Do you have the full error?11:48
d0ugalI think I can guess roughly where it would be11:49
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-hungry11:50
*** DrBacchus has joined #tripleo11:55
tobias-fiberdataccamacho, we reinstalled the machine running the undercloud, and installed with newton instead, and that seems to work. we used mitaka earlier and that failed on some package dependencies. So it's perhaps worth to check that out. we used the guide and followed the mitaka steps for repos.11:55
ccamachotobias-fiberdata, thanks for re-checking, Ill add it to my queue to deploy mitaka (today afternoon/tomorrow morning)11:57
*** ohamada has quit IRC11:58
*** ohamada_ has joined #tripleo11:58
*** rbowen has quit IRC11:59
openstackgerritmathieu bultel proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Fix nested list for enabled_services
tobias-fiberdataccamacho, great! from what we can see the official release of newton is october 6th? how much does the code of newton actually change in that time? As we are up to deploying a new overcloud for production. It for me feels scary to deploy something that hasnt been tested sharply in production yet. but i dont know, is that a bad idea?12:00
*** bvandenh has joined #tripleo12:00
*** jbadiapa has joined #tripleo12:01
openstackgerritmathieu bultel proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Fix nested list for enabled_services
tobias-fiberdataccamacho, went through the guide and getting this, even with newton12:03
tobias-fiberdataso sadly i was to optimistic XD12:03
*** morazi has joined #tripleo12:04
ccamachotobias-fiberdata give me a few mins to check it, I have installed master yesterday and it worked the undercloud install, let me provision and run it for mitaka to check some logs there12:06
tobias-fiberdatathis error was with newton12:07
tobias-fiberdatabut it might be related to ip6tables12:07
*** jayg|g0n3 is now known as jayg12:09
*** itlinux has joined #tripleo12:09
*** rook_ has quit IRC12:10
*** sai has quit IRC12:10
*** rook has joined #tripleo12:10
*** rook is now known as Guest7992612:10
*** sai has joined #tripleo12:11
jaosoriorEmilienM: hey dude, would really use your feedback on this commit
beaglesbnemec: EmilienM: I pinged on this yesterday, but I think it was around the time of a netsplit event and you may have missed it...12:13
beaglesbnemec: EmilienM: I've marked it as RC-2 for the time being - mainly because I'm not sure what the best way to fix it yet12:14
openstackgerritPradeep Kilambi proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Expose parameter to enable combination alarms
*** bfournie has joined #tripleo12:15
*** itlinux has quit IRC12:20
jaosorioreasy one liner: :D12:23
jaosoriorif someone can check it out12:23
slaglejaosorior: oh was that deferred until ocata?12:27
slaglejaosorior: was just looking at the blueprint12:28
*** pgadiya has quit IRC12:28
tobias-fiberdataccamacho, dont bother, updated the kernel and newton worked12:29
ccamachotobias-fiberdata, thanks for the updat12:29
jaosoriorslagle: well, that commit you just +2ed is required for the code of the blueprint to work. However, it pretty much fixes a bug (which people are not hitting cause nobody but me is configuring TLS everywhere)12:31
slaglegfidente: is this complete?
gfidenteslagle, hey! yes!12:31
jaosoriorslagle: but yeah, the certmonger blueprint was deferred12:31
jaosoriorany idea when we branch?12:32
*** chem has quit IRC12:32
slaglejaosorior: ok, so we can't merge it due to FF12:33
slaglenot sure about the branches, but probably soon'ish12:33
jaosoriorslagle: that CR it's not a feature, but a bugfix12:33
d0ugalshardy_mtg: ping, if you get a spare bit of time today12:33
slaglejaosorior: yea, understood, but it's marked as implementing a bp and not associated with a bug :)12:34
jaosoriorgood point12:34
jaosoriorlet me fix that12:34
slagleand we've never supported tls it could go either way12:34
jaosoriorslagle: well, it will always be set to 'http' until we support it in ocata12:34
jaosoriorslagle: and having that bugfix is pretty harmless in that sense.12:35
slaglejaosorior: yes, i understand what you're saying. but we are in FF. and it's harmless not have it right?12:35
slaglejust saying :)12:35
slaglei guess if someone feels strongly about pushing it through...12:36
*** chem has joined #tripleo12:36
slaglei'm just personally taking a different view at this stage in the cycle12:36
jaosoriorslagle: unless our consultants actually pull off doing TLS everywhere through extraconfig (which they are attempting), then it'll actually benefit those folks12:36
*** shardy_mtg is now known as shardy12:39
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Hook internal TLS flag to apache-based services
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add flag for internal TLS
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add HAProxy TLS handled by certmonger as composable service
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Add option to specify Certmonger CA
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Set client protocol for glance registry client
shardyd0ugal: Hi12:39
d0ugalshardy: Hey - so, I have found a problem with gfidente and I'm not sure how easy it will be to solve.12:40
d0ugalshardy: we use heatclient to find all the files to upload to swift, but in the process of it doing that it resolves the paths in type: and get_file:12:41
jaosoriorslagle: sure, the CA one I'm actually fine with the -212:41
d0ugalshardy: which then means the yaml files have file:// everywhere, which make no sense once they are in swift12:41
jaosoriormakes sense12:41
d0ugalshardy: are you familiar with this functionality in heatclient? I assume that is where it is. or do you know where I can get help?12:41
d0ugalI need to be able to hook into it I guess somehow :/12:42
shardyjaosorior, slagle: we were planning to branch for RC1 tomorrow, but Emilien isn't planning to branch the puppet modules yet, so we may delay by a week or so to align with that12:42
shardywhich will also reduce some of the backports required for the remaining FFE's & bugfixes12:42
slagleshardy: yea, that's fine, i just want to make sure we are honoring FF in the meantime12:43
jaosoriorshardy: what's missing for the puppet-modules?12:43
shardyslagle: ack, agreed, thanks!12:43
*** pgadiya has joined #tripleo12:43
slaglewe ought to be focused on newton regardless, but, i understand some have moved on12:43
*** pgadiya has quit IRC12:43
shardyjaosorior: No idea, EmilienM can probably provide details on why12:43
*** pgadiya has joined #tripleo12:43
shardyd0ugal: Yeah that's from heatclient, if it's not what you want then you can just rewrite the prefix in the files map passed to heat12:44
shardyd0ugal: the keys can be anything, but they must match the resource_registry entries, and any direct file references in the heat templates12:44
shardyd0ugal: since we're resolving the files via heat, the file:// prefix sounds like a heat bug12:45
shardye.g we are resolving them via swift now since
*** sai has quit IRC12:46
gfidented0ugal, shardy from heatclient looks like that is because we pass a path12:46
*** jtomasek has quit IRC12:46
gfidenteand not a url, if we were to pass a url it wouldn't use file://12:46
shardyd0ugal: I'm not sure how much of a problem it is - provided the keys are consistent it should work, but I agree the prefix may be misleading12:46
gfidentebut that means uploading before the heatclient call?12:46
d0ugalshardy: so, for example, this type:
*** Guest79926 has quit IRC12:47
shardygfidente: Yeah, we must create the plan in swift before the call to get_template_contents:12:47
gfidenteah right we pass template_object sorry12:47
d0ugalshardy: it becomes something like: {"type": "file:///home/stack/deploy/tripleo-heat-templates/puppet/services/ceph-base.yaml"12:47
shardygfidente: Yeah, I changed that quite recently12:47
d0ugalshardy: (I picked a differnt type, but you should get the idea)12:48
shardyd0ugal: Yeah, that's expected12:48
larsksshardy, if you have a moment, I'd like to bug you w/ some questions about the brave new world of overcloud.j2.yaml.12:48
shardythat type will match a key in the files map12:48
jaosoriorslagle: commits for documentation are OK still, right?12:48
gfidenteand resolve_template_get_files is doing the same for get_file:12:48
shardyjaosorior: yes12:48
shardylarsks: Hi, sure12:49
*** dsariel has quit IRC12:49
jaosoriorCan someone check these two doc commits out?
*** proffalken has joined #tripleo12:49
larsksshardy, first, what are the requirements for running an overcloud deploy w/ tht master?  I upgraded python-tripleoclient and tripleo-common, but was getting a "Workflow not found" error.12:50
*** hjensas has joined #tripleo12:50
*** hjensas has quit IRC12:50
*** hjensas has joined #tripleo12:50
jaosoriorlarsks: you might need to update your undercloud12:50
shardylarsks: You need the latest master tripleoclient and tripleo-common, and you need to either manually update the mistral actions/workflows or re-run openstack undercloud install (which does this)12:51
larsksshardy, jaosorior, thanks.  I'll give that a try.12:51
larsksshardy,  second question, is the only way to set things like ControllerCount via the cli now (i.e., is there a way to set that via an environment file)?12:51
larsksLooking at overcloud.j2.yaml and roles_data.yml I wasn't sure.12:52
shardylarsks: mistral-db-manage populate populates any new actions (then restart mistral-engine and possibly mistral-executor)12:52
*** sai has joined #tripleo12:53
shardylarsks: that shows how to update the workflows12:53
larsksshardy, thanks, I will take a look.12:53
shardylarsks: No you can still set ControllerCount via the environment exactly the same as before12:54
shardylarsks: we just generate the parameter definition on the fly now12:54
shardylarsks: you can check by swift download overcloud/overcloud.yaml after triggering the deployment or creating the plan12:54
shardythat'll show your rendered overcloud template12:54
larsksshardy, ah, I see that now that I am looking at overcloud.j2.yaml after a full night's sleep.12:55
shardylarsks: np - I need to write some docs/blog about this but been travelling this week12:55
*** rook_ has joined #tripleo12:55
*** jpena|lunch is now known as jpena12:55
*** pgadiya has quit IRC12:57
*** tzumainn has joined #tripleo12:57
*** lucas-hungry is now known as lucasagomes12:57
*** larsks has left #tripleo12:58
*** larsks has joined #tripleo12:59
*** jaosorior has quit IRC13:01
*** dprince has joined #tripleo13:01
*** dprince has quit IRC13:01
*** jaosorior has joined #tripleo13:02
*** pradk has quit IRC13:03
*** ccamacho is now known as ccamacho|lunch13:04
*** fzdarsky|afk has joined #tripleo13:05
*** sai has quit IRC13:05
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*** chem has quit IRC13:07
*** sai has joined #tripleo13:07
*** Goneri has joined #tripleo13:08
*** fzdarsky|afk is now known as fzdarsky13:08
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*** fultonj has joined #tripleo13:09
*** chem has joined #tripleo13:10
*** onovy has joined #tripleo13:12
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*** rlandy has joined #tripleo13:17
*** jprovazn has quit IRC13:18
*** myoung|bbl is now known as myoung13:20
*** itlinux has joined #tripleo13:20
ayoung  so just reran quickstart, and looking at the RPMs in the image from master, some of them are quite old.  For example python-os-client-config-1.18.0-0.20160802185324.51b4cbe.el7.centos.src.rpm2016-08-02 18:53 63K13:21
openstackgerrityolanda.robla proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Customize undercloud and overcloud with virt-customize
ayoungthe Yum directory was update 2016-08-23 15:5213:23
ayoungis there a  reason we locked the RPMs to a specific version?13:23
*** shardy has quit IRC13:23
slaglerbrady: d0ugal : can we call this one implemented now?
slagleseems like the last patches are covered by the other blueprint13:24
slagleand i dont see any other patches needing review on
*** jistr|mtg is now known as jistr13:24
*** rhallisey has joined #tripleo13:24
*** dsneddon has quit IRC13:25
larsksI am trying to run a deploy and I get: Exception creating plan: Error occurred creating plan: Duplicate entry for Environment: ['name']13:25
larsksWhat is that trying to tell me?13:25
*** dsariel has joined #tripleo13:26
larsksjaosorior, any idea?13:26
mcorneashardy: hi! how does the node tagging work in the context of custom roles? we usually pass the flavors via the cli e.g --compute-flavor. how ar we going to specify those for the custom roles?13:26
*** athomas has quit IRC13:26
larsksmcornea, I think shardy is not here right now.13:27
mcornealarsks: oops, missed him13:27
jaosoriorlarsks: hey dude, you need some patches13:27
jaosoriorwait up13:27
jaosoriorlet me fetch them13:28
jaosoriorlarsks: but yeah, that one is a known issue13:28
jaosoriorlarsks: you need these for tripleoclient
larsksjaosorior, thanks, taking a look...13:29
jaosoriorlarsks: you need this for tripleo-common
jaosoriorlarsks: and this from zaqar
larsksMy day is going to be a lot more complicated than I had anticipated.13:29
jaosoriorlarsks: haha, yep, been having these issues from yesterday, but thankfully there are now fixes to all of them13:30
jaosoriorwith those I've been able to continue my development workflow13:30
larsksjaosorior, that last patch was for zaqar?13:30
larsksWhere is that used?13:30
jaosoriorlarsks: so mistral uses zaqar, and the deal is that we pass around environments and such, which might contain periods. now zaqar uses mongodb, so if it finds a period in a key it doesn't allow it13:31
larsksGot it.13:31
jaosoriorlarsks: so that commit gets rid of that limitation13:31
rbradyslagle: I believe so.  We're just fixing bugs at this point13:32
openstackgerritGabriele Cerami proposed openstack/puppet-tripleo: Swift add_devices.pp IPv6 handling
*** dsariel has quit IRC13:34
*** itlinux has quit IRC13:34
*** jcoufal has quit IRC13:34
*** cwolferh has joined #tripleo13:34
slaglerbrady: great, thanks13:39
*** dsariel has joined #tripleo13:40
openstackgerritGabriele Cerami proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Collapse devmode definitions on release file
openstackgerritmathieu bultel proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Remove batch_create property from the CephMon SFdeploymentGroup
openstackgerritmathieu bultel proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Remove batch_create property from the CephMon SFdeploymentGroup
openstackgerritGabriele Cerami proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Collapse devmode definitions on release file
*** jprovazn has joined #tripleo13:46
*** egafford has joined #tripleo13:48
*** jistr is now known as jistr|mtg13:49
*** mbound has joined #tripleo13:50
*** adarazs is now known as adarazs_brb13:50
*** ccamacho|lunch is now known as ccamacho13:53
*** shardy has joined #tripleo13:55
*** penick has quit IRC13:56
*** athomas has joined #tripleo13:59
EmilienMderekh, bnemec: good morning/afternoon - have you noticed rh1 issues today? sounds like jobs are timeouting for a few hours or so13:59
*** akshai has joined #tripleo14:01
*** trown is now known as trown|brb14:03
d0ugalslagle: Yup, I agree with rbrady14:04
*** kbyrne has quit IRC14:04
*** pradk has joined #tripleo14:05
*** pradk- has joined #tripleo14:05
*** pradk- has quit IRC14:05
*** rodrigods has quit IRC14:06
*** rodrigods has joined #tripleo14:06
*** adarazs_brb is now known as adarazs14:06
slagled0ugal: thanks, i moved it to implemented14:06
slagleone more blueprint down!14:06
*** kbyrne has joined #tripleo14:06
*** trown|brb is now known as trown14:06
d0ugalslagle: \o/14:07
*** ayoung has quit IRC14:08
slagleEmilienM: fwiw, all the jobs are timing out at the same spot:14:08
openstackgerritMerged openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Collapse devmode definitions on release file
slagleUpdateDeployment]: CREATE_COMPLETE  state changed14:08
slagleso i wonder if it's related to a recent patch we merged14:08
*** limao has joined #tripleo14:09
EmilienMyeah, let's see what we merged14:09
*** dsariel has quit IRC14:09
*** limao_ has joined #tripleo14:10
derekhslagle: I rechecked "" when its running we should be able to see whats happening14:12
*** limao has quit IRC14:13
honzabig shoutout to shadower and d0ugal for helping me with overcloud installation yesterday, all working now14:13
d0ugalhonza: yay14:13
* d0ugal didn't think he helped that much14:13
d0ugalhonza: Was this overcloud via the GUI?14:14
EmilienMright something now breaks when [UpdateDeployment]: CREATE_COMPLETE  state changed14:15
honzad0ugal: no, CLI --- your major contribution was that magic failures command; i hadn't heard of that :)14:15
EmilienMd0ugal, jaosorior, shardy ^ does it ring a bell ^ ? our CI is currently consistently failing on this error14:15
d0ugalhonza: aha, cool - it is very useful.14:16
d0ugalEmilienM: No, that's new to me.14:16
slagleEmilienM: maybe we should test a revert of that14:17
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|mtg14:17
slagletrying a deployment locally as well so i can get a closer look14:17
EmilienMmhh wait before revert i'm still investigating our recent merges14:17
slagleEmilienM: i meant just try a revert, see if it passes CI14:18
shardy[UpdateDeployment]: CREATE_COMPLETE  state changed isn't an error, is there anything else interesting in the postci logs?14:18
slaglenot merge it immediately14:18
slagleshardy: no, it just stalls there and eventually hits the job timeout14:18
slagleand then we dont get any other logs14:18
EmilienMno logs :(14:19
EmilienMpabelanger: that's a problem for us, when jobs timeout, we don't have any logs14:19
slagleNetworkDeployment is CREATE_IN_PROGRESS, so it could be that14:19
shardyah, no error path for os-net-config :(14:21
* shardy looks at his patch fixing that14:21
shardytoo late for newton, but I'll rebase that when we branch14:21
mandreEmilienM: how can have you change your mind on
EmilienMmandre: will look in a few14:22
derekhEmilienM: I often wonder if we can add a log collect section in the job deinition here
derekhEmilienM: so it doesn't get effected by the build-timeout14:23
bnemecThe multinode job is also failing pretty consistently on messaging timeouts:
EmilienMderekh: right, i'll see how we can move the tripleo-ci log collection into a zuul layout that we can use after a job finish or timeout14:26
mandreEmilienM: \o/ let me know if the lack of ordering with apache is really an issue14:28
tobias-fiberdataslagle, could you give me a hand? How do i check in swift that there's information stored during introspection?14:28
*** Guest90031 is now known as cmyster14:28
*** cmyster has joined #tripleo14:28
slagletobias-fiberdata: swift -h?14:29
tobias-fiberdataslagle, great14:29
*** yamahata has joined #tripleo14:29
shardytobias-fiberdata: ^^14:30
tobias-fiberdatathanks man shardy14:30
tdasilvatobias-fiberdata: just in case you are looking for some more detailed swift cli help, this might be helpful:
*** jaosorior has quit IRC14:31
tobias-fiberdatai'm just getting stuck doing introspection on my new hardware14:32
*** saneax is now known as saneax-_-|AFK14:32
*** limao_ has quit IRC14:33
*** limao has joined #tripleo14:33
*** limao has quit IRC14:33
*** fragatina has joined #tripleo14:34
*** itlinux has joined #tripleo14:35
EmilienMslagle, shardy, derekh: /me working on zuul config to have logs even if our jobs timeout14:35
tobias-fiberdatatdasilva, thanks14:35
slagleEmilienM: i'm leaning towards it being something with ovb setting up the networking14:36
slaglei can't reproduce locally14:36
shardytobias-fiberdata: may help?14:36
akrivokashardy: it seems that the UI will need to land in newton - I'm not sure if FFE is needed for this as it is tracked under tripleo-common rather than tripleo?14:38
*** fragatina has quit IRC14:38
shardyakrivoka: I thought we agreed to stop tracking things in the tripleo-common org and delete it14:39
shardyakrivoka: Yes, it should have been a FFE like the other mistral things we added14:40
akrivokashardy: I think that's right, but this bp is a few months old14:40
shardyakrivoka: can you please copy the BP into the tripleo org then we can track landing it?14:40
akrivokajrist: ^14:40
shardyakrivoka: Yeah, just got missed I guess14:40
shardyperhaps we should go ahead and delete the tripleo-common project to make it clear14:41
shardyI'm OK with landing it but we need the patch ready asap14:41
d0ugalakrivoka: is there a patch for it now?14:41
d0ugalI can review/test stuff14:41
shardythere is but it has a -114:41
jristthanks akrivoka14:41
akrivokad0ugal: I'm working on a final update14:41
akrivokad0ugal: but could use some help if you have a moment14:41
openstackgerritMerged openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Use relative paths in ci-scripts for
jristakrivoka: do you mind moving it or would you rather I do it?14:42
d0ugalakrivoka: Sure, I can try14:42
akrivokajrist: I'm working on the patch, can you do it?14:42
EmilienMslagle: moving out logs export from tripleo-ci to zuul looks really complicated, using lot of functions, and variable within tripleo-ci. I'm wondering of an alternative, maybe set timeout when deploying overcloud?14:42
*** panda is now known as panda|bbl14:43
akrivokad0ugal: so the only thing I need to add is some flavors checking in nova, for that I need to add nova client here
slagleEmilienM: we already set OVERCLOUD_DEPLOY_TIMEOUT=$((DEVSTACK_GATE_TIMEOUT-90))14:44
akrivokad0ugal: but I'm puzzled as to how to achieve that as it seems that nova client needs username/password auth and does not accept auth_token like the rest of the clients listed there14:44
shardyakrivoka: can't we use the built in nova actions from mistral?14:45
slagleEmilienM: so it gets set to 80 minutes14:45
shardyand add that into the workflow?14:45
slagleEmilienM: interesting enough, it looks like Heat is ignoring that14:45
jristakrivoka: unfortunately I don't think I have access to retarget14:45
jristI can create a brand new one in tripleo14:45
d0ugalakrivoka: what shardy said would be best, otherwise I'd have to take a look. I'm not sure I've used novaclient before.14:46
shardyjrist: I can add you to tripleo drivers, but I think you'll need to create a new one14:46
EmilienMslagle: reason is simple, OVERCLOUD_DEPLOY_TIMEOUT is only used by multinode jobs.14:46
jristshardy: thanks. creating a new one14:46
akrivokashardy: Im not sure, I need to inspect every flavor and look into extra_specs, some custom logic is needed there14:47
akrivokashardy: can you point me to mistral nova actions?14:47
* akrivoka has no experience with mistral whatsoever...14:47
slagleEmilienM: no. it's used for all jobs14:47
d0ugalakrivoka: mistral action-list | grep nova14:48
slagleit's added to $OVERCLOUD_DEPLOY_ARGS by default14:48
slagleEmilienM: if you look here, we are passing "-t 80":
slaglebut the overcloud create starts at 11:27 and gets killed by the job timeout at 13:1614:49
shardythat shows how it works14:49
shardyakrivoka: basically the actions are generated by mistral based on the novaclient interfaces14:49
shardysame for all other services14:49
akrivokathanks, I'll look14:49
EmilienMslagle: looking at tripleoclient14:50
d0ugalakrivoka: as a warning, if you do need to add novaclient that will require a packaging update which creates a bit of a chain of events. So it's easier if you can avoid it :)14:51
EmilienMslagle: I'm wondering if mistral takes care of the timeout14:51
EmilienMslagle: see
d0ugalEmilienM: What timeout?14:51
EmilienMd0ugal: overcloud deployment14:52
EmilienMd0ugal: it seems like overcloud timeout option is not addressed14:52
d0ugalEmilienM: Yeah, I think it might not be passed to the workflow (which does accept it). I'm just checking.14:53
slagleit's the -t option you pass to heat14:53
*** dsariel has joined #tripleo14:53
d0ugalEmilienM, slagle: it needs to be passed here:
d0ugalEmilienM, slagle: patch incoming.14:54
openstackgerritDougal Matthews proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Pass the timeout to the deploy workflow
d0ugalEmilienM, slagle: ^14:56
d0ugalTotally untested.14:56
d0ugalEmilienM, slagle: it is hard-coded to 240 mins otherwise.
d0ugalhonza: ^ turns out changing the timeout wouldn't do anything :)14:57
* honza dies14:57
EmilienMd0ugal: well, we'll see if it works, all ovb jobs are currently timeouting14:59
tobias-fiberdatathis parameter in undercloud.conf14:59
d0ugalEmilienM: given the CLI default is also 240, I doubt it will actually change anything?14:59
*** akshai has quit IRC14:59
tobias-fiberdatainspection_extras = true15:00
tobias-fiberdatais it possible to change that without rerunning the whole thing?15:00
tobias-fiberdatai think i've asked that question earlier aswell15:00
*** jlinkes has quit IRC15:00
*** akshai has joined #tripleo15:01
*** jistr|mtg is now known as jistr15:01
*** rook_ is now known as rook15:01
jristrdo meeting if anyoen is interested in #rdo15:03
*** jlinkes has joined #tripleo15:05
openstackgerritAttila Darazs proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Add all the gating functionality to
shardytobias-fiberdata: dtantsur|mtg can confirm, but I think you may be able to hack /httpboot/inspector.ipxe to remove the extra-hardware option15:08
shardytobias-fiberdata: safest option is to re-run the openstack undercloud install with a modified undercloud.conf tho15:08
dtantsur|mtgboth will work15:08
trownthanks jrist, there is a tripleo topic on the agenda about making exceptions for tripleo gated packages for the upper-constraints based dlrn instance (now the default, causing us to only get released versions of things in upper-constraints)15:08
jristwhat is "upper-constraints"?15:09
jristI am uninformed15:09
gfidenteguys, have a link to the proposed summit topics for tripleo?15:09
gfidentethe etherpad I mean15:09
*** oshvartz has quit IRC15:10
trownjrist: it is the list of upper bounds for versions of libraries used in openstack gates15:10
tobias-fiberdatashardy, i understand15:11
trownbut DIB, python-tripleoclient are on that list which is a bit awkward15:11
trownrdo switched to using that list, because many projects on that list do not prioritize keeping master working because they expect users to only use releases15:11
jristtrown: good to know. are you on the meeting then?15:12
jristI can back you up if needed :)15:12
trownya, I put the topic up :)15:12
*** snecklifter_ has joined #tripleo15:13
*** eggmaster has joined #tripleo15:14
*** DrBacchus is now known as rbowen15:15
*** dsariel has quit IRC15:17
*** jlinkes has quit IRC15:17
*** jlinkes has joined #tripleo15:17
*** snecklifter has quit IRC15:18
*** snecklifter_ is now known as snecklifter15:18
*** snecklifter_ has joined #tripleo15:18
*** ebarrera has quit IRC15:19
*** pblaho has quit IRC15:21
*** pblaho has joined #tripleo15:23
*** abehl has quit IRC15:25
pabelangerEmilienM: have you determined the issue with missing logs?15:26
trownjrist: looks actually solved in meeting etherpad before the topic came up :)15:27
d0ugalshardy, gfidente - this is a bug for what we were walking about earlier. If you have any ideas/suggestions please add comments.
openstackLaunchpad bug 1623552 in tripleo "heatclient resolves paths for types and get_file calls that then don't make sense in swift" [Critical,Confirmed]15:27
gfidented0ugal, tks!15:28
d0ugalshardy, gfidente: at the moment I am not totally sure how to move forward... but that might just be because at this time of the day my head is fried.15:28
gfidented0ugal, right sounds like we could pursue what shardy said15:28
EmilienMpabelanger: not 100% clear to me now if d0ugal's patch on will actually help us15:32
d0ugalEmilienM: I don't see that it will.15:32
trownd0ugal: thrash, is there plans to add python-tripleoclient to UC? for some reason I thought it was there, but I may have been confused by the early branching stuff
shardyd0ugal: is it actually critical?15:33
trownlooks like DIB was the only package we were not getting updated in master15:33
shardyd0ugal: or do we just end up with confusing paths which actually work?15:33
d0ugalshardy: it is breaking deployments, so I think so. gfidente's was crashing.15:33
shardyd0ugal: Ok, I'll take a look later - I assume we've got a mismatch somewhere15:33
shardyd0ugal: basically we just need to make the names/keys match15:34
tobias-fiberdatashardy, i can confirm that Huawei Hardware is working great with tripleO15:34
d0ugalshardy: Yeah, I think maybe I took the wrong approach with processing the files to upload - so it might be worth taking a look over that and seeing if it makes sense.15:34
sshnaidmEmilienM, do you know what is broken in CI now?15:34
tobias-fiberdatashardy, introspection works now15:34
sshnaidmEmilienM, I see timeouts in jobs, is it?15:34
*** rcernin has quit IRC15:34
d0ugaltrown: I have no plans, but I am not totally sure what the purpose of UC is15:35
*** dtantsur|mtg is now known as dtantsur15:35
gfidenteshardy, the issue it is causing is that some of those file:// references can't be followed15:35
openstackgerritRyan Brady proposed openstack/tripleo-common: Port password generation from tripleoclient to tripleo-common
trownd0ugal: I guess it is for libraries for testing in upstream gates, so all the projects use the same upper version for the libraries...15:35
trownd0ugal: all the other clients are there is why I asked, but I don't think we would get any benefit by adding python-tripleoclient there15:36
*** aufi has quit IRC15:37
EmilienMsshnaidm: yes15:37
*** chem has quit IRC15:38
shardygfidente: ack - I guess we need to instead strip the prefix completely, or use the object URL prefix15:38
d0ugaltrown: Yeah, I'm not sure. I don't see any benefit but I am not against it either.15:38
gfidenteshardy, yah15:39
gfidenteshardy, looks like type: file:// can be followed15:39
shardyd0ugal: ack - tbh I thought there was scope for some rework of that stuff when I wired in the object calls but not had time to properly look at it yet15:39
shardygfidente: you mean on the heat server?15:39
*** ccamacho has quit IRC15:40
shardyor in heatclient?15:40
jristhonza: are you aware of ?15:40
d0ugalshardy: I'm sure, I'm going to take a break because my head is killing me but I'll try and continue with this later.15:40
thrashtrown: +1 to what d0ugal said15:40
trownd0ugal: k no worries just updating RDO list for tripleo exceptions to that list, so we get latest packages... looks like only DIB needs to be added15:40
jristhonza: this might effect overcloudrc generation15:40
sshnaidmtrown, also ironic afaik15:40
shardyd0ugal: np, I'll try to take a look but it won't be until tomorrow15:40
*** pcaruana has quit IRC15:40
trownsshnaidm: ironic is not gated by tripleo15:41
trownsshnaidm: also only ironic-lib and the clients are on that list15:41
sshnaidmtrown, ooops, my mistake15:42
sshnaidmtrown, and tripleo-common?15:42
trownsshnaidm: tripleo-common is already there: as are the os-*-config libs15:43
*** shardy has quit IRC15:43
sshnaidmtrown, so these one will be built each commit, right?15:44
trownsshnaidm: ya they are excepted from the upper-constraints policy15:44
sshnaidmtrown, ++15:44
trownwas only missing DIB15:44
*** tremble has quit IRC15:45
slaglebnemec: are you able to look at the CI failures?15:46
slaglewasnt sure if it was due to the ovb networking setup15:46
slaglesince everything seems to be stuck on NetworkDeployment15:46
bnemecslagle: I'm trying to reproduce it in my local ovb environment.15:46
b00tcato/ hi - I can't seem to build the default overcloud-full image when I issue `openstack overcloud image build --type overcloud-full --node-dist centos7`15:47
b00tcatI'm always getting this
b00tcat(and I'm building the image on a centos7 box)15:47
b00tcatanybody seen this recently?15:47
derekhslagle: bnemec "ssh jenkins@"15:47
derekhslagle: bnemec 4th overcloud instance just went ACTIVE15:48
slagleah, nice15:48
bnemecI did notice yesterday that my network and update deployments were taking over 5 minutes locally.15:49
bnemecBut they weren't in ci at the time, so it may not be related.15:49
*** absubram has joined #tripleo15:51
*** sshnaidm is now known as sshnaidm|afk15:51
slaglecontroller-0 looks like it succeeded, but heat did not process the signal15:52
slagleor it didnt get sent15:52
*** abregman has joined #tripleo15:53
slagleos-apply-config --key instance-id --type raw --key-default ""15:54
slagleis null15:54
slagleso /usr/libexec/os-refresh-config/post-configure.d/99-refresh-completed terminates immediately15:54
gfidented0ugal, do you have any idea what the template_object15:57
gfidentewe pass to get_template_contents contains?15:57
*** ayoung has joined #tripleo15:57
slaglebnemec: EmilienM :
*** abregman has quit IRC15:58
slaglethat has got to be it15:58
slaglereverting now15:58
d0ugalgfidente: not sure, I think rbrady knows that bit well.15:58
rbradygfidente: the template_object is the full path of the template residing in swift16:00
gfidenterbrady, right16:01
gfidentethen it goes to this guy
EmilienMslagle: mhh yeah?16:01
openstackgerritJames Slagle proposed openstack/os-collect-config: Revert "Treat ec2 collector data as immutable"
openstackgerritJames Slagle proposed openstack/os-collect-config: Revert "Treat ec2 collector data as immutable"
bnemecslagle: Weird.  I wonder how that passed CI.  Did we break CI of packages installed on the overcloud again?16:02
slaglebnemec: must have :(16:02
*** ohamada_ has quit IRC16:02
bnemecNote that the problem is it isn't even looking at the ec2 metadata: [2016/09/14 04:02:02 PM] [ERROR] key instance-id does not exist in [u'/var/lib/os-collect-config/request.json', u'/var/lib/os-collect-config/NetworkDeployment.json']16:03
bnemecBut if you look at /var/lib/os-collect-config/ec2.json, instance-id is there.16:03
slaglebnemec: where are you seeing that error? i dont see that16:04
rbradygfidente: did you mean to paste that specific line?16:04
bnemecslagle: I dropped the default from your os-apply-config command above.16:04
*** ayoung has quit IRC16:04
gfidenterbrady, that line yes, but it's about
openstackLaunchpad bug 1623552 in tripleo "heatclient resolves paths for types and get_file calls that then don't make sense in swift" [Critical,Confirmed]16:05
slaglebnemec: ah, ok16:05
slaglebnemec: that means ec2.json is not in /var/lib/os-collect-config/os_config_files.json16:06
slaglewhich it isn't16:06
*** hjensas has quit IRC16:06
bnemecslagle: I'm betting it's because now we don't add the path in
*** rwsu has quit IRC16:09
*** mcornea has quit IRC16:11
*** jpena is now known as jpena|off16:11
rbradygfidente: here's the original patches involved with adding support
*** zoli|trng is now known as zoli|gone16:12
openstackgerritRonelle Landy proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Remove external requirements
EmilienMmandre: commented16:14
openstackgerritJohn Trowbridge proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Update newton release config for new image location
*** mgarciam has quit IRC16:14
*** zoli|gone is now known as zoli_gone-proxy16:15
derekhslagle: bnemec sshnaidm|afk we didn't just break  packages installed on the overcloud, we broke all package installs except DIB16:15
derekhyesterday in an attempt to work around the outdated DIB we added a second call to " --delorean-build diskimage-builder"16:16
derekhto make sure we always have the most uptodate DIB16:16
honzajrist: yeah, rbrady and i have already discussed16:16
bnemecderekh: :-(16:17
derekhbnemec: slagle sshnaidm|afk the delorean_build functions resets the DB, so we end up with a repo only containing DIB
bnemecWhy is this so hard?16:17
*** dsariel has joined #tripleo16:17
openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Use osd_pool_default_* puppet parameters when creating the pools
trownderekh: so I figured out the right way to make sure we have master of DIB and not latest release of DIB
bnemecderekh: So what we probably needed to do was just append diskimage-builder to the list of packages to build in the first place?16:18
derekhbnemec: we could probably do with a rethink of some of this logic, lots of things have organicly changed since it was first put in place16:18
derekhbnemec: yup16:19
*** abregman has joined #tripleo16:19
derekhbnemec: that would work, if DIB is pass in twice, delorean would ignore it the second time (at least it did last time I looked)16:19
trownalso I saw DIB was released this morning, so maybe we dont need any of this16:20
derekhtrown: bnemec ya, if DIB was released we could probably just remove the workaround16:20
EmilienMbnemec: what to do with ?16:22
EmilienMbnemec: should we abandon it?16:22
*** lucasagomes has quit IRC16:22
EmilienMrhallisey: 1 year without update on - what's up?16:23
bnemecEmilienM: So that's almost all implemented except the repo tool, I believe.16:23
trownEmilienM: bnemec the repo setup part would be really nice to have16:23
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo16:23
bnemecNode registration was simplified, flavor creation is done automatically, and node profiles are documented as being assignable in instackenv.json.16:23
rhalliseyEmilienM, well16:24
openstackgerritMerged openstack/tripleo-specs: Propose a config-agent bug tag
EmilienMbnemec: so i'll defer the spec to Ocata and it will need to be updated16:24
bnemecEmilienM: Well, I'm inclined to push a patch that removes the repo-setup bit of the spec and merge the rest.16:24
bnemecSince the rest of it was implemented.16:24
EmilienMbnemec: good news!16:25
trownseems reasonable16:25
bnemectrown: But yes, I still want the repo setup tool.16:25
bnemecEmilienM: I'll do that shortly.16:25
EmilienMbnemec: no pressure at all16:25
EmilienMbnemec: just /me retargeting blueprints16:25
trownbnemec: I think I saw it as a potential summit topic, but even if it does not make the cut we should chat about it in BCN16:26
*** trown is now known as trown|lunch16:28
openstackgerritBen Nemec proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: Remove forced delorean dib build
bnemectrown|lunch: Yeah, I have agendas to push in Barcelona and that's one of them. :-)16:29
slagleEmilienM: bnemec : should we just merge ?16:31
*** abregman has quit IRC16:31
slaglei think it's pretty evident that patch was the problem16:32
EmilienMslagle: approved16:32
*** rcernin has joined #tripleo16:34
*** tesseract- has quit IRC16:35
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk16:36
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC16:36
*** rasca has quit IRC16:40
*** florianf has quit IRC16:41
*** yamahata has quit IRC16:44
*** sshnaidm|afk is now known as sshnaidm16:47
*** dsariel has quit IRC16:47
sshnaidmbnemec, derekh, seems like I broke the CI with the workaround? Can we just revert it if DIB is ok. The promotion jobs already promoted jobs and should be without the epel16:48
bnemecsshnaidm: I've already pushed a patch:
derekhsshnaidm: bnemec has submitted a patch that partially reverts, I'd nearly just approve that now16:50
bnemecI'm going to push a test patch that verifies it still works in a project that rebuilds images, but I'm holding off until the ec2 revert lands since it's guaranteed to fail right now.16:50
derekhbnemec: slagle thoughts on approving that now ? CI is gonna probably fail as the ..... ya the reason bnemec just said16:51
sshnaidmbnemec, derekh  cool, sorry for that16:51
bnemecsshnaidm: We all approved it. :-)16:51
derekhsshnaidm: no prob, it happens ;-) and I +2'd it16:51
bnemecWhy is not in the gate?16:53
slaglei approved
derekhok, I gotta run, if anybody wants to just merge bnemec's patch +1 from me, its only reverting that function to what it was yesterday16:53
slaglebnemec: the check job probably hasn't passed yet16:53
*** derekh has quit IRC16:53
skramajaEmilienM: i found a bug in os-net-config related to DPDK and raised and i am working on with dsneddon..16:53
openstackLaunchpad bug 1619330 in os-net-config "os-net-config fails on 2nd run with DPDK net config" [Undecided,In progress] - Assigned to Saravanan KR (skramaja)16:53
bnemecslagle: Oh crap, that's right.  It has to pass twice.16:53
skramajaEmilienM: how to prioritize it?16:53
skramajai can;t change it..16:54
* bnemec kind of misses the days when we could force merge ci patches in 30 seconds.16:54
*** bnemec changes topic to "CI down until merges | TripleO : | | Meetings On Tuesdays at 14:00 UTC in #openstack-meeting-alt"16:54
*** tosky has quit IRC16:56
EmilienMskramaja: I can do it16:56
EmilienMoh ben did it :)16:57
bnemecYeah, I can't target it though because we don't have milestones on os-net-config.16:57
*** skramaja_ has joined #tripleo16:57
EmilienMbnemec, slagle: all the recent packaging issues make me thing about our current workflow in testing. and the fact we're not using zuul-cloner but we use RDO.16:58
*** karthiks has quit IRC16:59
*** skramaja has quit IRC16:59
slagleEmilienM: well, we can always discuss that again, but we've been around on it a few times before17:00
slagletesting with source in CI buys us nothing, b/c we have no users that deploy from source17:00
slagleso we test with packaging17:00
*** skramaja_ is now known as skramaja17:01
skramaja /msg NickServ identify saravanan17:01
EmilienMskramaja: I think you can change your password now :)17:01
EmilienMslagle: in puppet CI, our scripts use repos if zuul-cloner is not installed17:01
EmilienMslagle: /me just trying to think how to solve the fact we don't catch everything in our CI17:04
*** fragatina has joined #tripleo17:04
skramajathanks bnemec for assigning priority17:06
*** mgarciam has joined #tripleo17:06
sshnaidmcores, please take a look at:  it'll help to debug issues when booting up vms, and which are not shown usually in regular logs17:09
*** fragatina has quit IRC17:10
*** fragatina has joined #tripleo17:11
EmilienMsshnaidm: I'm wondering why we're hacking like this17:11
*** athomas has quit IRC17:11
EmilienMwe should rather fix THT17:11
EmilienMerr, instack-undercloud17:11
*** abregman has joined #tripleo17:12
EmilienMand set it in hieradata17:12
sshnaidmEmilienM, so it will be the default, right?17:12
EmilienMi'm sure our users would be interested to have this feature too17:12
EmilienMsshnaidm: yes17:12
sshnaidmEmilienM, exactly, I wonder if we want it by default..17:12
bnemecsshnaidm: Do we get console logs from our CI jobs?17:13
bnemecI didn't think Ironic could get those through the regular IPMI driver.  Especially one talking to an OVB BMC that doesn't expose any way to get the log.17:13
sshnaidmbnemec, which console logs you mean?17:13
bnemecThe ones you're trying to collect in
*** hjensas has joined #tripleo17:14
sshnaidmbnemec, right now - no17:14
sshnaidmbnemec, these are the logs:
*** ipsecguy has quit IRC17:14
EmilienMslagle: revert failed in CI17:15
slaglealready looking bro17:15
bnemecsshnaidm: Oh, it's not getting the console log, it getting logs from the IPA ramdisk?17:15
bnemecsshnaidm: That does seem like a good thing to turn on by default, not just in ci.17:16
sshnaidmbnemec, I think so17:16
sshnaidmbnemec, EmilienM so you are for enabling it be default, right?17:16
bnemecsshnaidm: Yeah17:16
sshnaidmok, will change it then17:16
*** zaneb has quit IRC17:17
EmilienM2016-09-14 16:58:07.466 32010 ERROR wsme.api [-] Server-side error: "MessagingTimeout: Timed out waiting for a reply to message ID 1faf8b08051842478b09af5eee1e2e9c". Detail:17:17
slagleEmilienM: MessagingTimeout. seen a few of those today. wonder if something else changed?17:17
EmilienMslagle: well, we promoted CI so might be a new mistral17:17
bnemecI think that's a heat message though.17:17
bnemecI've seen a lot of multinode jobs failing with it.17:17
EmilienMbnemec: today or before?17:18
*** ipsecguy has joined #tripleo17:18
bnemecEmilienM: Today.  I noticed it when I was looking into the ovb failures.17:19
EmilienMI wonder if is related17:19
*** dtrainor has quit IRC17:20
EmilienMseriously ^17:20
EmilienMat the end of a cycle17:20
bnemecI hate feature freeze so much.17:21
bnemecThis happens every cycle.17:21
EmilienMwell, it seems like Mistral folks care a lot (cough) about FF :)17:21
bnemec(not throwing stones, we're no better)17:21
EmilienMthis patch is huge17:21
EmilienMbnemec: well, we're *getting* better17:21
EmilienMI'm proposing to run non-ha multinode job in mistral's gate17:22
*** dsariel has joined #tripleo17:22
EmilienMas non voting17:22
EmilienMso at least we can blame them if something breaks in their side17:22
*** dtrainor has joined #tripleo17:22
bnemecEmilienM: We've still slammed in a bunch of huge features at the end of the cycle, whether right before FF or as FFEs.17:22
bnemecI mean, significant portions of our API don't work right now.17:22
EmilienMI'm not sure if this commit broke us but it looks super related17:23
*** trown|lunch is now known as trown17:23
EmilienMI don't think the problem is in Heat17:24
sshnaidmEmilienM, bnemec is this a good place to set ironic agent config vars?
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-dinner17:25
*** fzdarsky has joined #tripleo17:25
EmilienMsshnaidm: if you want it by default, yes.17:25
EmilienMrbrady, d0ugal: we might need your help on this one too17:26
bnemecsshnaidm: Oh, that must be a generic oslo.messaging exception.  I've only ever seen it from heat though. :-)17:26
slagleEmilienM: filed a bug:
openstackLaunchpad bug 1623606 in tripleo "CI: jobs failing with mistral MessagingTimeout" [Undecided,New]17:26
EmilienMslagle: nice17:27
EmilienMI'm jumping on mistral trying to get some help17:27
slagled0ugal: rbrady : can you look at ^^ ?17:27
sshnaidmbnemec, sorry?17:27
bnemecsshnaidm: Oh, sorry.  I meant to direct that at EmilienM.17:27
sshnaidmok :)17:28
*** mgarciam has quit IRC17:29
openstackgerritSagi Shnaidman proposed openstack/instack-undercloud: Save console logs from all vms to files
bnemecERROR: Failed to stop stack (overcloud) on other engine (b6dde44f-1e60-474f-8044-f4f02caed8fb)17:29
bnemecWell, that's a new one.17:29
*** zaneb has joined #tripleo17:29
mwhahahanot sure if related but i just ran a quickstart deploy and I'm getting the following when i try to load instackenv.json17:32
mwhahahaException registering nodes: No valid host was found. Reason: No conductor service registered which supports driver pxe_ssh.17:32
beaglestrozet: was there a particular use case that inspired removing the setting of L3 HA in the client or was it simply a cleanup?17:32
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Set VNC common data for compute nodes also
openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Set VNC common data for compute nodes also
openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/tripleo-quickstart: Force the use of python/pip version 2
*** bana_k has joined #tripleo17:36
*** ipsecguy has quit IRC17:36
bnemecbeagles: As I recall, it was done to get business logic out of the client and into the templates.17:36
bnemecbeagles: It should be getting set in the pacemaker environment now, since that's required for ha.17:37
beaglesbnemec: is it?17:37
bnemecbeagles: I think it was.  I haven't looked that it still is. :-)17:37
*** trown is now known as trown|brb17:37
beaglesbnemec: also if the pacemaker gets pulled in when pcs is being used in a single controller it'll break17:37
*** pkovar has quit IRC17:38
beagles(enabling l3_ha with only one l3 agent doesn't work, as it happens)17:38
bnemecbeagles: This is true, although I can't imagine why you would want pacemaker in that case. :-)17:38
bnemecYou could always override the param with a later env.17:38
*** ipsecguy has joined #tripleo17:38
*** yamahata has joined #tripleo17:38
beaglesyeah... I wonder what kind of people would do such a thing17:38
*** itlinux has quit IRC17:39
EmilienMmwhahaha: ouch, I already saw that a long time ago17:40
EmilienMmwhahaha: you running trunk?17:40
mwhahahai think it should have been trunk, who knows at this point :D17:40
openstackgerritBen Nemec proposed openstack/tripleo-specs: Simplify the TripleO Workflow
bnemecEmilienM: Okay, I think ^ can just be merged as all the work itemse are complete.17:41
bnemecI also moved it to newton since not everything was actually complete in mitaka.17:41
bnemecI'll start a new spec for the repo tool.17:41
*** dsariel has quit IRC17:42
bnemecbeagles: Actually, now that I think about it, we were.  The updates job ran pacemaker in a single-node setup so we covered updating pacemaker resources.17:42
mwhahahaoo i was about to start a ML topic around such things -^17:42
EmilienMbnemec: nice17:42
* bnemec has a lot of specs to write before Barcelona17:43
*** ipsecguy has quit IRC17:43
*** mbound has quit IRC17:44
openstackgerritSaravanan KR proposed openstack/os-net-config: Add mac address to the DPDK mapping file
*** skramaja has quit IRC17:47
*** ipsecguy has joined #tripleo17:48
*** trown|brb is now known as trown17:50
*** milan has quit IRC17:51
*** electrofelix has quit IRC17:51
trownmwhahaha: could you try restarting openstack-ironic-conductor? we may have had a regression when splitting out all of the post-undercloud-install functionality from quickstart18:01
EmilienMslagle: in the meantime, I suggest we build mistral on something older18:02
mwhahahatrown: it worked after rerunning the openstack undercloud install18:02
mwhahahatrown: which i think restarted a bunch of services18:03
trownmwhahaha: hmm, ya that would have restarted the conductor...18:03
rbradyEmilienM, slagle: taking a look18:04
EmilienMrbrady: we're on mistral channel18:06
tbarronoslo has flavio percocco, julien danjou, victor stinner, ben nemec18:07
tbarronsorry, wrong channel18:07
*** jprovazn has quit IRC18:08
EmilienMrbrady, d0ugal: can we consider finished?18:20
d0ugalEmilienM: Yeah, I think so18:20
d0ugalI mean, it's broken but it's merged :P18:21
EmilienMthanks !18:21
slagleEmilienM: any possible resolution on the mistral issue?18:23
EmilienMI'm still having doubts about
* EmilienM quick lunch18:24
*** nyechiel has quit IRC18:25
EmilienMslagle: could we run a ci job with a 1 day old repo?18:25
EmilienMor fake a revert for this patch in mistral?18:25
EmilienMeven if I'm not sure that's the broken commit18:26
slaglewe could18:26
d0ugalEmilienM: I don't think it is18:27
d0ugalGiven that I have it :)18:27
EmilienMafter my lunch I'm going to compare packages between latest successful job and now18:27
EmilienMand analize all diffs18:27
EmilienMwe promote every day, diff shouldn't be huge18:27
*** bfournie has quit IRC18:28
EmilienMthe error itself seems hard to debug, d0ugal have you look at the rpc trace?18:28
EmilienMlike a timeout18:28
EmilienMwould we need to increase some timeout in mistral.conf?18:28
d0ugalEmilienM: Good question. I'll see what options there are.18:29
slagled0ugal: can i assign the bug to you?18:29
d0ugalslagle: Sure, but I wont be here that much longer today18:30
slagleyea, true. i'll assign it to you for now18:31
slaglerbrady: maybe you can take it over when d0ugal leaves18:31
rbradyslagle: sure.18:31
slaglethe os-collect-config revert is in the gate now at least18:32
*** saneax-_-|AFK is now known as saneax18:33
*** jlinkes has quit IRC18:35
d0ugalrbrady: I have no good ideas. The error doesn't mean anything to me18:37
d0ugalEmilienM: This config could be promising.
d0ugalI have no idea where the config is managed.18:38
d0ugalbut 60 seconds seems like a long time anyway, I'd be amazed if increasing it would help18:40
*** dciabrin has quit IRC18:41
rbradyd0ugal: were you able to discern whether this is happening between the engine and executor or engine and api?18:42
d0ugalrbrady: no, not really.18:42
d0ugalThat link is where the error comes from in oslo.messaging. So I'd guess the message is never sent for some reason.18:42
*** jlinkes has joined #tripleo18:45
openstackgerritDougal Matthews proposed openstack/tripleo-common: Testing Testing 1 2 3
*** assassin has quit IRC18:51
*** social has joined #tripleo18:51
*** dciabrin has joined #tripleo18:55
EmilienMslagle: sounds like the mistral issue is transient, the revert is in gate now
*** sshnaidm is now known as sshnaidm|afk18:55
slagleEmilienM: right18:56
*** akrivoka has quit IRC18:57
*** liverpooler has quit IRC18:58
*** ayoung has joined #tripleo19:01
*** fragatina has quit IRC19:02
openstackgerritRyan Brady proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Remove identifier and stack action params
*** absubram has quit IRC19:03
openstackgerritRyan Brady proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Remove identifier and stack action params
*** panda|bbl is now known as panda19:05
EmilienMit sounds like a race condition,
EmilienMthe % of failure is high19:07
*** pcaruana has joined #tripleo19:07
EmilienMI'm curious to see if we have the same problem on ovb job, but for that need to wait for slagle's revert patch to land19:08
slagleEmilienM: actually you don't19:09
slagleb/c the MessagignTimeout would occur before the NetworkDeployment timeout that the os-collect-config revert fixes19:09
slagleso you could review logs and see19:09
slagleactually just look for failed jobs, instead of timed out jobs19:10
*** rwsu has joined #tripleo19:11
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC19:14
*** r-mibu has quit IRC19:16
*** r-mibu has joined #tripleo19:16
EmilienMslagle: yeah so it's only multinode jobs, right?19:17
openstackgerritJames Slagle proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: Do Not Merge - test an older delorean repo
slagleEmilienM: i guess it might be19:22
EmilienMrbrady: do you have any idea about the mistral problem?19:28
slagleEmilienM: i pushed a patch trying our older delorean repo pin ^19:28
*** akshai has quit IRC19:28
slaglejust for testing19:28
slaglewe can recheck a few times19:28
slaglei have the package diff between the 2 repos19:28
*** jlinkes has quit IRC19:29
*** jlinkes_ has joined #tripleo19:29
pabelangerbnemec: have time tomorrow to sync about the new projects for tripleo-test-cloud-rh2?19:30
rbradyEmilienM: not yet.  I didn't realize d0ugal handed it off for the  I'll try to see if I can debug the engine and api services and trace the messages19:30
bnemecpabelanger: Probably.  The projects are there, I just need some way to get you the credentials.19:30
*** fzdarsky has joined #tripleo19:31
bnemecEmilienM: slagle: I don't see any mistral messaging timeouts in ovb jobs over the past 24 hours:*ovb*%20AND%20build_status%3A%20FAILURE%20AND%20message%3A%20%5C%22MessagingTimeout%5C%2219:32
pabelangerbnemec: sure, derekh added them to a host last time, I'll fine the IP address and send it over in the morning19:32
EmilienMbnemec: right19:32
EmilienMI think the mistral timeout happens in our multinode jobs in a random time19:32
d0ugalrbrady: I am still looking a bit, but that is no reason for you not to look also ;)19:32
*** nyechiel has joined #tripleo19:35
*** bfournie has joined #tripleo19:35
rbradyd0ugal: was working on something else.  when everything is priority, nothing is priority19:36
d0ugalrbrady: ah okay, I thought this was the only one now19:38
*** rwsu has quit IRC19:41
openstackgerritBen Nemec proposed openstack/python-tripleoclient: Remove one last reference to openstackclient.tests
bnemecNote: we can't build the tripleoclient package until we get ^ merged19:43
bnemecWhich means that overcloud image builds are still screwed.19:43
*** rwsu has joined #tripleo19:43
*** akshai has joined #tripleo19:45
*** akshai_ has joined #tripleo19:46
*** nyechiel has quit IRC19:46
pabelangerWe should have been able to catch that in rdo 3rd party CI for DLRN, but I think our zuul configuration is not correct.19:47
pabelangerwill work on that tomorrow with RDO team19:47
mwhahahatrown: it looks like there's an issue with the current-tripleo stable undercloud image. i deployed an environment using that and then did an undercloud install and got the same error. a service restart of openstack-ironic-conductor fixed it19:48
trownmwhahaha: k, that image was a bit old, but was just updated about an hour ago19:48
mwhahahai just pulled it fresh19:49
mwhahahai think19:49
mwhahahaabout an hour ago :D19:49
trownmwhahaha: could you check if the image you have matches
mwhahahatrown: nope, let me try that19:49
trownmwhahaha: could look in /var/cache/tripleo-quickstart/images19:49
*** akshai has quit IRC19:49
trownmwhahaha: there will be a symlink in there to an $md5sum.qcow219:50
openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: Test Mistral "event trigger REST API" revert
EmilienMok let's see if revert would actually help19:50
*** saneax is now known as saneax-_-|AFK19:51
d0ugalbnemec: Thanks for removing that import, I think it must have been added in an old review19:53
bnemecd0ugal: Yeah, it happens.19:53
bnemecIt's hard to keep those big patches in sync as things change out from under them.19:53
d0ugalIndeed :)19:53
*** jlinkes_ has quit IRC19:57
*** jlinkes has joined #tripleo19:57
*** can8dnSix has joined #tripleo19:57
*** pcaruana has quit IRC20:00
can8dnSixhello. Question, can I use tripleO to deploy segrated services, i.e. dedicated HA Neutron, dedicated HA MariaDB, dedicated controllers, etcs? I need to know if I'm wasting my time trying to get this configured using OSP8 Directory. thanks20:02
slaglecan8dnSix: that should be possible in the tripleo newton release20:04
*** nyechiel has joined #tripleo20:06
mwhahahatrown: actually i just pulled it down and it still does it20:07
*** can8dnSix has quit IRC20:08
*** abregman has quit IRC20:09
mwhahahatrown: i'll investigate further and an report a bug later if i figure it out20:09
trownmwhahaha: awesome thanks... if you get fed up, and just need to get some work done, there is now a way to use the images from tripleo-ci to get a dev environment up20:09
trownmwhahaha: I have been testing it heavily this week and it works quite well20:10
trownmwhahaha: just pass in "--release master-tripleo-ci" and it will use the overcloud-full.qcow2 produced in tripleo-ci for an undercloud image20:10
mwhahahatrown: yea it's no biggie for me since i can just restart the ironic-conductor service and it works fine20:10
trownmwhahaha: but I will shift focus on what is wrong with the image or quickstart early tomorrow20:11
mwhahahait's not quickstart cause i'm not even using that20:11
mwhahahait's the image itself20:11
*** nyechiel has quit IRC20:12
mwhahahamight be a bug in ironic for all I know :D the pxe_ssh says it loaded in the logs so who knows20:13
EmilienMI remember that20:14
EmilienMbut I don't remember what was the output20:14
*** can8dnSix has joined #tripleo20:14
EmilienMyou must hate me at this time :D20:14
can8dnSixThank you very much.20:14
can8dnSix@ slagle.20:14
mwhahahaEmilienM: there is bug 1313907 in openstack-ironic "No valid host was found. Reason: No conductor service registered which supports driver pxe_ssh. (HTTP 400)" [Medium,Closed: currentrelease] - Assigned to ifarkas20:15
*** fragatina has joined #tripleo20:17
*** mbound has joined #tripleo20:19
mwhahahadoes undercloud install write a puppet log somewhere?20:19
mwhahahaEmilienM, trown: enabled_drivers for the ironic_config may be getting set after the ironic-conductor service is started20:20
EmilienMI don't know how it's possible20:21
mwhahahawhich is why i asked if there's a puppet log somewhere :D searching in terminal window makes it to track20:22
EmilienMmwhahaha: in /var/log/messages afik20:22
* mwhahaha makes notes for future improvements20:23
*** mbound has quit IRC20:24
trownmwhahaha: puppet log is part of `openstack undercloud install` output20:26
mwhahahayea it should also get written out on the node somewhere20:26
EmilienMah, on undercloud20:26
trownquickstart logs that output to /home/stack/undercloud_install.log20:26
trownI think it is written somewhere else too...20:26
EmilienMtrown: imho that's the wrong place20:26
mwhahahain generally the puppet logs should get written out somewhere locally, i also find it very hard to follow on the overcloud20:27
bnemecmwhahaha: ~/.instack/install-undercloud.log20:27
EmilienMinstead of fixing it in quickstart, we should rather do it in instack-undercloud20:27
EmilienMtrown: why do you rewrite the logs?20:27
trownEmilienM: I am not talking about fixing anything in quickstart, just where logs are20:27
mwhahahacause you know i'm going to know to look in ~/.instack for my puppet logs ಠ_ಠ20:27
trownEmilienM: for a tool that aims to be intuitive it is nice to have all logs in the stack users home dir20:28
pandasorry, I lost the reason why gate ovb is timing out20:28
EmilienMpanda: we highly think this revert will help
EmilienMtrown: my point is that if something is not intuitive, let's fix it for everyone, not just for quickstart users, from a philosophy perspective.20:29
mwhahahafor quickstart i'd assume the logs would be transfer back to the original host20:30
trownEmilienM: thats fine, doesnt mean we need to unfix it for quickstart :P20:30
mwhahahafor undercloud, it should be either in the home dir or someplace you know, not hidden :D20:30
pandaEmilienM: thanks.20:31
EmilienMtrown: when we find a problem, it's a matter of where we fix it. And sometimes I see quickstart fixing stuffs we could fix elsewhere.20:31
trownEmilienM: yep, I have heard that feedback plenty20:31
EmilienMnot blaming anyone, just trying to find solutions20:32
trownthe same could be said of tripleo.sh20:32
EmilienMyes exactly20:32
EmilienMwhat can be fixed in projects directly, must be fixed in projects20:32
EmilienMtrown: I've -1 a lot of patches in tripleo-ci because we could fix it elsewhere. Ask sshnaidm|afk with his ironic hiera config20:33
mwhahahaanyway, now that i've hit a nerve :D20:34
* mwhahaha ninja vanish20:34
trownmwhahaha: no worries this is a long running topic20:34
mwhahahait's ok, i have my own list o' things along this similar topic. so long as we're all working to make it better :)20:35
mwhahahayea my thought about the default driver not configured until after the service started was wrong. eh i'll figure it out tomorrow20:36
*** rcernin has quit IRC20:36
*** gfidente has quit IRC20:36
*** rcernin has joined #tripleo20:40
*** rcernin has quit IRC20:41
*** rcernin has joined #tripleo20:41
*** rcernin has quit IRC20:42
*** rcernin has joined #tripleo20:42
EmilienMok the revert didn't help and I still see
*** trown is now known as trown|outtypewww20:48
*** absubram has joined #tripleo20:49
*** akshai_ has quit IRC20:51
*** coolsvap has quit IRC20:52
EmilienMslagle: your patch to come back to old rdo doesnt work20:52
openstackgerritPradeep Kilambi proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: TEST: DO NOT MERGE
EmilienMsame error20:52
*** jayg is now known as jayg|g0n320:54
*** dciabrin has quit IRC20:56
EmilienMhere's the diff between 2 jobs where one failed and another worked. They ran almost in same time20:56
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC20:57
*** can8dnSix has quit IRC20:59
EmilienMthe only diff is
EmilienMeverything else has same commits20:59
*** ipsecguy has quit IRC20:59
*** ipsecguy has joined #tripleo21:01
*** lblanchard has quit IRC21:04
*** ipsecguy has quit IRC21:06
*** thrash is now known as thrash|bbl21:06
EmilienMand the only patch is os-* was but slagle already initiated the revert and we still hit the issue21:06
EmilienMso by dichotomy I would say is breaking us21:06
*** ubijtsa has joined #tripleo21:07
d0ugalEmilienM: That is one of the rushed in changes, so probably not all that surprising if it is the issue21:07
*** ipsecguy has joined #tripleo21:08
*** ubijtsa is now known as Guest2500121:08
bnemecPushing a revert for CI to chew on is cheap...21:08
openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/tripleo-common: Revert "Add template processing to the update plan workflow."
EmilienMd0ugal: i'm really unsure, but again I'm exploring everything I can21:09
EmilienMtbh that was my last card :(21:09
slagleEmilienM: k, just saw my old rdo repo failed21:10
*** ooolpbot has joined #tripleo21:10
*** ooolpbot has quit IRC21:10
openstackLaunchpad bug 1623606 in tripleo "CI: jobs failing with mistral MessagingTimeout" [Critical,Confirmed] - Assigned to Dougal Matthews (d0ugal)21:10
EmilienMslagle: yeah, I really think it's one of our projects now21:10
*** Goneri has quit IRC21:11
slagleEmilienM: certainly possible21:12
slaglestrange thing is how it does not reproduce in ovb or locally21:12
*** ipsecguy has quit IRC21:12
*** ipsecguy has joined #tripleo21:15
*** paramite has quit IRC21:16
ayoungEmilienM, so...I want to test the Fernet and Credentials work you did.  Any suggestions how?21:16
EmilienMI found useful to share this URL21:17
slagleEmilienM: i think you might have nailed it21:17
EmilienMit gives you what we merged in tripleo recently21:17
slagleEmilienM: b/c on, I see it failed with this MessagingTimeout on one of the earlier rechceks21:18
slagleon 9/1221:18
EmilienMso there is a race21:19
EmilienMand we landed this patch because we thought it was good21:19
openstackgerritSagi Shnaidman proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: WIP: DONT MERGE: Test oooq with osinfra
EmilienMnice shot James!21:19
EmilienMayoung: I only did crendentials21:20
EmilienMI need to do fernet21:20
EmilienMbut I haven't spent time on it yet21:20
ayoungEmilienM, its ok.  I can test just the credentials piece21:20
EmilienMis the algo the same to generate the keys?21:20
EmilienMso if you deploy undercloud and overcloud, your keystone will have credentials setup by puppet21:20
EmilienMand if you want to override the keys on overcloud (you can't on undercloud), you have a KeystoneCredential1 parameter21:21
EmilienMa sec21:21
ayoungEmilienM, OK, so just doing an overcloud install with the latest should work21:21
EmilienMyes sir21:21
ayounggetting images is taking forever21:21
openstackgerritBen Nemec proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Bracket swift storage_local_net_ip
EmilienMand if you're brave, and you want to override the keys that tripleoclient would generate for you, you can use these 2 params:
EmilienMbut don't do that21:22
EmilienMtripleoclient is smart and generate secure keys for you21:22
EmilienMeven better21:24
pabelangersshnaidm|afk: have you see the experimental job in tripleo-quickstart? It relates to ^.  I haven't had the time to work on it, but we have an existing ansible functional test that runs ansible playbooks in the gate.  It would be great to start with that experimental job to see if quickstart can run in the gate.21:26
*** jlinkes has quit IRC21:27
sshnaidm|afkpabelanger, hi, which job is it?21:27
sshnaidm|afkpabelanger, can you give a link?21:28
ayoungEmilienM, fernet would look just like this, right:
ayoungdoes anything else need to be done there?21:28
ayoungYou did that puppet work a while ago IIRC21:28
EmilienMayoung: could we use the same keys for credentials AND fernet?21:28
EmilienMwould it be a problem?21:28
ayoungEmilienM, I would not recommend it21:28
pabelangersshnaidm|afk: so the idea is it would use the ansible-role-jobs template in JJB:
EmilienMso you need to dupplicate the parameters and my patch in tripleoclient21:29
EmilienMand my patch in puppet keystone21:29
EmilienMa sec:21:29
ayoungthey go in different locations on the Keystone side to be able to vary them independantly for a reason21:29
pabelangersshnaidm|afk: which is the template21:29
EmilienMayoung: you need to do similar things for fernet21:29
ayoungEmilienM, right21:29
pabelangersshnaidm|afk: basically, the entry point would be tox, to setup ansible dependencies, they use the local ssh connection to actually do the deploy.21:30
EmilienMand then boom we have fernets in tripleo. Next iteration will be rotation support21:30
ayoungEmilienM, mfisher got Fernet support into Puppet a while back, so we would only need the Heat template change, right?21:30
EmilienMayoung: mfish is using ansible21:30
pabelangersshnaidm|afk: I haven't had the time to add the functionality to tripleo-quickstart, but that is the template of we use between some ansible roles I maintain and ansible openstack team21:30
EmilienMand mfish doesn't use puppet to generate the keys21:30
ayoungMaybe, but he submitted a change:21:30
ayoungcommit bca04a399e6de63bd6d3d3d985aeaf3134802ac121:30
ayoungAuthor: Matt Fischer <>21:30
ayoungDate:   Mon May 25 12:47:09 2015 -060021:30
ayoungAdd support for Fernet Tokens21:31
EmilienMyes, he added the configuration management21:31
EmilienManyway, i'm telling you, current puppet-keystone doesn't manage keystone fernets in multinode21:31
EmilienMyou need my work21:31
*** jlinkes has joined #tripleo21:31
sshnaidm|afkpabelanger, wow, I'd like to know more about this, seems very related..\21:31
EmilienMprobably mfish use ansible to export the keys on the other keystone nodes21:31
pabelangersshnaidm|afk: yes, I've had it in the back on my pipeline for a while now. I just need more bandwidth21:32
morazipabelanger, nifty on the experimental job!21:33
sshnaidm|afkpabelanger, are you available for a quick chat just to give me a context?21:33
pabelangersshnaidm|afk: to see how it would work, look at openstack/windmill. That is a integration testing that uses ansible to deploy stuff in the gate.  Basically what tripleo-quickstart wants to do21:33
pabelangersshnaidm|afk: not today, I am at the train station leaving Montreal for Ottawa21:33
pabelangerbut we can talk tomorrow morning21:33
pabelangermorazi: yes! It is missing the tox.ini bit, but once added, check experimental should work21:34
sshnaidm|afkpabelanger, sure, in your time21:34
EmilienMmorazi: which one?21:34
ayoungdo we mirror the image artifacts anywhere?21:36
EmilienMslagle, bnemec: I'm off for a few hours, I'll be back on the evening. Can you look please and maybe +2 ? if it pass CI we could approve this revert and find another solution to fix the original bug.21:38
bnemecEmilienM: I will +2 anything that proposes to unbreak CI at this point. :-)21:39
EmilienMI'm off for real, ttyl21:39
*** fragatin_ has joined #tripleo21:39
*** fragatina has quit IRC21:42
*** panda is now known as panda|Zz21:45
openstackgerritSagi Shnaidman proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: WIP: DONT MERGE: Test oooq with osinfra
stevebakerhey, did this revert unstick CI?
*** fragatin_ has quit IRC21:58
*** fragatina has joined #tripleo21:59
bnemecstevebaker: Not sure, it hasn't gotten through the gate yet.22:01
bnemecWe have an unrelated problem with Mistral that is breaking the gating multinode job. :-(22:01
*** rbrady has quit IRC22:02
*** rhallisey has quit IRC22:03 failed the same way22:08
*** ooolpbot has joined #tripleo22:10
*** jlinkes has quit IRC22:10
*** ooolpbot has quit IRC22:10
openstackLaunchpad bug 1623606 in tripleo "CI: jobs failing with mistral MessagingTimeout" [Critical,Confirmed] - Assigned to Dougal Matthews (d0ugal)22:10
*** morazi has quit IRC22:11
openstackgerritJames Slagle proposed openstack/instack-undercloud: Increase default mistral rpc response timeout
*** yamahata has quit IRC22:20
*** jlinkes has joined #tripleo22:20
*** yamahata has joined #tripleo22:21
*** jlinkes has quit IRC22:25
slagleEmilienM: bnemec : I'm just trying that now ^22:27
openstackgerritSagi Shnaidman proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: WIP: DONT MERGE: Test oooq with osinfra
EmilienMslagle: Nice22:30
EmilienMslagle: i guess the option doesn't exist in puppet-mistral22:31
slagleEmilienM: it doesnt. i checked22:33
EmilienMIf your patch works I'll directly patch the puppet module to avoid duplicate resource later22:33
EmilienMBut we'll see22:33
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slagleEmilienM: i doubt it will fix it, b/c when it does pass, it's instantaneous22:46
slagleor close to it22:46
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openstackLaunchpad bug 1623606 in tripleo "CI: jobs failing with mistral MessagingTimeout" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to James Slagle (james-slagle)23:10
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thrashEmilienM: you around?23:44
thrashEmilienM: if you are... is this normal?
thrashEmilienM: this is happening with zaqar:

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