Sunday, 2021-11-07

*** radek is now known as Guest521905:11
renichGood time_of_day! o/19:48
renichIs this supposed to work on CentOS 8?
renichI'm getting this:
renichI've configured $VIRTHOST to point to and I am exporting LIBGUESTFS_BACKEND_SETTINGS=network_bridge=virbr0 as well19:52
renichOK, got past that with -X -b 20:07
renichIt seems virt-customize couldn't do much.
renichOK, I didn't realize I had to cone the repo since this isn't mentioned in the docs (or, probably, I missed it). I saw triplewho?'s video and realized this. 22:29
renichIt seems to have worked fine. 22:29
renichIs there a way to tell quickstart to use qemu://system instead of qemu://session?22:46
renichfound it...

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