Saturday, 2021-04-03

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funginot debilitating, but i think we may be encountering a regression with our nodepool launchers for the past week16:39
fungii keep finding items hung in pipelines with builds queued indefinitely, some launcher has picked up the node request and either failed or (more rarely) satisfied it but then never unlocked the request. restarting the launcher frees the lock and the request gets picked up by it or some other launcher immediately thereafter16:41
fungiit's happened with several different launchers and providers16:42
fungithere's no obvious error in the logs about it, the launcher just stops short of logging the "Fulfilled node request" line (at least in the cases where it does satisfy the request with a successfully booted node)16:45
funginot really sure how to go about troubleshooting it, since i don't know what conditions are necessary to trigger the problem, though it does seem to come in bursts and happens much more often with boot failures than successes16:48
fungieven the ones which succeed but get stuck seem to have had at least one boot failure and then succeeded on a retry (but still never unlocked the request)16:48
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