18:00:37 <sarob> #startmeeting akanda
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18:00:46 <sarob> agenda
18:01:02 <sarob> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/akanda
18:01:08 <sarob> roll call
18:01:26 <adam_g> o/
18:01:31 <puranamr> o/
18:02:38 <sarob> markmcclain likely wont be able to join this time
18:02:55 <sarob> morning all
18:02:57 * markmcclain is multi-tasking
18:03:06 <sarob> markmcclain: ah, right ;)
18:03:31 <sarob> first up,
18:03:40 <sarob> outstanding actions from last meet
18:03:54 <sarob> #topic outstanding actions
18:04:22 <sarob> filing iptables SNT as a bug
18:04:28 <sarob> which is here
18:04:30 <sarob> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/akanda/+bug/1467562
18:04:32 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1467562 in akanda "Servers without a Floating IP have invalid SNAT rules" [Critical,In progress] - Assigned to Ryan Petrello (ryan-petrello)
18:04:47 <sarob> decision on how to deal with dead repos
18:04:53 <sarob> which we decided as
18:05:02 <sarob> wiping the content
18:05:24 <sarob> leaving a readme with info on the new repos
18:05:34 <adam_g> yup
18:05:41 <sarob> plus if the repo is in openstack or stackforge org then
18:05:54 <sarob> following up a few weeks to month later
18:06:06 <sarob> and removing the repo as cruft
18:06:55 <sarob> anything else from last meet follow up?
18:07:03 <sarob> #info decision on dead repos as clearing repos with an updated readme. after a month or so, then removing the dead repos in github:stackforge, leaving those in github:akanda
18:07:30 <sarob> moving on ....
18:07:46 <sarob> #topic progress on m1 bp
18:08:03 <sarob> #link  https://launchpad.net/akanda/+milestone/liberty-1
18:08:16 <sarob> first up
18:08:33 <sarob> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/akanda/+spec/oslo-updates
18:08:52 <sarob> adam_g: you have some patches for review
18:08:54 <adam_g> yup
18:09:08 <adam_g> should be in their final form and ready for review
18:09:36 <adam_g> i'd like to squash the oslo.messaging + oslo.log patches into one, after they've each gotten reviewed
18:09:43 <adam_g> actually, i need to do that--they wotn merge otherwise
18:11:24 <sarob> thx
18:12:56 <sarob> so can the code run on devstack without being squashed into one
18:13:07 <sarob> looks like https://review.openstack.org/#/c/191241/ can't
18:13:50 <sarob> so we should do visual code review then wait for another mash patch?
18:14:39 <adam_g> sarob, if you pull down the entire patch stack as it is in gerrit, it will run
18:14:52 <sarob> ah, okay
18:15:09 <sarob> any other questions?
18:15:10 <adam_g> that devstack failure is unrelated (there was an infra change over the weekend that broke something)
18:15:19 <sarob> adam_g: got it
18:15:28 <adam_g> yea-id like to get eyes on the patches as they are and then squash them
18:15:29 <sarob> i didnt dig deeply
18:15:32 <sarob> blush
18:15:33 <adam_g> just for the sake of easier reviewing
18:16:04 <sarob> okay
18:16:34 <sarob> lets get adam_g oslo bits reviewed today so he can get it merged this week
18:16:42 <sarob> moving on
18:17:17 <sarob> doc updates
18:17:22 <sarob> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/akanda/+spec/liberty-doc-updates
18:17:45 <sarob> i have made a little bit of progress
18:18:12 <sarob> im working on a reorg patch
18:18:36 <sarob> i should have it up tomorrow
18:20:17 <sarob> moving on
18:20:28 <sarob> lbaas updates
18:20:41 <sarob> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/akanda/+spec/lbaas-v2-support
18:20:58 <sarob> davidlenwell: whats up?
18:22:32 <davidlenwell> oh sorry .. here
18:22:36 <sarob> np
18:22:54 <davidlenwell> on the edge of landing the driver code .. standing it up in devstack right now.. will push today
18:22:56 <sarob> hows the driver plus lbaas bits development going?
18:23:05 <sarob> davidlenwell: cool
18:23:09 <davidlenwell> the lbaas bits will follow
18:23:54 <adam_g> s/landing/proposing ;p
18:24:00 <sarob> davidlenwell: we need this week to review what you have
18:24:17 <sarob> davidlenwell: make sure you show us what you got
18:24:20 <sarob> davidlenwell: so far
18:24:21 <davidlenwell> yep
18:24:29 <davidlenwell> I'll push it either way today
18:24:32 <davidlenwell> even if its broken
18:24:34 <adam_g> WIP it
18:24:36 <davidlenwell> yep
18:25:06 <sarob> okay, moving on
18:25:21 <sarob> ci updates
18:25:24 <sarob> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/akanda/+spec/liberty-ci-updates
18:25:44 <sarob> adam_g: has us running devstack as part of ci now
18:25:48 <sarob> w00t
18:26:05 <adam_g> so i think a new release of tox on friday busted ourd job invocation, but should be easily fixed with an infra patch i just put up
18:26:15 <sarob> adam_g: cool
18:26:17 <adam_g> theres a patch up to push DIB built images to tarballs.openstack.org
18:26:24 <adam_g> i'd consider that ci-updates blueprint done pending that merging
18:26:40 <sarob> adam_g: got a link?
18:26:48 <sarob> adam_g: got it
18:26:54 <adam_g> the next iteration of ci-updates should probably be focused on filling out our tests
18:27:14 <adam_g> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/192922/
18:27:36 <adam_g> also, that depends on an akanda-appliance patch here https://review.openstack.org/#/c/192915/
18:27:44 <adam_g> (trivial)
18:28:06 <sarob> adam_g: got it
18:28:22 <sarob> pub to tarballs
18:28:24 <sarob> sweet
18:28:54 * markmcclain is done multi-tasking
18:29:04 <sarob> markmcclain: ;)
18:29:40 <sarob> markmcclain: just updating on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/akanda/+spec/liberty-ci-updates
18:29:53 <sarob> thx adam_g
18:29:55 <markmcclain> sarob: cool
18:30:35 <sarob> so we look to be in good stead to finish up m1 bp this week
18:30:40 <sarob> moving on
18:31:02 <sarob> #topic EOL akanda-appliance-builder
18:31:23 <sarob> adam_g: i believe other than my pending task to clean out the repo
18:31:28 <sarob> adam_g: this is completed
18:31:38 <adam_g> yup
18:31:42 <sarob> coolness
18:32:15 <sarob> #topic any other business
18:32:25 <sarob> what y'all say?
18:32:38 <adam_g> none here
18:33:29 <markmcclain> none from me
18:33:45 <puranamr> same here!
18:34:07 <sarob> okay
18:34:22 <sarob> by https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:stackforge/akanda-appliance+OR+project:stackforge/akanda-appliance+OR+project:stackforge/akanda-appliance-builder+OR+project:stackforge/akanda-rug+OR+project:stackforge/akanda-horizon+OR+project:stackforge/akanda-neutron,n,z
18:35:22 <sarob> we are in pretty good shape
18:35:41 <sarob> of not orphaning patches
18:36:18 <sarob> we need to do a good job of reviewing this week so
18:36:25 <davidlenwell> I have no other business
18:36:33 <sarob> we can merge and implement our remaining bp for m1
18:36:51 <sarob> thats all i have
18:37:04 <sarob> so lets break early
18:37:21 <sarob> have a great day everyone!
18:37:29 <markmcclain> have a good one
18:38:26 <sarob> #endmeeting