14:06:42 <mnaser> #startmeeting ansible-sig
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14:06:54 <mnaser> i don't really have an agenda honestly, i've been a little swamped so not much in terms of prep
14:07:03 <mnaser> i have dropped the ball on the connection plugin and getting it inside infra
14:07:18 <cloudnull> np
14:07:31 <mnaser> if anyone hassome bandwidth to pick it up, that'd be nice
14:08:43 <cloudnull> owalsh just got some bits published the other day for the docker connection - https://github.com/olliewalsh/openstack-ansible-plugins/commit/ffd129d9b04462f4f66095d9d06ab3158c198710
14:09:11 <cloudnull> mnaser I can help it along in infra, however at the moment its blocked on -w
14:09:41 <mnaser> oh yeah
14:09:47 <mnaser> i was wondering if we can add it under the ansible-sig
14:10:08 <cloudnull> +1
14:10:23 <cloudnull> mgoddard seemed keen as well
14:10:38 <mnaser> cloudnull: do you have time to just update the aptch and figure out how to do it within ansible-sig thing
14:10:44 <mgoddard> hi, oops forgot about this
14:11:21 <cloudnull> mnaser sure
14:11:38 <mnaser> cloudnull: ok cool, thats perfect, it'll be our first deliverable (yay?)
14:12:40 <cloudnull> ++
14:14:57 <mnaser> other than that, i think the tempest stuff is still a bit early
14:15:03 <mnaser> i think we need to figure out how ansible connection plugin works
14:16:33 <owalsh> hey, sorry was afk for a few mins....
14:20:03 <owalsh> cloudnull: re the bits I push to github - the biggest difference for tripleo environments is the sudo/su dance because we don't run ansible as root, docker/podman cli requires sudo, and within the containers we need sudo vs su...
14:28:37 <cloudnull> I'm sure there's some messaging we'll need to do to make it go, but i think its a great start
14:28:45 * cloudnull sorry in a couple conversations atm
14:31:28 <owalsh> mnaser: I did wonder which ansible versions it needs to support e.g custom become plugins might be useful for simplifying the sudo/su logic
14:31:56 <owalsh> but they were introduced in 2.8
14:36:51 <mnaser> owalsh: yeah i think this kinda depends, in osa world we try to stick to the same ansible release for the cycle of the project
14:36:55 <mnaser> the 2.X release anyways
14:39:11 <cloudnull> The modules themselves should work with 2.1+
14:39:51 <cloudnull> Obviously there are things that will crop up needing maintenance from time to time, but those plugs
14:40:04 <cloudnull> **Plugins are fairly low touch.
14:44:54 <owalsh> cloudnull: ack, where does the constraint come from? xenial-backports version?
14:46:49 <cloudnull> osa installs ansible from source
14:47:15 <cloudnull> so historically the version of ansible changes on each openstack release
14:52:09 <owalsh> cloudnull: I see... master is on 2.8, stein on 2.7 etc... so we could in theory rely on 2.8 classes on master?
14:52:29 <cloudnull> ++
14:53:22 <cloudnull> mnaser / evrardjp / noonedeadpunk would have to comment  futher but I think master will go 2.9 in U ?
14:55:22 <noonedeadpunk> You don't see why it shouldn't
14:55:24 <evrardjp> I trust you
15:01:40 <mnaser> yeah i think it should be fine
15:01:41 <mnaser> #endmeeting