16:05:58 <edleafe> #startmeeting api-sig
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16:06:17 <edleafe> #chair cdent elmiko edleafe
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16:06:19 <edleafe> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/API-SIG#Agenda
16:06:20 <openstack> Current chairs: cdent edleafe elmiko
16:06:36 <edleafe> cdent is on his way to Sydney
16:06:50 <edleafe> I don't think that we had much on the agenda
16:06:52 <elmiko> o/
16:07:09 <elmiko> i'm bifurcated in another meeting for another 20minutes, fyi
16:07:16 <edleafe> this won't be long
16:07:21 <elmiko> yeah, kinda figured
16:07:31 <edleafe> Nothing new on the agenda
16:07:45 <edleafe> I'm rushing to get ready before leaving tomrorrow for Sydney
16:07:54 <edleafe> elmiko: anything to add?
16:08:35 <elmiko> nope
16:08:58 <elmiko> except, i wish safe travels to all heading to sydney =)
16:09:20 <edleafe> Wish you could join us!
16:09:45 <edleafe> No meeting next week
16:09:58 <edleafe> #agreed No meeting November 9
16:10:20 <elmiko> me too, sounds like there will be some nice api-sig activities
16:10:28 <elmiko> plus, you know, spending time with you and cdent =)
16:10:53 <edleafe> elmiko: My goal is to get something more concrete out of the board
16:11:06 <edleafe> It is all too fuzzy now
16:11:22 <edleafe> ok, back to work!
16:11:25 <edleafe> #endmeeting