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16:00:52 <etoews> #chair elmiko cdent
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16:01:02 <etoews> heh.
16:01:11 <etoews> this might be a short one ;)
16:04:29 <gouthamr> etoews: haha. okay, i've an update after a long while on the experimental API proposal. I wanted to abandon it, seeing how the proliferation of experimental and non-experimental APIs have started showing up, as some reviewers noted. Would be willing to discuss further and explore the alternate direction pointed in the reviews
16:04:36 <gouthamr> #link: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/273158/
16:05:10 <etoews> hi gouthamr!
16:05:14 * etoews reads up
16:06:10 <gouthamr> etoews: hi :) yes.. tl;dr though, we wanted to explore the possibility of tagging certain APIs as 'experimental' and integrate this with the microversions framework
16:06:17 <gouthamr> etoews: in manila
16:07:14 <etoews> is that the "alternate direction"?
16:07:32 <gouthamr> etoews: nah. that's what's being done today..
16:08:10 <etoews> ah. so it was only a subset of the api you wanted to be experimental?
16:08:44 <gouthamr> etoews: yes, only for new features in the project where we weren't going to be sure if the API could be supported forever
16:08:50 <gouthamr> etoews: in the form it was introduces
16:09:03 <gouthamr> s/introduces/introduced
16:10:26 <etoews> i see. and for the alternate direction, how do you want to proceed?
16:10:26 <etoews> abandon the current patch set and then...
16:10:26 <etoews> start something new
16:10:26 <etoews> or
16:10:26 <etoews> begin with a mailing list discussion?
16:11:24 <gouthamr> etoews: I could cite an example of a problem we ran into recently with an 'experimental' API that had to be booted.
16:11:38 <etoews> sure
16:11:50 <etoews> that kind of information always hels
16:11:58 <etoews> s/hels/helps/
16:12:28 <gouthamr> etoews: i'll explore the direction sdague pointed out in the review.. and maybe make a ML post
16:13:56 <gouthamr> etoews: that's all i had :)
16:13:58 <etoews> gouthamr: okay. want to go ahead and click on abandon for the current review?
16:14:04 <gouthamr> yessir
16:14:27 <etoews> gouthamr: cool. thanks for keeping up with that!
16:14:55 <gouthamr> etoews: sure.. thank you for the review!
16:24:50 <etoews> alrighty. i'll leave the meeting open while i write the weekly api wg newsletter. ping me if you want to chat.
16:43:41 <etoews> sent the newsletter
16:43:43 <etoews> #endmeeting