16:00:11 <cdent> #startmeeting api-wg
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16:00:15 <elmiko> o/
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16:00:20 <cdent> #chair elmiko
16:00:21 <openstack> Current chairs: cdent elmiko
16:00:52 <cdent> anyone else here for the api-wg meeting besides me and elmiko?
16:01:23 <cdent> #link agenda: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/API-WG#Agenda
16:01:31 <cdent> looks like that is last time's agenda
16:01:41 <gouthamr> hey o/
16:01:55 <cdent> hi gouthamr
16:02:02 <gouthamr> hi cdent!
16:02:28 <cdent> You have something you hope to discuss today, or just here for the good times and company?
16:03:12 <gouthamr> haha, nope.. nothing to discuss today
16:03:46 <cdent> I'm in my 4th of 5 weeks of travel so haven't not been terribly api-wg active. Next week I'll be unable to attend the meeting because of nova midcycle.
16:04:04 <elmiko> wow, i hope it's travel for fun?
16:04:35 <cdent> first half was family stuff: brother's wedding etc, second half is nova stuff. both halves fun in their own way
16:04:50 <elmiko> nice!
16:05:06 <elmiko> i don't think we have any changes on the guidelines from last time, is that accurate?
16:05:07 <cdent> I will, however, be glad when I get home and back to a routine from the comfort of home.
16:05:12 <elmiko> +1
16:05:13 <cdent> yes, that's accurate
16:05:15 <gouthamr> oh, i did have one question.. i'm *still* interested in knowing whatever happened to 'service-type-registry' <- the thing that cropped up after our disagreements with service names being used in the microversion header, as opposed to service types.
16:05:41 <elmiko> i thought those changes went through and we have a repo for it, but that was awhile ago
16:05:48 <gouthamr> #link: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/286089/4
16:06:04 <gouthamr> 'service-types-authority'
16:06:23 <cdent> gouthamr: that's still pending as part of the service catalog next generation stuff, but is kind of on hold while sdague and other interested parties attend to more fundamental things like docs being wrong
16:06:42 <cdent> I think people still think it is important but, like so many things, there's not enough time.
16:07:49 <gouthamr> ah. makes sense.. thank you!
16:07:53 <cdent> I suspect when we hit another argument, it will rise back to the surface :)
16:08:01 <elmiko> hehe, most likely
16:08:08 <gouthamr> :)
16:09:48 <cdent> I _still_ haven't had a chance to resolve the details ambiguity on https://review.openstack.org/#/c/322194/ but it remains on my list.
16:11:26 <elmiko> ack
16:11:38 <cdent> do we want to cook a newsletter or since we have nothing new to say should we skip it?
16:11:52 <elmiko> such a good question
16:12:10 <elmiko> i mean, we probably /should/ spin another, but it will mostly be the same as last time
16:13:08 <cdent> I think if they always look the same people won't see them, so I'd vote for skip.
16:13:35 <elmiko> i don't have a strong opinion on this one
16:14:58 <elmiko> we need a "help! we need more people" email...
16:15:39 <elmiko> or maybe just add that to the newsletter. "nothing happened because there are only a couple people sorta working on this"
16:16:31 <cdent> I suppose one way to do that would be to add a summary of the launchpad issues to the newsletter (there are N bugs, if you wanna help look there, here's two we think are interesting) in some fashion
16:16:44 <elmiko> that's a really nice idea
16:17:15 * cdent looks at the bugs
16:19:43 <cdent> There are 19 bugs. Highlighted topics include a need for an acceptable guideline on pagination and some history and advice on why extensions have not worked and should not be used.
16:19:46 <cdent> or something in the vein
16:20:16 <elmiko> hmm, that pagination thing really needs to move along. we just ran across that in sahara too
16:20:39 <cdent> I'm being called away here in the real world, apologies. Maybe that's enough to at least add a useful paragraph?
16:21:05 <elmiko> i agree. i'll take a look at sending out another newsletter
16:21:12 <elmiko> take care o/
16:21:16 <cdent> thanks
16:27:35 <elmiko> ok, i'm gonna end this meeting. thanks for coming out gouthamr !
16:27:42 <gouthamr> cya elmiko
16:27:45 <elmiko> o/
16:27:48 <elmiko> #endmeeting