16:00:13 <cdent> #startmeeting api-wg
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16:00:25 <elmiko> hi
16:00:52 <cdent> oh you're here, I checked for you a while ago in another channel, and you're weren't there. I was gonna tell you that I'm on an internal call (still).
16:01:00 <cdent> So I've got partial attention
16:01:03 <cdent> #chair elmiko
16:01:03 <openstack> Current chairs: cdent elmiko
16:01:10 <elmiko> oh, oops. i must have missed the ping
16:02:25 <cdent> Is there anyone here besides elmiko and cdent for the api-wg?
16:02:31 <elmiko> cdent: do we have any topics for today?
16:02:58 <scottda> Hi
16:03:01 <cdent> I know that Piet wanted to talk about the usability test, but I didn't have a chance to get back to him about that
16:03:06 <cdent> hi scottda
16:03:54 <piet> Hiya
16:04:19 <piet> Anyone there?
16:04:42 <elmiko> hi scottda and piet
16:04:43 <elmiko> =)
16:05:44 <piet> Did you want to chat about the usability study in Barcelona
16:06:14 <cdent> piet: we should talk about that, but unfortunately I'm double booked right now, so my attention is very split. I assume you saw my response on the os-dev?
16:06:38 <piet> Was it in response to one of my emails?
16:07:08 <gouthamr_afk> Hi
16:07:41 <piet> Let's plan on scheduling another meeting to specifically cover the usability at the summit for the API WG
16:08:08 <cdent> piet: yes, my main point were queries about it being openstackclient focused, and if you had a contact there, in addition to me
16:08:37 <piet> Two studies: one API focused and the other OSC focused
16:10:45 <cdent> elmiko: can you take it from here? Sorry, but I sadly need to focus on this internal call :(
16:11:02 <elmiko> cdent: sure things, seems pretty slow anyway
16:11:08 <cdent> thanks
16:11:56 <elmiko> ok, anything further we need to discuss on that piet?
16:12:48 <piet> elmiko At some point, we need to meet as a group to identify goals for the study along with the tasks that should be completed
16:13:14 <elmiko> sounds good
16:13:18 <piet> elmiko We'll also need an environment to use during the test
16:13:35 <piet> Lemme schedule a meeting with the group
16:13:53 <elmiko> ok, which group are we talking about (i missed the email for context)
16:20:10 <elmiko> #topic guidelines
16:20:58 <elmiko> https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/api-wg,n,z
16:21:07 <elmiko> oops
16:21:17 <elmiko> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/api-wg,n,z
16:21:21 <elmiko> there we go
16:21:35 <elmiko> ok, only 1 open currently. i just updated it with the language cdent proposed
16:22:01 <elmiko> any eyes on that review would be helpful =)
16:22:13 <elmiko> #link https://review.openstack.org/364460
16:25:02 <elmiko> #topic APIImpact
16:25:10 <elmiko> any reviews that folks would like to highlight?
16:29:12 <elmiko> i'll take silence as a no ;)
16:29:19 <elmiko> #topic bug review
16:29:26 <elmiko> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-api-wg
16:29:33 <elmiko> so, thankfully we haven't added any new bugs
16:29:43 <elmiko> there is one in progress, addressed by my review
16:30:18 <elmiko> if anyone is interested in tackling a bug, please mention it or just make yourself the owner on the bug page
16:30:29 <elmiko> not owner, assignee
16:30:59 <elmiko> any questions about the bugs can be addressed now, or in the openstack-sdks channel
16:34:02 <elmiko> #topic open mic
16:34:10 <elmiko> anyone have a topic?
16:35:01 <gouthamr> elmiko: do we have a fb/wr in the summit?
16:35:09 <gouthamr> s/do/will
16:35:20 <elmiko> fb?
16:35:43 <gouthamr> elmiko: fish bowl/working session..
16:35:48 <elmiko> oh, right
16:35:56 <elmiko> i think cdent will be running a BoF session
16:36:05 <cdent> i haven't heard back yet if we got the space
16:36:09 <elmiko> so, no real fb/wr for the group
16:36:15 <gouthamr> okay..
16:36:15 <elmiko> oh, gotcha. thanks!
16:37:10 <elmiko> gouthamr: from what i've been reading the space is very limited for working groups
16:39:29 <elmiko> well, if there are not other topics to discuss we can end the meeting and get back almost 20 minutes of the day =)
16:40:30 <gouthamr> elmiko: thanks..
16:40:46 <elmiko> ok then, thanks all!
16:40:49 <elmiko> #endmeeting