16:00:28 <elmiko> #startmeeting api-wg
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16:00:46 <elmiko> #chairs cdent edleafe
16:00:52 <elmiko> #chair cdent edleafe
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16:01:07 <elmiko> anyone around for the api wg meeting?
16:02:28 <cdent> o/
16:02:40 <elmiko> hi
16:02:43 * cdent thinks elmiko should run the show, since he's the only one awake
16:02:48 <elmiko> haha
16:03:08 <elmiko> fine by me, i'll give edleafe a minute or 2 to see the messages
16:03:24 <edleafe> \o
16:03:28 <elmiko> hey
16:03:37 <elmiko> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/API-WG#Agenda
16:03:43 <elmiko> #topic previous meeting action items
16:03:44 <cdent> oh great, now I'm getting multiple notifications in a row. stoopid puters.
16:04:02 <elmiko> haha
16:04:15 <edleafe> sorry, was helping the wife with a compooter thing
16:04:17 <elmiko> i don't think we had any action items last time
16:04:21 <elmiko> no worries =)
16:04:27 <edleafe> nope
16:04:39 <elmiko> #topic open mic and new biz
16:04:51 <elmiko> not sure who added this,
16:04:52 <elmiko> do we need to talk about the service catalog / cloud info doc thing?
16:05:50 <elmiko> there wasn't a name next to that entry, so i'm not sure who wanted to talk about it
16:06:10 <edleafe> Last few edits were from cdent
16:06:23 * elmiko looks at cdent
16:06:29 <edleafe> https://wiki.openstack.org/w/index.php?title=Meetings/API-WG&diff=155122&oldid=154473
16:06:39 <cdent> oh yeah. I had some conversation with mordred about the duplication of info
16:06:44 <cdent> and he had some good responses
16:06:56 <cdent> but I haven't revisited since and I don't know what anyone else things
16:06:58 * cdent finds a link
16:07:27 <cdent> #link cloud profile https://review.openstack.org/#/c/459869/
16:07:34 <edleafe> Was the duplication the result of "here's how things are" vs. "here's how they should be"?
16:07:36 <cdent> my comment on ps9
16:07:42 <cdent> somewhat
16:07:56 <cdent> except that it's not clear there is agreement on the should part
16:08:04 <cdent> or at least the details thereof
16:08:19 <cdent> I've _always_ thought there should be a static service catalog
16:08:27 <cdent> but I think it should be marketed as such
16:08:37 <cdent> not embedded in this other thing
16:08:38 <cdent> maybe
16:08:49 <cdent> this new thing may actually be better
16:08:52 <edleafe> but service cat was always filtered by authz
16:08:53 <cdent> but I think it is a pretty big change
16:09:00 <elmiko> having it exist on its own makes a certain amount of sense to me
16:10:03 <edleafe> so it's more: "this is what this cloud offers" vs. "this is what is available to you, the authenticated user"
16:11:52 <cdent> I don't know that there's anything important to do here other than highlight that this is probably important
16:12:09 * mordred waves
16:12:25 * edleafe hides so mordred doesn't see him
16:12:28 <mordred> I haven't revisted any of that since we chatted - intend to next week
16:12:58 <cdent> nor have I, I've been a very good boy and not thinking about computers
16:13:01 <elmiko> yeah, doesn't sound like an actionable item for this venue
16:13:05 <mordred> edleafe: yes. also - your summary is a good summary
16:13:10 <cdent> and I've forgotten how, and don't know if I want to learn again
16:13:15 <elmiko> LOL
16:13:16 <mordred> cdent: ++
16:13:30 * edleafe never really learned how in the first place
16:13:39 * elmiko chuckles
16:13:41 <cdent> everythign is becoming more clear
16:14:08 <elmiko> ok, if there's nothing more on this one...
16:14:13 <elmiko> #topic guidelines
16:14:14 <cdent> yes, please carry on
16:14:21 <elmiko> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/api-wg,n,z
16:14:54 <elmiko> seems like just the typo fix, and i don't think we need a freeze for that
16:15:29 <edleafe> yeah, but it's dependent on the version discovery doc
16:15:35 <cdent> mordred: what's the genesis of the change on the URL?
16:15:45 <cdent> the 'published'?
16:15:45 <elmiko> oop, missed that dependency
16:17:49 <cdent> so nothing on guidelines then, right? everything else needs some updates before moving along
16:18:14 <elmiko> #topic bug review
16:18:22 <elmiko> #link https://bugs.launchpad.net/openstack-api-wg
16:18:28 <elmiko> don't think there's anything new here
16:18:40 <edleafe> nope
16:18:49 <elmiko> #topic weekly newsletter
16:19:01 <elmiko> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/api-wg-newsletter
16:19:05 <elmiko> any volunteers
16:19:15 <cdent> I suppose I can do it since I've had some time away
16:19:19 <cdent> and am probably due
16:20:04 <edleafe> thx cdent
16:20:07 <elmiko> thanks!
16:20:41 <cdent> It helps that there's little to do
16:20:56 * cdent has leveled-down
16:21:51 <elmiko> ok, i guess till next week then
16:22:16 <elmiko> #endmeeting