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17:00:35 <docaedo> Agenda:
17:00:38 <docaedo> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/app-catalog
17:00:40 <docaedo> #topic rollcall
17:00:56 <docaedo> Who's here for this weeks crazily exciting app catalog meeting?
17:01:03 <markvan> Howdy
17:01:07 <doug-fish> \o
17:01:11 <kzaitsev_mb> o/
17:01:18 <docaedo> courtesy ping for kfox1111
17:01:23 <docaedo> and howdy folks!
17:02:18 <docaedo> #topic Status updates
17:02:51 <docaedo> The dead-link checker change merged on the infra side
17:02:59 <docaedo> but I could use a review or two on
17:03:01 <docaedo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/270579/
17:03:31 <docaedo> because right now the automated test does not have an existing file (assets_dead.yaml) to modify, so ends up proposing nothing
17:03:43 <markvan> how will the dead file be used?  just manual reviews of it?
17:03:48 <docaedo> but I did't want to just merge my own PR without any other reviews
17:04:11 <docaedo> markvan: for any asset that is listed in dead_assets, it will NOT be listed in the JSON file used to serve the catalog
17:04:29 <markvan> ah, a blacklist
17:04:29 <docaedo> so the asset itself is still in assets.yaml, it just won't be shown to users of the web site
17:04:59 <docaedo> yes exactly, then if/when the link comes back, it will be removed from the blacklist by proposal-bot
17:05:13 <docaedo> but also I'll keep an eye on that list, and chase down entries that show up (there are only two right now)
17:05:32 <docaedo> if the maintainer of that entry wants to fix the link, I'll help, if there's no response, it'll just get removed from the catalog
17:05:50 <markvan> ok, sounds reasonable
17:05:59 <docaedo> I don't have any other status updates this week, anybody else?
17:06:33 <doug-fish> Not really. I've looked at app catalog code for the first time last week.
17:06:33 <docaedo> markvan: you were the one who put the horizon stuff on the agenda right?
17:06:49 <docaedo> doug-fish: glad to have you here for the meeting, thanks for coming!
17:06:59 <markvan> yup, lucky me
17:07:05 <doug-fish> sure.  Good to be here. :-)
17:07:16 <docaedo> then we'll move on to...
17:07:19 <docaedo> #topic Integration with Horizon, using form parms may not work in near future
17:08:08 <markvan> So, I began looking at app catalog for a future home for a heat LBaaS V2 template example, but noticed a few issues
17:08:37 <markvan> The heat side seems to still be working within horizon, but glance is not.  The dialog fields do not get filled in.
17:09:07 <docaedo> oh you're talking about app-catalog-ui right?
17:09:10 <doug-fish> oh - now I know why I'm here! that
17:09:17 <markvan> And that's why doug-fish is here.    Wondering if this current code is going to continue to work in the future
17:09:27 <markvan> yup the horizon ui
17:09:30 <docaedo> ah there is a fix in Horizon
17:09:31 <doug-fish> s the behavior where the request was carefully constructed to fill in the django form ...
17:09:54 <doug-fish> I wasn't aware of anybody doing that, but it's going to have issues soon-ish
17:09:56 <doug-fish> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/angularize-images-table
17:10:03 <doug-fish> that panel is being rewritten into angular
17:10:17 <kzaitsev_mb> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/horizon/+spec/angularize-images-table
17:10:18 <doug-fish> and I haven't considered that kind of dialog-based reuse (I doubt anyone else has either)
17:11:05 <kzaitsev_mb> so would there be a way to construct the url or otherwise reuse the form in app-catalog-ui dashboard somehow?
17:11:08 <docaedo> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/251670/
17:11:30 <docaedo> this PR fixes the field fill issues for me
17:11:33 <doug-fish> kzaitsev_mb: that's what I'm saying - there is no plan for that kind of reuse
17:11:50 <docaedo> not sure why it's taking so long to merge though
17:12:14 <doug-fish> I'd encourage you do think about inheriting from the python-based form, rather than doing that sort of URL-based link
17:12:41 <doug-fish> that will let you continue to use the python based image dialog even after the angular based one becomes the default
17:13:09 <docaedo> doug-fish: you're saying 251670 wouldn't be a good choice long-term?
17:14:03 <doug-fish> docaedo: not what I was saying - I was talking about the current state of the code ...
17:14:53 <doug-fish> https://review.openstack.org/#/c/251670/  looks like a sustainable approach, but I'd like to review more carefully
17:14:58 <docaedo> doug-fish: ok - I understand it's broken with current state of code, we have just been waiting on that PR to merge, but I'll be honest I have not been attending horizon meetings or anything to ask if there are concerns
17:15:36 <doug-fish> it's encouraging to see Richard working on this - he knows the angular codebase well; I just wasn't aware of the patch
17:15:48 <docaedo> would it make sense to circle back to this topic next week after you've had a chance to look more closely?
17:16:00 <doug-fish> yep
17:16:20 <markvan> yeah, maybe we could invite Richard for his thoughts...
17:16:33 <doug-fish> TZ will be an issue I think
17:16:44 <docaedo> ah what TZ is he in?
17:16:53 <doug-fish> He lives in Australia
17:17:01 <doug-fish> so something way off.  :-)
17:17:07 <docaedo> ugh yeah, 4:17am there
17:17:12 <docaedo> (syndey anyway)
17:17:40 <docaedo> funny, I was just talking to David at the foundation about having him chair an alternate time meeting
17:17:55 <docaedo> that would be convenient for Australia/APAC
17:18:24 <docaedo> but anyway I'll make sure this is on the agenda for next week, and we can move on?
17:18:32 <doug-fish> sounds good to me
17:18:51 <docaedo> #topic Integration with Horizon, how about a stab at integration tests?
17:18:59 <docaedo> I'm glad someone added this one :)
17:19:11 <docaedo> I'd love to include horizon integration tests, but would need some help
17:19:23 <markvan> Yeah, so i noticed in light of the glance issue, there was no tests trying to make sure this horizon integration was actually working.
17:19:49 <markvan> I think based upon what sahara and neturon-lbaas are doing, it could also be done for this project
17:20:14 <markvan> I would be will to take the first stab at it, but <warning> I still new to most of the ui topics...
17:20:42 <doug-fish> markvan: good news: integration testing of Horizon plugins is a new topic. _everybody_ is new at it. :-)
17:21:08 <docaedo> markvan: I would be happy to support you however I can, and would love to have that tested
17:21:09 <markvan> yup, always good to be on the edge
17:21:52 <markvan> ok, I'll take that action and get something posted.  Since this also need a new infra gate job, I will also do that.
17:22:25 <docaedo> excellent, I'm around most of the time on IRC (in PST TZ) and am eager to see this, so let me know however I can help
17:22:33 <docaedo> thank you!
17:22:52 <docaedo> (that was an easy one!)
17:23:43 <docaedo> Anything else on this topic?
17:23:49 <markvan> ok, I'm here with doug-fish in CST.
17:24:41 <doug-fish> nothing else from me on tests
17:24:57 <docaedo> cool, then last topic before open discussion
17:25:00 <docaedo> #topic Resource commitments for Glare/API work
17:25:16 <docaedo> Was hoping kfox1111 would make it this week for this topic
17:25:23 <kzaitsev_mb> ok, I guess that's a place for me to say smth.
17:25:27 <docaedo> but we do have kzaitsev_mb :)
17:25:43 <kzaitsev_mb> I've not been doing a good job supporting this initiative lately
17:25:57 <docaedo> Sure - not to put you on the spot, but hoping to get a sense of whether you'll be able to work on it, and if you're being supported by $THE_BOSSES
17:26:39 <kzaitsev_mb> but I'd like to say, that I've finally got all the blessings I could from my mgmt =)
17:27:08 <docaedo> that's great to hear
17:27:14 <kzaitsev_mb> I'm hoping to finally start working on the actual glare plugin, and give update, at least a WIP one tomorrow.
17:27:34 <kzaitsev_mb> and that's currently my priority #1
17:27:49 <docaedo> excellent, then we can keep talking about it next week, and on the regular channel
17:28:10 <docaedo> if you run into anything or need help (or someone else to test/compare) please speak up, I'm eager to validate this path will work
17:29:22 <kzaitsev_mb> sure, will do, thnx.
17:29:36 <docaedo> Thanks kzaitsev_mb :) - I think we are good on this topic, moving on to...
17:29:39 <docaedo> #topic Open discussion
17:30:15 <docaedo> I have zero topics for open discussion, but anyone else?  I'll wait a few minutes.
17:32:17 <docaedo> <crickets>
17:32:23 <doug-fish> :-)
17:32:52 <markvan> I'm good
17:33:03 <docaedo> I think we are good then - thank you so much for coming and helping with the app catalog!
17:33:21 <docaedo> Looks like we get a half hour back this morning :D
17:33:34 <docaedo> #endmeeting