19:08:01 <dtroyer_zz> #startmeeting arch_wg
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19:08:10 <auggy> o/
19:08:13 <dtroyer_zz> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Arch-WG#Agenda
19:08:17 <Rockyg> o/
19:08:29 <jroll> \o
19:08:31 <dtroyer_zz> #topic previous meeting action items
19:09:52 <dtroyer_zz> #link https://review.openstack.org/379768
19:09:59 <Rockyg> spamaps sent the APAC email
19:10:06 <dtroyer_zz> SpamapS proposed that for the alternate time
19:10:42 <Rockyg> nikhil, are you around?
19:10:46 <dtroyer_zz> no opposition so far, but also nobody from APAC time zones have commented
19:11:15 <dtroyer_zz> ((not sure if tonyb intends to attend))
19:11:27 <dtroyer_zz> any comments here?
19:11:56 <Rockyg> nope
19:12:21 <dtroyer_zz> #topic repo creation
19:12:32 <dtroyer_zz> I haven't seen nikhil yet...
19:13:42 <dtroyer_zz> #topic Proposal Process Review
19:13:57 <dtroyer_zz> this was on the agenda, nothing specific listed under it
19:14:45 <jroll> feels like this was last meeting's agenda
19:14:49 <dtroyer_zz> was it?
19:14:51 <cdent> I forgot to say I'm here
19:14:51 <cdent> hi
19:14:54 <dtroyer_zz> ugh,
19:15:17 * dtroyer_zz assumed the wiki accumulated it...
19:15:29 <dtroyer_zz> ok, how about this:
19:15:37 <dtroyer_zz> #topic Summit Cross-Project Space Request
19:15:38 <jroll> hasn't been significantly updated since sept 29, dunno if it was before or after, just looks familiar
19:15:46 <Rockyg> yeah.  This is last week's.  But reviewing AIs
19:16:16 <dtroyer_zz> the tentative schedule was put together, pending further review, Arch WG has a session on Wednesday at 12:15
19:16:44 <jroll> nice
19:17:38 <dtroyer_zz> #topic Open Discussion
19:17:53 <dtroyer_zz> given I don't ave a better agenda, what's on your minds?
19:18:09 <Rockyg> Should we put together an agenda on the Summit xproject etherpad?
19:18:28 <dtroyer_zz> for the session?  that sounds good
19:18:36 <Rockyg> Yup
19:18:55 <dtroyer_zz> wait, on the schedule one?  maybe we should build one for that session specifically
19:20:00 <Rockyg> yup
19:20:48 <ttx> dtroyer_zz: o/
19:20:57 <dtroyer_zz> can you get that started Rockyg?
19:21:00 <ttx> bit late, any urgent matter?
19:21:09 <cdent> a new etherpad seems right thing
19:21:14 <Rockyg> sure....gimme a sec.
19:21:40 <dtroyer_zz> ttx: nothing urgent, do you have anything to mention about the etherpadding action you and SpamapS had?
19:22:16 <ttx> dtroyer_zz: not started, planning to try to d osomething about it tomorrow
19:22:24 <dtroyer_zz> ok, thanks
19:22:41 <ttx> somehow I had noted that this week was the APAC timing
19:22:47 <Rockyg> #link https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/BCN-ArchWG-xproject_meeting
19:22:59 <dtroyer_zz> thanks Rockyg
19:23:10 <dtroyer_zz> ttx: I do that more than I care to admit
19:23:42 <cdent> did the apac time get set?
19:23:43 <dtroyer_zz> something (outlook maybe) numbers the weeks differently so I can never trust if it is an odd or even week
19:24:11 <ttx> dtroyer_zz: based mine on the "start dates" on the patch, but the patch is not approved yet
19:24:18 <dtroyer_zz> cdent: it isn't approved yet, but https://review.openstack.org/379768 is the proposal
19:24:26 <cdent> thanks dtroyer_zz
19:24:36 <ttx> I guess I bet that it would be approved by now :p
19:25:00 <dtroyer_zz> if only we knew someone...
19:25:16 <jroll> I think we were waiting for anyone from APAC to chime in :P
19:25:31 <dtroyer_zz> yes
19:25:34 <Rockyg> yup
19:25:38 <ttx> ah, so it's ready for approval now ?
19:26:03 <Rockyg> I don't think we have a good meeting time for Israel, though.
19:26:22 <ttx> ah, we need SpamapS to un-W-1 it
19:26:23 <jroll> ttx: it's unclear if tony's vote was for "yes wfm" or "this change looks ok"
19:26:33 <jroll> he's the only apac on it
19:26:43 <ttx> Rockyg: it's not exactly what I'd call EU-friendly either
19:26:45 <Rockyg> Hopefully that's a so far...
19:26:52 <ttx> It's just not EU-unfriendly
19:26:57 <dtroyer_zz> I read tonyb as approving the form, not necessarily the meeting time
19:27:05 <jroll> ditto
19:27:05 <Rockyg> ttx, yeah.  Be good to move this one earlier.
19:27:18 <dtroyer_zz> but I don't know if he intends to come or not, so salt grains and all that
19:27:24 <ttx> Rockyg: It's hard anyway. Earlier is in dinner time for me
19:27:29 <markvoelker> set | grep OS_
19:27:39 <ttx> markvoelker: wrong window
19:27:41 <dtroyer_zz> OS_USERNAME=admin
19:27:43 <dtroyer_zz> :)
19:27:46 <markvoelker> hah, sorry
19:28:08 <dtroyer_zz> anything else anyone?
19:28:14 <Rockyg> <snicker>
19:28:33 <dtroyer_zz> ttx: I mentioned the tentative cross-project session schedule, when do you expect to call it final?
19:28:48 <ttx> I publish it tomorrow, unless someone complains
19:29:06 <ttx> we can always alter it though
19:29:11 <ttx> so.. near-final
19:30:08 <ttx> nothing else from me
19:30:25 <dtroyer_zz> me either
19:30:53 <dtroyer_zz> short housekeeping week, when we get the repo I'll propose the draft etherpad
19:30:53 <auggy> hey everyone, i heard about this wg and wanted to come check it out
19:31:01 <auggy> so i guess i'm just introducing myself :) hi!
19:31:07 <ttx> auggy: hi!
19:31:21 <dtroyer_zz> auggy: thanks for coming, this wasn't a very impressive meeting to show off our grand plans
19:31:25 <auggy> hahahaha no it's fine
19:31:41 <auggy> i run the nova bugs team and i'm lucky if i have one other person at my meetings :( haha
19:32:10 <Rockyg> You are doing a yeoman's work.  At least I appreciate it.
19:32:35 <dtroyer_zz> ok, let's call it a day/night
19:32:44 * dtroyer_zz likes the idea of food before pre-board
19:32:50 <auggy> dtroyer_zz: burgerville!!
19:33:01 <auggy> they even have insulated cups for your "milkshakes"
19:33:02 <Rockyg> Yup.  Put ideas for the xproject agenda on the etherpad.... and linbks and stuff
19:33:03 <auggy> (ahem, beer)
19:33:05 <cdent> auggy: aw
19:33:14 <cdent> now I want burgerville
19:33:24 <dtroyer_zz> there's a Potbelly over thereI've been smelling since I sat down
19:33:25 <ttx> b.u.r.g.e.R
19:33:30 <cdent> and it is a _long_ way away
19:33:47 <dtroyer_zz> thanks everyone!
19:33:53 <auggy> thanks dtroyer_zz !
19:33:55 <dtroyer_zz> #endmeeting