20:09:27 <dtroyer> #startmeeting arch_wg
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20:09:44 <dtroyer> #link agenda: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Arch-WG
20:09:53 <redrobot> o/
20:10:31 <dtroyer> #topic Proposals for work
20:10:41 <dtroyer> * Base Services - ttx
20:11:11 <dtroyer> ttx is not here, but he mentioned earlier that the base services proposal should be ready to go, both reviews have 1 +2
20:11:17 <dtroyer> and some +1's
20:12:12 <dtroyer> * nova-compute-api - SpamapS
20:12:31 <dtroyer> SpamapS: isn't here (yet), we can come back if he shows up before we're gone
20:12:43 <cdent> (oh, I have a 'c' too, but without quorum I'm not sure if it matters: where do resources to do the proposals come from?)
20:13:31 <dtroyer> that's a really good question...
20:13:47 <dtroyer> my belief is that they come from the organizations who have an interest in the topics
20:14:05 <dtroyer> now, seeing that in practice may be a different thing altogether
20:14:47 <cdent> well that's exactly it
20:15:12 <cdent> That belief is a lot harder to believe these days
20:15:55 <dtroyer> understood.  I personally have some discretion in that area, but that is becoming more uncommon every month it seems
20:16:23 <cdent> ditto
20:16:36 <cdent> we are unique and special unicorns
20:16:50 * dtroyer thought he was a snowflake
20:17:43 <cdent> oh that too
20:17:59 <dtroyer> It seems to me that time is narrowing the interest here a bit to those of us who do have some ability to spend time on arch things.
20:18:12 <cdent> snow-unicorn
20:18:33 <dtroyer> I'm choosing to see the positive side of that in that the calls to "do the big things" without bringing the resources have already died down
20:18:46 <cdent> yes
20:18:50 <cdent> good point
20:19:25 <dtroyer> so anyway, let me make this official…
20:19:27 <dtroyer> #topic Open Discussion
20:19:42 <dtroyer> PTG?
20:20:07 <cdent> yeah, I wasn't going, but now I am thanks to ttx prompting me to apply for travel
20:20:15 <dtroyer> \o/
20:20:31 <cdent> so I now want to be sure that I'm prepped and ready
20:21:43 <redrobot> dang, I missed the travel assistance deadline :(
20:22:05 <cdent> I assume we'll want to do at least two things: talk about the two pending proposals and talk about what else should be proposed
20:22:05 <redrobot> When can we start proposing new "base services"?  Immediately after the two patches land?
20:22:26 <cdent> the api-wg has sent me to say "we want to hang with the arch-wg and make the world a better place together"
20:22:31 <dtroyer> so IIRC the suggestion has been for the arch-wg to find time/space on Tuesday to talk
20:23:18 <dtroyer> I like this idea… maybe we should find a not-official evening corner table in the bar if all else fails
20:23:23 <dtroyer> or even if it doesn't
20:23:37 <cdent> +1
20:25:13 <dtroyer> redrobot: proposing the next bits can be done anytime I think, its nearly automatic to get put into the proposals/ directory
20:26:30 <redrobot> dtroyer sounds good
20:27:34 <dtroyer> cdent: did you have nova gossip to share?
20:28:17 <cdent> not in any specific way; I guess my understanding was that gossiping about the current state of things is part of the process of figuring out a next
20:29:21 <cdent> my comment about "who does this stuff" is mostly born out of suppose someone did say "let's extract nova-compute" how would that compute with the fact that nova is already way behind its own existing goals
20:29:39 <dtroyer> I'm afraid my current gossip is all wrapped up in client-bits-freeze this week
20:29:51 <cdent> coordination and collaboration is going to challenging, no matter how good the plan is
20:30:08 <cdent> yeah, I'm not sure this week is a great time to gossip, plenty of rush on other stuff
20:30:27 <cdent> we could punt to after some releases...
20:31:08 <dtroyer> and that is our biggest challenge, I think.  knowing there are plenty of folk out there (with resources to spend) that want to take big swings at things, but can't get together on doing it "in the community", we can be part of what keeps it all together
20:32:03 * cdent nods
20:32:07 <dtroyer> bring the compute node bits back together is terribly intriguing, and take me back to the days when cinder was forked from nova in the first place :)
20:32:55 <dtroyer> what I really think we can do is help clarify a couple of things around not trying to be all things to all people.
20:33:32 <dtroyer> anyway, I'm getting into the beer-convo...
20:33:36 <cdent> about openstack not being all things to all people?
20:33:55 <cdent> we could make a beergenda between now and beertime
20:34:26 <dtroyer> yes…  I'd give my example of needing a virt-manager for my shiny new NUC last week, and cringing about what it would cost to use even a minimal OpenStack to run it so I can use the tools I write...
20:35:28 * dtroyer is looking to see if there's an etherpad for arch-wg-ptg yet
20:35:47 <cdent> the crucial etherpad flaw
20:36:02 <dtroyer> https://etherpad.openstack.org/p/ptg-architecture-workgroup
20:37:47 * cdent notes it
20:39:59 * cdent adds some stuff
20:41:24 <dtroyer> ok, anything else?  I need to go let the dogs out…
20:41:32 <cdent> I say we call it
20:41:46 <dtroyer> kk
20:41:53 <dtroyer> #endmeeting