18:00:10 <adam_g> #startmeeting astara
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18:00:13 <adam_g> o/
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18:00:25 <adam_g> ping markmcclain elo rods ryanpetrello
18:00:33 <markmcclain> hi
18:00:49 <elo> hello
18:01:28 <adam_g> hiya phil_h
18:01:34 <phil_h> hey
18:01:37 <adam_g> #topic mitaka development
18:01:49 <adam_g> so we tagged rc1 across the repos last week
18:02:04 <adam_g> next week is release week so this week is our last chance to catch any critical bugs
18:02:18 <adam_g> if you find any please tag them as mitaka-rc-potential in LP and ping me
18:02:40 <adam_g> looking through our bugs this morning it looks like one bug slipped by us in the run up to RC1
18:02:42 <adam_g> https://bugs.launchpad.net/astara/+bug/1558577
18:02:42 <openstack> Launchpad bug 1558577 in Astara "Permission denied on /etc/nginx/sites-enabled in loadbalancer appliance" [Critical,New]
18:02:55 <adam_g> im looking into that now and will likely spin an RC2 if the bug confirms
18:03:18 <markmcclain> fortunately should be small fix
18:03:58 <adam_g> also unfortunately, i believe there are some release notes changes i should make for the mitaka branch before we release, so i expect a RC2 this week
18:04:36 <adam_g> anyone else have any potential bugs to bring up that we should be tracking this week?
18:05:38 <markmcclain> have some tweaks to VPN config, but nothing critical
18:06:06 <elo> nothing on my end
18:07:06 <adam_g> ok cool
18:07:18 <adam_g> we should be in good shape for releasing next week then
18:07:37 <adam_g> #topic newton development + summit
18:08:05 <adam_g> so in addition to our contributor meet up time that we have reserved for friday, we've been alloted a ~1hr fishbowl session earlier in the wek
18:08:48 <adam_g> i was thinking we can use this time together to explore where we go with the BYONF / SFC work that went into the mitaka release
18:09:11 <markmcclain> good idea... for style of session
18:09:23 <adam_g> i think it gives us a good framework where we can begin to explore how we bring NFV/SFC use cases into neutron-proper
18:09:39 <adam_g> we'll likely get the attention of some other teams so it'd be good brainstorming session
18:09:57 <adam_g> if anyone else has any other ideas for a topic to discuss during the fishbowl, dont hesitate to mention them
18:11:28 <adam_g> also now is a good time to begin thinkin about topics for blueprints we wan  to pursue this coming dev cycle, so begin doing that! maybe next week we can start throwing them into an etherpad
18:12:23 <markmcclain> yeah was looking at the mitaka etherpad to see which items we had listed as stretch items we might want to consider
18:12:38 <adam_g> oh also
18:12:44 <adam_g> im looking at the tentative summit schedule
18:12:52 <adam_g> looks like our fishbowl is scheduled for 5PM on thursday
18:13:46 <phil_h> Not great but you can't drive anywhere in Austin at 5 PM anyway!!!
18:14:02 <adam_g> ha
18:14:27 <phil_h> almost makes San Francisco traffic look goode!!!
18:15:23 <adam_g> #topic open discussion
18:15:34 <adam_g> ive been trying to debug the gate failure thats been cropping up more and more
18:15:44 <adam_g> it looks like the appliance is taking a really long time to process config updates in some cases
18:15:54 <adam_g> im investigating just bumping timeouts insanely high for running the gate
18:16:30 <adam_g> this'll mean we (by default) jack the appliance's gunicorn worker timeout to something really, and always enforce the timeout client-side via the currentl configurable setting
18:17:26 <markmcclain> make sense, but I thought that test failed in the gate too
18:18:46 <adam_g> markmcclain, i need to debug that further not 100% sure its getting set correctly
18:20:29 <adam_g> ok, well unless anyone has anything else we can call it
18:20:31 <phil_h> If anyone cares I am working on an Ansible playbook to install Astara
18:20:39 <adam_g> phil_h, oh cool
18:20:50 <adam_g> phil_h, you might want to sync up with elo  i think he was doing some similar work at some point recently
18:21:00 <phil_h> I'll keep you posted on the progress - will do
18:21:19 <adam_g> cool
18:21:29 <adam_g> ok well, tty all in #openstack-astara
18:21:30 <adam_g> #endmeeting