19:00:32 <shamail> #startmeeting auc
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19:00:45 <shamail> Hi everyone, anyone here for the AUC Recog. WG meeting?
19:01:03 * jproulx has nothing particular to say but is lurking
19:01:19 <shamail> hi jproulx :)
19:01:38 <shamail> I don’t know if we will have quorum today, seems to be the trend with most of my meetings this week (maybe due to time change?)
19:01:55 <jproulx> yes there's been quite a bit of that
19:04:27 <shamail> Oh well, going to call it for today.  Take care!
19:04:32 <jproulx> :)
19:04:35 <jproulx> cheers
19:04:38 <shamail> #endmeeting