15:00:42 <pafuent> #startmeeting blazar
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15:01:22 <DinaBelova> o/
15:01:44 <pafuent> o/
15:02:34 <pafuent> #link https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Meetings/Blazar
15:02:36 <DinaBelova> pafuent, all are scared I'm here :D
15:02:49 <pafuent> DinaBelova: hahaha
15:03:25 <pafuent> We will wait a couple of minutes
15:04:05 <DinaBelova> pafuent, ok
15:05:14 <pafuent> #topic Action items from the last meeting + reviews queries
15:05:26 <pafuent> Well lets start
15:05:50 <pafuent> The last action item was mine
15:06:02 <pafuent> "pafuent propose patches for renaming Climate to Blazar"
15:06:16 <DinaBelova> pafuent, hehe, afaik it were some :)
15:06:22 <DinaBelova> pafuent please add links here
15:06:25 <DinaBelova> I'll review them
15:06:44 <pafuent> OK. So the next step is to get the blessing of cores
15:07:03 <DinaBelova> pafuent, ^^
15:07:06 <DinaBelova> please action item
15:07:11 <DinaBelova> with the links
15:07:40 <pafuent> Can I add multiple link at the same time?
15:08:04 <pafuent> Or one link at a time?
15:08:10 <DinaBelova> multiple, please
15:08:21 <pafuent> OK
15:09:19 <pafuent> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98494/ https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98495/ https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98496/ https://review.openstack.org/#/c/100914/ https://review.openstack.org/#/c/101953/ https://review.openstack.org/#/c/98508/
15:10:30 <pafuent> #action DinaBelova bauzas Nikolay_St scroiset_ Review Climate to Blazar patches
15:10:41 <DinaBelova> pafuent, thanks
15:10:49 <pafuent> DinaBelova: You are welcome
15:11:14 <pafuent> Regarding review request, there are some others not related to renaming
15:11:25 <pafuent> Nikolay_St: o/
15:11:34 <Nikolay_St> pafuent: o/
15:11:53 <DinaBelova> Nikolay_St, o/
15:11:54 <pafuent> We are talking about pending reviews
15:12:03 <Nikolay_St> DinaBelova: o/
15:12:36 <Nikolay_St> pafuent: DinaBelova: may be we can make some list of reviews by importance
15:12:53 <pafuent> +1
15:12:58 <DinaBelova> Nikolay_St, pafuent has posted the list of them
15:13:03 <DinaBelova> at least some of them :)
15:13:06 <Nikolay_St> I try to do some review yesterday but my lab was dying hard
15:13:09 <Nikolay_St> DinaBelova: I see
15:13:22 <pafuent> Yep, those are related to renaming
15:13:29 <Nikolay_St> DinaBelova: but I mean from the most important to the less
15:14:05 <pafuent> The other group are related to support V2 REST API in Blazar Client and the implementation of the Blazar Dashboard
15:14:34 <pafuent> At least for me that should be the order to review them. The Dashboard uses the V2
15:14:45 <Nikolay_St> pafuent:
15:14:50 <Nikolay_St> pafuent: get it
15:15:07 <Nikolay_St> what topic do we have now?
15:15:14 <pafuent> Well the most important is this one: https://review.openstack.org/97929
15:15:24 <DinaBelova> sorry, got disconnected
15:15:26 * DinaBelova now here
15:15:28 <pafuent> This is needed for the Tempest test
15:15:56 <pafuent> Nikolay_St: We are at action items and reviews
15:16:47 <pafuent> From my side that it.
15:16:54 <DinaBelova> pafuent, ok. we'll review :)
15:17:14 <Nikolay_St> I just have a question about https://review.openstack.org/#/c/74782/
15:17:46 <pafuent> Nikolay_St: Shoot it
15:18:42 <Nikolay_St> pafuent: https://review.openstack.org/97929 it fixes bug. but my lab died while I'll test it :D so I need some additional time
15:19:13 <pafuent> Nikolay_St: np
15:19:14 <Nikolay_St> pafuent: also, if Dina test it and said that it's okay - I'll +2 immediatiely
15:20:03 <DinaBelova> Nikolay_St, I prefer if you'll restore your lab anyway :D
15:20:55 <Nikolay_St> DinaBelova: I'm working on it :D
15:21:47 <pafuent> Nikolay_St: Which is your question about the policy patch?
15:22:41 <Nikolay_St> pafuent: whats wrong with it? I mean, it's one of the oldest patches we have on review. I can correct it a little and we shall merge it.
15:22:52 <Nikolay_St> pafuent: I just don't know what's the problem with it
15:23:54 <pafuent> DinaBelova: The comments in that patch make sense?
15:24:11 <DinaBelova> pafuent, well, I guess no currently...
15:24:16 <DinaBelova> I think I need to rebase it
15:24:26 <DinaBelova> and you'll have the opportunity to merge it :)
15:24:55 <DinaBelova> pafuent, I'll fix Cristian's comment and that
15:25:00 <DinaBelova> that's it
15:25:20 <pafuent> DinaBelova: OK. I'll review it after the rebase
15:25:24 <DinaBelova> ok
15:25:45 <pafuent> Anything else in this topic?
15:25:53 <DinaBelova> pafuent, I guess no
15:26:16 <pafuent> #topic Climate -> Blazar renaming status
15:26:45 <pafuent> Regarding to this the Blazar Nova is almost finished. The remaining things are docs and oslo
15:27:05 <pafuent> After the merge of the actual patches I'll work on that
15:27:14 <Nikolay_St> pafuent: okay
15:27:23 <Nikolay_St> pafuent: that's nice
15:27:57 <pafuent> I think the next one should be the Client and then Blazar
15:28:43 <Nikolay_St> pafuent: if you provide to me some algorithm I'll try to help you
15:29:26 <pafuent> Nikolay_St: OK. But I'm not doing anything fancy, just grep and editing files :-D
15:30:03 <pafuent> Sorry for the rush, but I need to go in a couple of minutes
15:30:07 <pafuent> #topic Blueprints status
15:30:20 <pafuent> DinaBelova: Here we need you
15:30:27 <DinaBelova> pafuent, heh :)
15:30:52 <DinaBelova> #link https://blueprints.launchpad.net/blazar
15:31:02 <pafuent> There are some BP that are already implemented and others that are Undefined/Draft/Discussion
15:31:21 <DinaBelova> oh, pafluent, do you have the rights to change statuses, etc.?
15:31:26 <pafuent> For example the V2 API ones are done
15:31:29 <pafuent> Yeap
15:31:56 <pafuent> Are you OK if I change some statuses?
15:32:06 <DinaBelova> ok, as I'm really busy with the ceilo stuff, I guess you may do that stuff yourself
15:32:08 <DinaBelova> yes, indeed
15:32:46 <pafuent> DinaBelova: OK. I'll ask to the authors/coders and will change the status accordingly
15:32:51 <DinaBelova> pafuentб щл
15:32:53 <DinaBelova> hehe
15:33:01 <DinaBelova> it was " pafuent, ok"
15:33:10 <pafuent> DinaBelova: :)
15:33:23 <pafuent> Well, I need to go
15:33:58 <pafuent> DinaBelova: Nikolay_St: You can continue with the meeting. Or if you prefer I can end it
15:33:59 <DinaBelova> pafuent, ok, so let's finish the meeting
15:34:06 <DinaBelova> I guess that's it anyway
15:34:14 <pafuent> I think yes
15:34:19 <pafuent> Bye
15:34:37 <DinaBelova> o/
15:34:49 <pafuent> #endmeeting