09:03:18 <masahito> #startmeeting blazar
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09:03:26 <GeraldK> o/
09:03:27 <masahito> #chair hiro-kobayashi
09:03:27 <openstack> Current chairs: hiro-kobayashi masahito
09:03:35 <masahito> sorry, late starting.
09:03:44 <hiro-kobayashi> o/
09:03:57 <masahito> GeraldK: hi
09:04:07 <GeraldK> hi Masa and Hiro
09:04:24 <hiro-kobayashi> hi!
09:04:40 <r-mibu> hi
09:04:46 <tejaswi> hi
09:04:49 <masahito> today's agenda is following:
09:04:57 <masahito> 1. stable/branch
09:05:09 <masahito> 2. Boston summit
09:05:15 <masahito> anything else?
09:06:04 <masahito> r-mibu: tejaswi: hi
09:06:28 <tejaswi> hi masahito
09:06:37 <masahito> pierre is out of town in two weeks.
09:06:40 <r-mibu> hi masahito, nothing from my side
09:06:59 <masahito> let's move on first topic.
09:07:05 <masahito> #topic stable/branch
09:07:52 <masahito> I read last meeting and saw discussion about stable branch
09:08:19 <masahito> I'm planning to create stable branch for backporting.
09:09:01 <masahito> However, I have some technical trouble to create the branch now. so it's delayed.
09:09:52 <GeraldK> masahito: thanks for the notice and no problem with the delay
09:10:06 <masahito> Once I resolve the problem, I cut the branch from the commit tagged 0.2.0.
09:10:54 <masahito> GeraldK: thank. I'll try to do it as much as possible.
09:11:47 <masahito> any other comments?
09:12:43 <masahito> ok. move on next.
09:12:52 <masahito> #topic Boston Summit
09:13:54 <masahito> I'm thinking it's good for us to gather and meeting in Boston Summit.
09:14:09 <masahito> Who do you plan to go there?
09:14:22 <hiro-kobayashi_> o/
09:14:29 <r-mibu> o/
09:14:56 <masahito> of course, the summit will be held in almost 2 month. So we can schedule the day later :)
09:15:14 <GeraldK> I'll particiapte
09:16:38 <masahito> It looks like some of us join the summit.
09:17:39 <masahito> And I saw some talks regarding to blazar are accepted.
09:17:46 <masahito> https://www.openstack.org/summit/boston-2017/summit-schedule/global-search?t=blazar
09:18:08 <masahito> Congrats, all!
09:18:50 <masahito> for the summit, that's all from my side.
09:19:02 <masahito> anything else for the topic?
09:19:23 <hiro-kobayashi_> When should we compose a presentation?
09:19:24 <GeraldK> it's great the talks had been accepted.
09:20:15 <GeraldK> Arun had sent an email to presenters and he'd going to lead the one presentation preparation
09:20:34 <hiro-kobayashi_> Great!
09:21:01 <GeraldK> the earlier we start preparing the better...
09:21:14 <masahito> PWG will send the slide template to the project update session later.
09:21:30 <hiro-kobayashi_> Okay
09:21:36 <masahito> Once I receive it I'll share it.
09:21:43 <hiro-kobayashi_> thanks
09:23:02 <masahito> #topic open discussion
09:23:17 <masahito> Today's agenda is passed all.
09:24:10 <GeraldK> no other topic from my side.
09:24:44 <GeraldK> how was the meeting last week?
09:24:51 <hiro-kobayashi_> I want to discuss my SPEC
09:25:05 <hiro-kobayashi_> #link https://review.openstack.org/#/c/445270/
09:25:19 <hiro-kobayashi_> I'm thinking of alternative now
09:26:13 <hiro-kobayashi_> It's about the event. Add new event "action_before_end" or use existing event "on_end".
09:26:26 <GeraldK> "action_before_end" IMHO makes sense
09:27:08 <hiro-kobayashi_> GeraldK: Yes, and alternative is to use status of on_end
09:27:53 <hiro-kobayashi_> The alternative is : Blazar triggers on_end action "safety_time" before the end
09:28:15 <hiro-kobayashi_> and make the on_end event status to INPROGRESS
09:28:38 <GeraldK> I would prefer the "action_before_end" as there is also some action_on_end i.e. kill the leftover instances
09:28:56 <hiro-kobayashi_> and update the status after finishing the actions like snapshot, deletions
09:28:56 <GeraldK> that way it would be a more clean separation.
09:29:52 <hiro-kobayashi_> GeraldK: Thanks you for the comment. That makes sense.
09:30:31 <GeraldK> however, as Masahito mentioned in his review, we could omit this new "action_before_end" for now (for this patch)
09:30:44 <masahito> hiro-kobayashi_: do you have Pors/Cons for "on_end" way?
09:30:56 <GeraldK> and focus only on chaning the behavior at "on end" from keep running to delete instances.
09:31:18 <masahito> s/for "on_end" way/for "on_end" and "action_before_end" way/
09:31:33 <GeraldK> the "delete instances" is highest prio, the other changes IMHO are nice to have
09:31:36 <hiro-kobayashi_> masahito: I think "action_before_end" is easy to understand
09:32:04 <hiro-kobayashi_> masahito: But needs a lot modification
09:33:02 <hiro-kobayashi_> GeraldK: Yes. We have to change it for the first.
09:33:07 <masahito> hiro-kobayashi_: the simplicity is some action at before_end then delete all instances anyway, right?
09:33:38 <GeraldK> hiro-kobayashi: I have some concerns about the "needs a lot modification". should we first address the "on_end" behavior only?
09:33:48 <hiro-kobayashi_> Right. before_end is for actions like snapshot, migration. And on_end is for force-deletion.
09:34:44 <hiro-kobayashi_> GeraldK: Yes, it's better.
09:34:59 <masahito> but, the on_end action is configurable now.
09:35:29 <GeraldK> so we just have to change the "default option"?
09:35:40 <masahito> the good point for the "on_end" way is just switching the on_end action.
09:36:45 <GeraldK> another "before_end" action I have in mind is a notification to the user of the lease that end time is approaching
09:36:57 <masahito> GeraldK: or we need to disable the option to achieve "anyway delete the instance".
09:37:35 <GeraldK> masahito: yes.
09:37:37 <hiro-kobayashi_> GeraldK: Yes. And before_end notification is implemented in current Blazar
09:38:36 <masahito> GeraldK: like this? 1. send "before_end" notification 2. snapshot, migrate or somehow the instances 3. delete the instances?
09:38:53 <GeraldK> masahito: yes.
09:39:01 <hiro-kobayashi_> masahito: I agree
09:39:06 <GeraldK> hiro-kobayashi: is there already a "before_end" action implemented for this notification?
09:39:17 <hiro-kobayashi_> GeraldK: yes
09:39:48 <hiro-kobayashi_> GeraldK: default "before_end" time is 2 days before on_end
09:39:48 <GeraldK> okay. I was not aware. so you spec was proposing to extend those "before_end" with different options?
09:40:39 <hiro-kobayashi_> My proposal is change the current "before_end" to "before_end_notification" and add new "before_end_action" event
09:41:04 <hiro-kobayashi_> But it needs a lot modification
09:41:09 <hiro-kobayashi_> So, alternative is:
09:41:53 <hiro-kobayashi_> Trigger actions like snapshot at "safety_time" before on_end
09:42:12 <hiro-kobayashi_> And update the on_end event  "INPROGRESS" at the time
09:42:46 <hiro-kobayashi_> And after finishing action like snapshot, deletes instances. And update the on_end "COMPLETED"
09:43:36 <hiro-kobayashi_> The alternative makes less impact for code base
09:43:55 <GeraldK> if that has less impact, this approach is also fine for me.
09:44:39 <hiro-kobayashi_> GeraldK: OK. Anyway I'll update the SPEC. Please review it
09:44:42 <masahito> The approach makes sense for me.
09:45:04 <masahito> because of no change in current event name.
09:45:10 <GeraldK> okay. I will wait for the update then review
09:45:23 <hiro-kobayashi_> Yes, please. thanks!
09:45:26 <masahito> hiro-kobayashi_: okay.
09:46:14 <masahito> As a summary of the discussion, I feel the needs for events sound like 'A event happens then the event takes one action or sends a notification."
09:46:33 <masahito> "and the action should be configurable."
09:46:55 <hiro-kobayashi_> Yes
09:48:17 <masahito> ok, I'll also wait the update of the spec!
09:48:41 <masahito> It was nice discussion.
09:48:58 <masahito> anything else?
09:49:06 <hiro-kobayashi_> Nothing from my side
09:50:41 <GeraldK> anything from the openstack operator meeting last week worth noting related to Promise
09:51:14 <masahito> GeraldK: oh, sorry. I missed your previous comment
09:51:51 <masahito> no update from the meeting.
09:52:21 <GeraldK> okay.
09:52:24 <masahito> related to Promise thing.
09:53:57 <masahito> we can finish the meeting 7 mins early.
09:54:22 <GeraldK> thanks. bye.
09:54:24 <masahito> thanks, all!
09:54:34 <hiro-kobayashi_> thanks! bye
09:54:54 <masahito> #endmeeting