09:01:30 <priteau> #startmeeting blazar
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09:01:38 <priteau> #topic Roll call
09:01:54 <tetsuro> o/
09:02:30 <priteau> Hi tetsuro
09:05:21 <priteau> Agenda for today:
09:05:28 <priteau> * Vancouver 2020 PTG Survey
09:05:31 <priteau> * Update on specs work
09:05:36 <priteau> * Code review priority
09:05:39 <priteau> * Next meeting
09:05:43 <priteau> * AOB
09:06:29 <priteau> Let's start
09:06:35 <priteau> #topic Vancouver 2020 PTG Survey
09:06:48 <priteau> We need to answer the PTG survey by Monday
09:07:19 <priteau> I reached out to the Chameleon team, they are considering attending the PTG but it's too early to say for sure
09:07:29 <priteau> So there might be one or two people from their team
09:08:24 <priteau> So I am thinking of replying the following:
09:08:29 <priteau> What is the minimum amount of time you anticipate needing for discussions?
09:08:56 <priteau> 1 Day
09:08:58 <tetsuro> 1day?
09:09:04 <priteau> What is the maximum amount of time you anticipate needing for discussions?
09:09:05 <tetsuro> yeah
09:09:17 <priteau> 1.5 Days
09:09:25 <priteau> or more?
09:09:37 <priteau> Range is 1/4th day to 2.5 day
09:10:04 <tetsuro> That is already a good expectation.
09:10:29 <tetsuro> i.e. I'm agreed with 1-1.5 days
09:10:30 <priteau> Maybe minimum could be actually 0.5 day, after all we didn't spend that much time on the PTG meeting for Ussuri
09:11:01 <priteau> But having everyone in the same location would be good to do more collaborative design
09:11:18 <priteau> What meeting layout would your team prefer? [NOTE: Most PTG space will be shared, we will have very few dedicated rooms]
09:11:24 <priteau> Options:
09:11:26 <priteau> Single Board Table (approx 8 pax)
09:11:26 <priteau> Round Table (approx 10 pax/table)
09:11:26 <priteau> Small Board Room Style (approx 20 pax)
09:11:28 <priteau> Large Board Room Style (approx 40 pax)
09:11:49 <priteau> I suppose we could do with either the 8 or 10 people optin
09:12:16 <tetsuro> +1
09:13:35 <priteau> Single Board Table might be better for us
09:14:19 <tetsuro> Ussuri time there were about 5 people
09:14:52 <priteau> And that was with bertys and masahito, not sure they will be there this time
09:15:00 <tetsuro> right
09:15:55 <priteau> I will answer these options then
09:16:18 <priteau> #topic Update on specs work
09:16:40 <priteau> Not much happening there, sorry I haven't been able to look at the usage enforcement spec yet :(
09:17:52 <priteau> Thanks for running the discussion with Jason
09:18:07 <priteau> "TL; DR: I think the discussion for service or plugin topic needs more opinion from other reviewers."
09:18:28 <priteau> I'll do my best to find time for it this week
09:19:22 <priteau> #topic Code review priorities
09:19:24 <tetsuro> There is a discussion if we should let operators write their own checking policy in their additional service or in their additional plugin
09:19:38 <priteau> #undo
09:19:39 <openstack> Removing item from minutes: #topic Code review priorities
09:20:01 <tetsuro> yeah good to have FB from priteau
09:20:06 <priteau> Sounds like a fundamental point to discuss
09:20:33 <tetsuro> Right, so good to have more opinions from other cores.
09:20:47 <tetsuro> Both have pros and cons.
09:20:56 <priteau> To give some reference point, Nova used to provide vendordata functionality as a Python module that could be inserted in the service, but have moved to rely on an external HTTP API
09:22:05 <priteau> To be discussed further on Gerrit
09:22:32 <priteau> #topic Code review priorities
09:23:10 <priteau> For code, priority is still to review network reservation: https://review.opendev.org/#/c/668749/
09:23:45 <priteau> Feature freeze is April 9 so we have about 1.5 month
09:26:10 <priteau> #topic Next meeting
09:26:23 <priteau> I will be on travel next Tuesday so I won't be able to chair the meeting
09:27:56 <priteau> I propose that we cancel the meeting of March 3
09:28:08 <tetsuro> Works for me
09:29:50 <priteau> #info Meeting of March 3 is cancelled
09:29:55 <priteau> #topic AOB
09:29:59 <priteau> Anything else to discuss today?
09:30:29 <tetsuro> I'll be in the openstack-blazar room on March 3 just in case if someone is there anyway
09:30:39 <priteau> Thank you tetsuro :-)
09:30:50 <tetsuro> nothing from me
09:31:29 <priteau> Nothing special from me either
09:31:32 <priteau> Have a good week!
09:31:36 <priteau> #endmeeting